PlayStation 5 Launch Titles and Year One Can Make PS5 Worthwhile

PlayStation 5 Launch Titles and Year One Can Make PS5 Worthwhile

PlayStation 5 launch titles are still not officially revealed but some games might be available on PS5 from day one. There will be lots of next-gen titles on PS5 but some of them might not be launch games. Some of the launch titles are PlayStation Exclusives. Games that do not release with PS5 would be year one launch titles of Sony’s next-gen console. The first year of PlayStation 5 would be full of amazing next-gen titles. There would be 1st party exclusive games along with some 2nd party exclusives or partially exclusive games. Unlike Microsoft exclusives, most of these games would be next-gen which will enable them to use the full power of PS5. PlayStation 5 launch titles and year one games will give us a reason to transition to the next-gen console.

PlayStation 5 Launch Games List

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Astro’s Playroom



Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Dirt 5


Jett: The Far Shore

Madden NFL 21

Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales

NBA 2K21

Observer System Redux


Rainbow Six Siege

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2

PlayStation 5 launch titles include both cross-gen and next-gen games. The graphics of games depend on the hardware it’s running on. Any next-gen game will utilize the full power of Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Unlike cross-gen games, next-gen games are not bottlenecked by weaker hardware. All PS5 1st party and 2nd party games are next-gen games which makes them better than all cross-gen games. The reason for the lower FPS of Assassin Creed Valhalla is its cross-gen nature. Microsoft exclusive games might also suffer due to their cross-gen nature. PlayStation 5 priorities lie with providing the true next-gen experience.

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Confirmed Launch titles For PlayStation 5

The confirmed PS5 exclusive launch game is Spiderman Mile Morales. Partial exclusive PlayStation 5 launch title is Godfall. It will be available on both PS5 and PC making crossplay a possibility. With their next-gen console, Sony is trying to have good multiplayer games and Godfall is part of that strategy. Astro’s Playroom will also be a launch title of PS5 as it is part of the PlayStation OS. Some games are still rumored to be launch titles but it is yet to be confirmed.

There is also a lineup of cross-gen titles for PS5 games. Most of these games are multiplatform but some might be PlayStation exclusive. Outriders is one of the major cross-gen titles. It is supposed to be the next-gen looter shooter. Destiny 2: Beyond Light expansion and all of its remaining content would also be available at the launch of PS5. Fortnite, another live service game would also be available on PlayStation 5 from day one. Deathloop is also partially timed exclusive on PS5. There are great expectations regarding the PlayStation 5 launch titles giving it a better launch than PS4.

Year One Games of PlayStation 5

The first year of PS5 will be full of amazing games even if there are not a lot of launch titles which isn’t the case. PlayStation 5 the Future of gaming was not only showcasing the hardware capabilities of PS5 but games as well so we know what to expect. The first year of PS5 would be full of amazing games that will glue us to our seats. There would be both cross-gen games and next-gen games for us to play. The mechanics and graphics of these games would provide the true next-gen experience that we all want.

Some PlayStation exclusives might be PlayStation 5 launch titles while others will be year one games of the PS5. Regardless of their release date, we can say with surety that all such games would be year one games of PlayStation 5. The introducer of Souls-like games Demon’s Souls is getting a remake as PlayStation exclusive for PS5. My personal most anticipated next-gen game Horizon Forbidden West is also coming to Sony’s next-gen console.  Horizon Zero Dawn is also coming PC so its sequel might help attract more PC players to PlayStation 5. GhostWire: Tokyo is also serving as timed exclusive to the console. Some new PlayStation exclusive IPs would also be making their way to PS5.

A lot of 3rd party games will also be the year one titles for PS5. Cyberpunk 2077, Resident Evil 8, NBA 2K21, Hitman 3, Paradise Lost, and many more multiplatform games are also coming to PC. The first year of next-gen consoles seems brighter than the first year of previous consoles. We will experience the power of PS5 with many next-gen games.

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PlayStation 5 launch titles are more than previous consoles giving players a large amount of library from day one. Players won’t have to wait for years to play games on a next-gen console. There would be a decent amount of games available on PS5 as launch titles. Year one of the console also seems bright due to good amount exclusives and 3rd party games. The library of PS5 will be big in the first year of the console which will make the transition worthwhile. Players would be able to experience next-gen games on PS5 from day one. In a year the library will grow to the point where you will completely transition to next-gen games.

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