rage 2

Rage 2 has the Essence of an FPS in a Post Apocalyptic World

Rage 2

Rage 2 has been released and the game has pretty amazing improvements over its predecessor Rage. The depiction of the world is now different in Rage 2. There are more colors involved in the game which makes it different than the other games of id Software. The gameplay mechanics of Rage 2 are also different than the previous installation of the franchise.

The game is a single player which makes it dependable on the story. Gameplay mechanics because these are the things that makes a good single player game. The world of Rage 2 is not a good one, I mean it’s not so unique to make you cling to the world. The story of the game is also weak. However it does not mean that the game is totally bad because it has the essence of an FPS game. Rage 2 is truly a first-person shooter game. You can guess that the moment you start shooting.

The player is provided with a lot of firepower. The enemies you will be facing in this game are quite strong. The enemies in Rage 2 are stronger because they are not human. They are mutants or mutants powered with machines. Surely there are humans in the game. You have the superpowers which you can use to defeat both humans and mutants.

What you will face

Aside from Walker’s motivation to defeat the Authority and take down General Cross. You will have to face bandits, raiders and other groups. The storyline of Rage 2 is not that strong and there would come a point along the way when you will forget about the story. However, the essence of FPS in this game would make you come back for more action. You will be more interested in the combat rather than the story. The utilization of superpowers in an FPS game makes the combat of game worthwhile and quite unique which you can get in Rage 2.


The story follows a ranger named Walker and you will have the option of selecting either a male protagonist or a female protagonist. First mission of the game reveals that you have some sort of special powers which Erwina Prowley (aunt Prowley) describes as superhuman abilities. Walker is raised by aunt Prowley alongside her own daughter Lily. Martin Cross is the main antagonist and leader of the authority who kills Erwina Prowley. After her death, Walker goes on the mission to stop the Authority. He or she is the last Rangers of Vineland which is the reason for his powers.

World of Rage 2

The world of Rage 2 contains different landscapes from deserts to rocky plans to lush green lands which present verity of setting in the open world for players. The open world of Rage 2 is not compelling enough to let you leave the mission and start the exploration. However, it still makes the game a fun play and you can fully enjoy all the mechanics of the game in the open world. The map is comparatively small but still bigger than the first installment of the franchise.

The Powers of Walker

There are lots of superpowers at your disposal in the game and you have to unlock these powers by opening more Arks as the game processes. The powers that you can use include gravity jump, dash, floating in the air while aiming. You can also slam the enemies from above with devastating powers that can knock out all the enemies in the near surroundings. Other powers of Walker includes Shatter, barrier, shatter, Defibrillation, Vortex, Constitution, Focus. The most powerful ability at your disposal is overdrive and it takes more time to recharge because it is your ultimate ability.

Game Mechanics

The shooting mechanics of the game are pretty good but the driving is not so good and you could face lots of clumsiness. Your vehicles have some destructive power because it too has verity of weapons. Rage 2 has both good aspects and bad aspects but it depends on your preference. If you are more into story driven games and want to experience a deep story then Rage 2 might not be for you. If you are into beautiful world and loves exploration more than the story then it can satisfy you to some extent. However, if you are looking for pure FPS experience and combat then it is defiantly the game for you.


The game is available on multiple platforms which include PS4, Xbox One, and PC. So if you have any of these platforms then you are good to go and play it this instant. The game will also be available on Google Stadia after the service is launched. Basically Bethesda has covered all of the platforms to make sure that everyone has access to this game. For the ultimate experience of Rage 2 on PC, you would need Nvidia GTX 1080 or Radeon RX Vega 64.

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