Microsoft and Sony

Microsoft and Sony are Joining Forces for the First Time in the Gaming Industry

Microsoft and Sony

Microsoft and Sony have been fierce rivals when it comes to gaming. Both of the companies try their best to stay on top of the competition and leave others in the dust. The competition has stayed that way since the release of the first Xbox. However, some recent changes in the gaming industry are making them rethink their strategy. The announcement of Google Stadia has taken the gaming industry by storm. We can see the effects of Google Stadia in all of the companies that have relation to the gaming industry.

Google Stadia and its Impact on Gaming Industry

The introduction of Google Stadia is pushing companies to take drastic measures or else they will be left behind and eventually lose all their ties to the gaming industry. Stadia is a cloud streaming service so it does not require a powerful hardware system to play games. In short, it can be called Netflix of games but that will depend upon the cost of this entire system. If it is actually a subscription-based service it could have a drastic impact on the global gaming industry. The broadband of the world is not ready to handle this much data, Google Stadia can still dominate the market in the long run.

Sony and Microsoft are Joining Forces

Sony and Microsoft have been fierce rivals but Stadia represent a danger for both of these companies which might be the reason for their recent partnership. The deal would allow Sony to access the Azure servers all around the world. Azure is a data system by Microsoft that provide services to different companies. Azure is the direct competitor of Stadia. It could provides support to Sony so that they can build an advance cloud gaming service. In a sense, they are like two streaming services in competition to dominate the future of the gaming industry. Game streaming service is the next phase in the evolution of the gaming industry that could change the way people perceive games.

Streaming Services

All of the industries are constantly evolving due to the evolution of technology and the gaming industry is no exception. Most of the data is shifting to cloud at a fast pace and visual media is already dependent on the cloud services. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and other streaming services are already dominating the market. The age of traditional visual media is nearly over. The shift of games form hardware to streaming service is a large leap in the industry. It can change the way people buy and play games.

Sony and Microsoft is Taking Google Stadia Seriously

The announcement of Google Stadia has taken the gaming industry by storm. Google has the power to dominate the industry. It might not be the case as it was proven by the YouTube TV which could not topple Netflix even with all the originals. The history of Microsoft and Sony with the gaming industry could give them an edge over Google Stadia. Only time, pricing and exclusives will decide the fate of these streaming services. However, it can be said that the partnership between Microsoft and Sony is a direct reaction to Google Stadia.

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