GTA 6 as an Exclusive for the PlayStation 5 Could Be Game Changer in the Battle of Next Generation Consoles

An ex employ of Rockstar is claiming that GTA 6 is in development and it will be timed exclusive for the PlayStation 5. According to the report the Sony has paid Rockstar a large some to make GTA 6 a timed exclusive for PlayStation 5. If it is true and GTA 6 is timed exclusive for PlayStation 5 then it will be a game changer in the battle of new generation consoles. The last installment of GTA franchise was GTA 5 which broke many records and became the most famous entertainment product of all time.

GTA 6 Rumors

The report also claims that GTA 6 will be the launch game of PlayStation 5 and it will feature two cities. The game expected to take place in Liberty City and Vice City. However, as of yet, these are only claims from one person and there is no solid proof to these claims. If all of this is based on reality and GTA 6 is set to be timed exclusive for PlayStation 5 then the war for next-generation consoles could be over before it begins.

Now the question is how would GTA 6 impact the overall console battle? Let’s imagine that you are buying a new generation of console. You have a choice to buy next-generation Xbox or next-generation PlayStation. PlayStation offers you GTA 6 at the time of its launch while Xbox does not, in fact, the entire library of PlayStation offers way better exclusives to you. What will you choose? PlayStation obviously because it will run third party games along with the exclusives franchises like Uncharted, Last of Us, God of War and more. On the other hand, Xbox not only offers less famous exclusives but it won’t have GTA 6 for the first month.

Impact of GTA 6 on Next Generation Consoles

The fact that GTA 6 will be an exclusive PlayStation title for a month will boost the sales for PlayStation 5 exponentially. A console is as good as it’s exclusives and it was proven by the success of PlayStation 4 when compared to the Xbox One. Gamers would prefer PlayStation 5 because it will offer better exclusives in the long run and it will have GTA 6 as exclusive in the initial days of release. Games sell most copies in the initial days its release. If you are buying the next generation of the console you might be thinking why not buy a console that offers better games because you will be buying the next generation console.

At this point, it is only a rumor and there is no proof to support these claims. Before this new rumor started spreading there was also a rumor that Sony is aiming to buy Rockstar Games. If these two rumors are tied together then there might be some sort of deal going on between Sony and Rockstar but at this point its only speculation. PlayStation already has upper hand due to its powerful exclusives and GTA 6 could serve as Cherry on top. The release date, price, and exclusives will decide the success of next-generation consoles.

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  1. I like the story idea of the first protagonist, believable as to where the character receives certain skills. But not too convinced with the setting (year). All these crazy futuristic updates (vehicles and ridiculous weapons) from Rockstar really got annoying, I miss the more controlled skill-based online like GTA IV, they need to make it more balance and or skill-driven rather than just EVERYTHING I mean everything blew up easily by players.

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