DLCs Upsetting for Gamers

Are the DLCs Upsetting for Gamers?

In the good old days of early games, every game was a complete package all you had to do is purchase a game and you were the owner of the entire game. Now in the age of modern internet and evolving technology things are changing at a rapid pace and gaming industry is no exception. The Internet has changed the way video games are played and the sings of it could be seen everywhere. Downloadable Content also is known as DLC has become a common thing in the past few years. Most of the video games company use DLC to keep the game alive for quite some time after it is released. In most cases, multiple DLCs are released which makes people return for quite some time. DLC keeps the game updated but what if it is having opposite effects on some gamers?

DLCs are paid content it means that you have to spend extra on the DLC aside from the base price of the game so it is not a viable option for some players. Many players, however, do buy DLC as it provides them with the wide narrative of the story and adds more mechanics to the video game. Many critics and gamers are against the use of paid DLC because it requires you to pay extra for additional content of a game that you have already purchased. Some games sell virtual material in the form of DLC that is locked for players not paying the extra cash. So basically companies are trying to milk out their customers and horde as much money as possible with is unethical and fair.

Some companies stoop so low that they put the actual ending in the DLC instead of the actual game so you will have to pay 60$ for the base game and extra for the actual ending. Some of the DLCs are not even that big and you will still have to pay nearly 20$ to get the actual ending. The example of such ending is Dead Space 3, Mass Effect and Dragon Age. All of these titles are from EA and the recent greedy ventures of EA into micro transactions have proven how low gaming corporations can fall to increase their profit.

DLCs are just the source of extra cash for many gaming corporations. It not fair to pay extra when you have already paid the base price of the game just to get extra content and dwell deeper into the universe of the game. Sure there are some DLCs with no ties to the original story but they are still paid content and it’s still not fair. Rockstar trying to break this trend by releasing online missions which are totally free for all the players. God of War 2018 also stick to their stance and did not release any DLC. In short, the gaming company should provide a full package in the initial release or sell a DLC that adds a large amount of content at a sensible price

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