Execution of Anthem

Execution of Anthem Game is Flawed but the Concept is Good


The execution of Anthem destroyed the game. Even its unique concept couldn’t save it. Its been quite some time since the release of Anthem but the execution of Anthem destroyed it. It is a game with a unique concept. The game could have revolutionized the way games are played. . Anthem introduced the mechanics in a game that were never part of any other game. The moment you jump and start flying around you know that the combat is fun. Some people say that Anthem is the copy of Destiny but that’s not the case. There are many mechanics in the game that are unique to Anthem. Even with the entire unique concept, the game did not do well. There were many flaws in the game from day one. Patches were needed to make the game playable. All the patches could not fix the problems of the story progression and repetitive stuff.

Mechanics and Concept of Anthem

Anthem has the concept that is totally unique to the game. Never has been any game with exoskeletons as Anthem. The exoskeletons in Anthem are known as javelins. There have been other games with exoskeletons but Anthem shows them in a different way. It is the combination between the Iron man suit and traditional exoskeleton. The flight system of Anthem is amazing and makes you want to keep on fighting enemies. Though there are some bad factors of the combat that can’t be ignored. Execution of Anthem game and its combat system ruined the game. The flight mechanics can get uncontrollable sometimes.

Combat Bugs

Initially, there were many bugs in combat of Anthem. BioWare has fixed many of them through patches. Some problems are the core of the combat that can’t be part of change such as a large number of on-screen flashes. The explosion and gunfight can sometimes make it hard for you to see the conflict on screen. The integration of flight with combat has made Anthem a unique game. There was a problem with the revival which has been fixed with a patch. You had to wait for your teammate to revive you after a knockout. The patch has now placed a time limit after which you will be revived automatically. The combat of Anthem was buggy leading Anthem to be a disaster.

Story Progression

Anthem is a great game but the missions are too repetitive. Bad Execution of Anthem game is also evident through its repetitive missions. During some mission, you will feel like you are doing the mission all over again. The side missions are especially repetitive with the sole purpose of ranking up players. The story mode itself is quite long. It would take you 20 hours for completion of story mode alone. However, if you are the type of player that completes a game while exploring everything then it could take you 30 hours to end the story mode. Repetition of the same missions could lead to frustration. Combat mechanics and the main concept are the only things good about Anthem.

Lies of BioWare and EA

BioWare promised many things that would be part of the game. After the releases of the game, many of these things were absent in the game. The storms that we saw during the E3 preview of the game are not part of the game. EA promised that there would be no micro-transactions besides cosmetics in the game. However, after the release of Anthem, you could see micro-transactions popping up. They said that it is only temporary but that was not the case. Once micro-transactions popped up they stayed there forever. Advantageous micro-transactions were already controversial which made Anthem even worse. EA promised to give full support to Anthem for eight years. The way things are going it seems like Anthem is losing support. The Amount of content being added to the game does not live up to the claims made by EA.

Patches Made the Anthem Worse

Poor execution of Anthem game was evident from day one. It even reset the PS4 consoles. Some people reported that Anthem broke their PS4 consoles. They fixed many problems through patches but created many more. One such problem was a decrease in the drop rate of loot. The strategy was adopted to engage people in micro transactions. Till this day Anthem is a disaster and it’s getting worse because fans are giving up on it. EA can’t seem to get it while chanting that it’s a good game. EA is not even ready to accept the failure of Anthem.

Is it your type of game?

I would be honest with you. Poor execution of Anthem game made the game a disaster. If BioWare had spent as much time developing as they claimed they did then it would be a huge hit. If the concept of Anthem was given to Rockstar I am sure they would have made an Anthem that could become the anthem of gamers. The combat of Anthem is good but the development of game was swift leading Anthem to be a disaster. If you are looking for good and unique combat then Anthem is for you.  If you want a good co-op multiplayer game then Anthem is going to disappoint you. The only thing good about the game is its unique combat. Rage 2 can give you amazing single player combat experience.

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