Godfall the Next-gen Game Is the Future of Video Games

Godfall the Next-gen Game Is the Future of Video Games

Godfall the next-gen game is showing us a glimpse of future video games through extreme graphics. So far, it is the only true next-gen game that isn’t a cross-gen. Many were complaining about the graphics and scale of next-gen games. The scale is yet to be proven but now we know that graphics would be way much better. It is only the beginning because graphics would improve a lot as more developers start focusing on next-gen games. We have already witnessed the amazing graphics of Unreal 5 on PlayStation 5. Godfall the next-gen game is the true representation of 9th gen consoles. With the release of its character design footage, it’s clear that PS5 and Xbox are bringing a lot to the table.

Godfall the Next-Gen Looter Slasher

Developers of Godfall are calling it a looter slasher since it is a looter shooter without shooting. There are no guns because it’s a high fantasy game which makes it a new kind of experience. Just like Borderlands, Godfall might as well establish a new sub-genre that would inspire other developers. Some are skeptical of the game but I think that Gearbox can pull it off due to their history with such games. It might offer a different type of gameplay that will be unique to the game. As players progress, they will level up and get better loot. The looting part makes it similar to other looter shooters. However, combat might make it different than any other game. Godfall will be a looter slasher where sword, spears, axes, etc. would be the main weapons instead of guns.

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We know that Godfall the next-gen game has three different classes. Each class has a different type of fighting style. Think of them like classes from Anthem or Destiney. We don’t know the exact details of each class. We might have seen in the PlayStation reveal but it got canceled. Combat is the central focus of attention due to its unique nature. From leak gameplay footage we can guess that it is similar to hack and slash games. Imagine working in coordination with other players to take down hordes of enemies or a large enemy. There is just so much potential for the game if developers play their cards right.

A True Next-gen Game

Godfall next-gen won’t be a cross-gen because it would only be available on PC and PS5. The cross-gen nature of a game would always hold back a video game. The fact that Godfall would only be available on PS5 and PC, would serve to its advantage. Developers don’t have to worry about weaker hardware while developing a next-gen game. They don’t have to think about the limitation of the hardware. Developers can just go all out and utilize all the power available to them. SSD is a major part of next-gen consoles and there is no doubt that Godfall will utilize all of its abilities. There is no proof regarding loading times but its elimination can’t be denied. Godfall is certainly the representation of next-gen games that are not even showing the true caliber of the next-gen console

A cross-gen game needs to be playable on both powerful and weaker consoles which serves as a bottleneck for developers. On the other hand, a next-gen game has no bottleneck other than the latest consoles and old game engine. Such freedom gives high versatility to developers. The only limitation that they have is the console itself and the game engine. PS5 will be a powerful console so there is no denying that the game would be amazing. Developers might be using an older version of the game engine which might be holding back the game. As we see more next-gen games we will witness the difference. Godfall is supposed to be a PlayStation exclusive but it’s not because it’s also available on PC. Exclusives might become a relic of the past as more games become multiplatform. Godfall is just the beginning of future gaming.


With the gameplay trailers of cross-gen games, many were taking it as the representation of next-gen games. Godfall the next-gen game might be swaying their opinions regarding the games of 9th gen consoles. There is no weak hardware of 8th gen console holding back Godfall which isn’t the case for cross-gen games. There is already a lot of improvement in the graphics of the game compared to its previous trailer. As we see more next-gen games we will witness the true visuals and caliber of 9th gen consoles. Godfall is only the tip of the iceberg because it’s just the beginning.

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