Samurai Showdown

Fighting Game Samurai Showdown has Returned

Samurai Showdown

Fighting game Samurai Showdown has returned. The game has brought back the memories of the fighting game from childhood for many people. Samurai Showdown is the game that has the same feeling as Street Fighter. Even the animations of these two are similar in many aspects of the latest installments. It looks like the oldest rival of Capcom is back in action. SNK previously released new King of Fighters and now they have brought back Samurai Showdown to life. Samurai Showdown is an amazing fighting game with few flaws in the story mode.

Combat Style of Samurai Showdown

The combat style of Samurai Showdown is pretty unique. It is different than any other fighting game. It is a soft reboot of fighting game Samurai Showdown after all. There are not many combos involved in the game. The attacks in Samurai Showdown are pretty simple. You don’t have to worry about learning complex combos. The simple strikes can do the trick leading to extensive damage. While playing the reboot of this classic you have to rely on timing. You should keep your eyes open for the mistake of your opponents. Samurai Showdown is different than other fighting games as it does not involve complicated combos.

Attacks and Slashes

Only four buttons are used for the attacks in Samurai Showdown. Three buttons are used for slice attacks through. The three buttons are used for heavy, medium and light attacks. One button is for the kicks which does not do much damage. The heavier attacks are more damaging and faster. The light attacks do less damage but they are quicker. Followed by light attacks are medium attacks which are slower than light attacks but faster than heavy attacks. Medium attacks tend to do more damage than lighter attack but less than heavy attacks. Heavy attacks are most damaging and they are the slowest.


Rage is an important factor of fighting game Samurai Showdown. Like all other fighting games, there will be a meter below a character. The meter will fill over the course of the match. Meter will fill like any other fighting game by hitting opponent, taking damage or defending. During rage mode, your damage will increase giving you an edge. You can also use the rage meter explosion that can increase your damage even further. The rage meter explosion will also give you access to super abilities which can yield lots of damage. During the rage, you can use weapon flipping technique that can disarm opponents.

Drawbacks of different attacks

Heavy attacks are damaging which could quickly lead to victory if they land on the opponents. However, these attacks can be unsafe due to their slow nature. You will take damage before you can even land a strike on the opponent. Light attacks are only good while you are at the same level as your opponent. If you are standing your opponent needs to be standing too. Heavy and medium attacks can damage opponents even when they are crouching or blocking.


There are just simple blocks in the fighting game Samurai Showdown. The simple block should be used right before the blade connects with the opponents. You will also be able to dodge attack which will save you from all the hustle. You can also be disarmed with a counter. After disarming there is not much chance for the opponents to do damage with bare hands. Opponents can use the blade catching ability while they have no weapon. This will disarm you and arm them with a weapon.

Major Disadvantages Samurai Showdown

The story mode of the game has some major disadvantages. The story mode of fighting game Samurai Showdown is different than modern fighting games. Modern fighting games adopt a different strategy when it comes to story mode. Instead of making a story for each separate character modern fighting games like Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Tekken and Injustice make a single story mode. In this story mode, the collective story of the entire game is included.

The difference in Story mode of Samurai Showdown

In modern games, you have a chance to play with every character. This type of story mode provides a deep understanding of the story. When you have a chance to play with multiple characters then the game becomes fun. Modern games are killing two birds with one stone. Samurai Showdown follows the old approach to the story mode where you have to complete story for each character. It is like the old fighting games where each character has a separate story. This type of story is not very deep which give a shallow overview of the situation. If you are looking for a game with a good story then go for Plague Tale: Innocence.

Is it your type of game?

Fighting game Samurai Showdown is fun to play. Its combat style does not revolve much around combos but rather skills and techniques. The characters are samurais so precise slashing is the best move. The game is not about brute strength. It’s also not about the number of buttons that you need to press consecutively. It’s about timing and keeping eyes on your opponent. If you are into any type of fighting game then Samurai Showdown is the game for you. If you don’t like arcade style fighting games then it might disappoint you.

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