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When will PlayStation 5 be Released? Now we know the Answer

When will PlayStation 5 be Released?

When will PlayStation 5 be released? That’s the question every PlayStation player is asking. Well, now we finally know when it is releasing. We don’t know the exact date but Sony has announced that they are releasing PlayStation 5 in the holidays 2020. There was no grand event, just a simple announcement through the PlayStation website in a blog dedicated to PlayStation. Up until this announcement, no one knew the official name of Sony’s next-gen console but now we know. The name of Next PlayStation is PlayStation 5 which means that they are going with the numbers. Many of the rumors and speculations have already come true. Some of the specs were released in the previous announcement of Sony. Now we have a timeline and some details of specifications regarding Sony’s next-gen console. There were two big announcements regarding the detailed specs of PlayStation.

The Controller is More Sophisticated with Some Amazing Functionalities

Sony not only answered the question “When will PlayStation 5 be released?” but also the question of controllers as well. Dual shock 4 is one of the most advanced first-party controllers of any console. Its touch pad, speaker and light indicators just make the gaming experience all the more amazing. The PS5 controller will have more advanced features that will make gaming experience all the more interesting. The features of the controller were a major announcement during Sony’s release date announcement. The controller this time is more advanced than any other controller in the market. There are two new features of the controller. Haptic feedback creates different feelings for different surfaces and events. Adoptive triggers add reality to game mechanics.

The controller will have a larger capacity battery to extend battery time and support these new functionalities. This will make the new controller heavier but Sony has revealed that it will be slightly heavier than Xbox one controller. The new PlayStation controller will use USB C for charging and it will have an improved onboard speaker. Playstation VR will also work with PlayStation 5.

Haptic feedback with Some Improvements of Controller

Haptic feedback will replace the rumble technology that we have been seeing in controllers. This new controller will have a different feeling for every type of occurrence on the screen. Smartphones also use this feature to create different vibration and feel for each event. Rumble technology uses a rotating motor which creates the same sensation for vibration for all events. Haptic feedback uses a motor, that moves around with more precision giving it better vibration. It will be similar to high-end smartphone devices. According to their announcement, the motor is so precise that you will be able to feel the difference between two surfaces.

L1 and L2 will have Adoptive triggers

This article is about the question “When will PlayStation 5 be released?”. So now I will talk about the PlayStation 5 release date announcement details. I have already discussed the general specs of PlayStation 5. Let’s talk about the controller here.  Another major difference in the controller is the functionalities of L2 and R2 buttons. This time these buttons would add realism to the game mechanics. According to their announcement, the PlayStation 5 controller will use adaptive triggers. It means that their stiffness will increase and decrease based on the in-game experience. Drawing a bow, unjamming a weapon, driving on an uneven surface, etc will provide different sensation which will depend on the video game. Sony has already dispatched controllers to developers so that they can utilize these functionalities in games. We still don’t know how the PlayStation 5 controller would look like or what its name would be.

The Storage System of PlayStation 5

We know the answer to the question “When will PlayStation 5 be released?” along with some more details of the hard drive. I have already said in the previous article that PlayStation 5 will use an SSD “Solid State Drive”. It is going to ditch the traditional disk drive. The loading screen will be gone in the blink of an eye. Efficiency is another perk that SSD is going to add to PlayStation 5. According to the announcement games of PlayStation 5 will consume less drive space because the chances of data misses are minimal with SSD.

Physical disks will 100 GB optical disk which would make games size smaller than some recent titles. When hard discs pick up data from the optical disc it requires large data. This won’t be the case with the PlayStation 5 new SSD system. Developers can make use of the extra space as per the requirement of their game.

The announcement not only answered the question “When will PlayStation 5 be released?” but also the storage of new console.

The installation of games will also be more customizable. With the new storage system, you can decide whether you want to install single-player mode or multiplayer mode or both. You can delete a specific mode later on. If you have completed story mode and don’t need it any more than you can delete it while leaving multiplayer behind. On the other hand, if you don’t need multiplayer anymore than you can just delete that and leave a single-player mode.

UI, Design, and Exclusives of New PlayStation

The UI “User Interface” of Sony’s new console will be totally different. This time UI is completely revamped making it a new concept. All the activities of your friends will be visible on the UI and you can see what your friends are doing. The UI will also act as an assistant during games making your journey easier. You can join in with your friends anytime you want without having to worry about their situation in the game. The UI will enhance your online experience to a great degree.

You might remember the leaked design of the new PlayStation 5. That design was real and developers already have the new PlayStation in that design. They might alter the design or completely change it but it is the one we currently know about.  Sony already said that the next PlayStation will be backward compatible now they have confirmed it with this new announcement.

PlayStation 5 Concept

Guerilla Games are hiring new employees which had led many people to speculate the possible release of Horizon 2 but the game name could be different one too. It could be the launch game of the new PlayStation giving its sales a large boost. The president of BluePoint games has also hinted that they are working on a new title as per Wired. BluePoint Games are the developers of Shadow of Colossus remake. So we can expect some great launch titles for PlayStation 5. Exclusives are the driving force of PlayStation.

The detailed answer to the question “When will PlayStation 5 be released?”

Now we know that PlayStation 5 is coming to the market in 2020 holidays. The announcement gives us three months window. The release month could be September, October, and November We also know that Sony is planning its own shipment of new PlayStation. According to my guess and many other people, it could be one to two months before November 29. Its black Friday so they would want to avoid it. There you have it the complete answer to the question “When will PlayStation 5 be released?”

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