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Borderlands 3 Gameplay Review: An Amazing Co-Op Looter Shooter

Borderlands 3 game play review shows how it has exceeded my expectations when it comes to gun, setting and gameplay mechanics. The game does not offer much in terms of storyline but it is a great looter shooter game and co-op. The verity of weapons in the game just makes it excellent. There are so many guns in the game that you might not even be able to use all of them. Every gun has unique mechanics and physics. The core gameplay has remained the same but its integration with new mechanics is making it one of the best looter shooters. Instead of a desert, there are now multiple worlds to explore. The enemy verity and all the improvements of this game make it the best in the series. Some of the gameplay elements can get in the way but they are acceptable due to diverse gameplay of Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3 Plot is not its Strong Factor

The plot of the game has one goal to create enough hate for villains to keep you playing. That’s only one sentence for explaining the plot. This time the main antagonists are Calypso twins. Antagonists do not serve as great villains of the story but they do create a path for the plot. This time there is more than one planet that serves as the setting for the game.

Anyone who has played previous Borderlands knows about the existence of Vaults. In Borderland 3 you will come to know about the existence of vaults in other planets. Now the race begins, you have to reach these vaults before your enemies. It’s not that there is a specific time to do so but it does make a straight forward plot.

It’s a looter shooter game with a great coop. If you ask me no one plays these types of games for the plot. The sheer amount of hardcore action and other mechanics just keep you going. The game gives you an experience of sociality in a way that we have never experienced before. Trust me once you start playing the game, the plot might automatically become interesting due to its integration with the game.

Borderlands 3 Gameplay Review: The Large Amount of Verity for Weapons, Enemy, Skills, and Settings

When it comes to the verity of element Borderlands 3 tops the chart in all the aspects. Ok, you might be thinking that it is a farfetched claim but let me explain. Once I am done explaining you will know how close this claim is to reality. Borderlands offer lots of weapons and when I say lots it literally means a lot. The sheer verity of guns in this game makes it a unique specimen in all looter shooters. Enemy verity is also quite versatile. You will have a chance to fight lots of different enemies. Even the common foot soldiers have a large amount of variety and all of them are different than each other. Each playable character you choose has different skills verity making each experience different. The game takes place on more than one planet this time so setting also has variety in Borderlands 3.

Guns and Grenades Variety Makes this Game a Unique Experience

Borderlands 3 gameplay review, shows a huge load of gun verity in the game. There are so many guns in the game that even remembering them could be troublesome. Every gun is totally different than another in all the aspects. The reload of every gun is different than even its closest competitor. It’s not just the reload but the style of different gun reload is different as well. The process of shooting and mechanics of gun recoil is also different. Every gun looks like a handcrafted gun. Throughout the venture, you will never see the similarity between two different guns.

The verity of guns does not only depend on the feel of guns but also their functionality and attachments as well. The customization of a gun can give different look to a single gun making it all the more exciting. The scoops that you fit on each gun give it a different perspective. Additional gun barrels, laser, and other attachments just make the guns all the more diverse. Skins of guns can change their colors which helps in providing new aesthetics to the gun. Every gun has an alternate fire mode. Some guns can shift between projectile types, some energy types, other guns change elemental damage and so on.

The variety of weapons is not only limited to guns but grenades as well. There are many types of grenades in the game.  There are sticky grenades, grenades with limps, tracking grenades, traditional grenades and more. Each grenade is useful in different scenarios giving you versatility in combat. The sound of each gun, grenade, and explosion is unique which makes the game quite interesting. I don’t know about you but due to the verity of guns, I did not find any favorite gun in the game for myself.

Borderlands 3 Game has Variety of Enemies and Environments

The game has verity in almost all enemies which makes it quite diverse. There so many types of enemies in the game which makes it challenging and fun. The variety of enemies will keep you interested in the game throughout gameplay. In the previous games of Borderlands series, you only had one planet. That is not the case here as I will show you in the Borderlands 3 gameplay review. This time you have to fight multiple factions in multiple settings.  There are many factions in the game this time and all of them have a special type of fighting style. The members of these factions are also different from each other. The point is that there will be less repetition of enemy types in the game.

There are lots of boss fights in the game. All of the bosses are different than each other with their own unique mechanics. Bosses of the game use all the mechanics of the game. Defeating each boss requires a unique strategy and each boss offer different experience. Bosses can something become bullet sponges which can make gameplay experience a little boring but that is the case for only a few bosses. One of the bosses that annoyed me a lot was Killavolt. He covers the whole floor with electricity and there is no way for any of the team members to avoid it. A little more focus on bosses would have improved the boss fights to a great extent.

Previous games of Borderlands series took place on a deserted planet called Pandora. This time there are multiple planets which include: Promethea a futuristic city that gives cyberpunk vibes, Eden-6 lush green lands with lots of swamps, Pandora the dusty planet that we have seen in all the previous Borderlands games, Athenas is the home to monks. The planets are straight forward which does not leave much room for exploration. So don’t expect an open world environment.

Borderlands 3 Gameplay Review of General mechanics and Control

The game has some amazing mechanics when it comes to the motion of characters. This time the movements of characters are not cartoonish. Sliding and jumping are smoother in Borderlands 3 than all the previous entries in the series. Controlling your character is easier because motions of the player are in complete integration with all the other mechanics. Communication is also easy thanks to the ping system which can help in marking objects without any hustle. Gearbox has made improvements in all the mechanics of the game. Borderlands 3 co-op gameplay review shows how all the machines of the game work in complete integration with the coop.

Inventory management can become a pain in the initial stages of the game. You will need to focus on improving it as soon as you have enough resources. The game has many weapons, making large inventory a necessity. The ship which serves as the base of operation for all the characters is quite detailed. Developers have put lots of effort into making it as extensive as possible.

As I said before there is variation in all the elements of the game. The player skill tree is no exception, each character is unique in all the prospects. Their skills are different than each other which will tempt you into replying to the game with a different character. It is not just the skills and abilities that make characters different from each other but also their personality as well.

Borderlands 3 Co-op Gameplay Review

The game is an exceptional coop if nothing else. I was skeptic about it but now I understand that this is more of a social experience. Most of the time when I was playing this game, I found myself immersed in the coop. The share experience of fast-pace combat is something unique to Borderland 3. There was never a dull moment in the game throughout my gameplay. Even if there was a dull moment coop was there to save the day.

You don’t need to stay online every time you play this game as I will explain it through Borderlands 3 co-op gameplay review.  It’s not like other coop games such as Anthem or The Division where you have to stay online all the time. You can play it alone or with a friend, in couch coop gameplay. Yes! Our favorite split-screen coop is back.  Gears 5 also had the same type of coop mode. In the local coop, you can invite two players to play beside you. There are some performance issues in consoles with the local coop. However, I did not notice them because I was playing on the PC.

Borderlands 3 will just keep bombarding you with content and never give you a chance to get tired of it. Every time it gets boring something spicy will happen to wake you up from the slumber. The boring stuff only happened to me when I was playing alone. When you are playing in coop then there is the only thing that you might experience Pure Joy. It is already a good game and to say that coop serves as a cherry on top will be an understatement. I can say that coop is the basket of the most exquisite fruit on top. Yes, I just made that up.

Loot Options have Two Different Modes: Cooperation and Coopetition

Borderlands 3 offers two different types of Coop Modes one is Cooperation mode and other is Coopetition mode. Borderlands 3 co-op gameplay review already explains all other aspects of these modes. In Cooperation mode, everyone gets an equal share of the loot. That is not the case with Coopetition mode because it focuses on the idea of first come first serve. I only played Coopetition once during my gameplay and I didn’t like it because it takes away the sense of sociality. I will always go with cooperation modes because it gives you a sense of unity.

Side Quests are Unique and End Game Content is Extensive

The entire series of Borderlands is famous for two things, It’s design and humor. The design of the series has complete integration with Humor. Borderlands 3 gameplay review shows that Borderlands 3 is a little different from its predecessors. There is less humor in this new installment of the series. I am not saying that the game was not funny at all but it wasn’t as funny as previous games. It is my personal feeling and I cannot say the same about anyone else. To some of you, it might have the same humor or even better.

Borderlands 3 does an amazing job when it comes to the design of side quests. In most games, side quests can become a grind but that’s not the case with Borderland 3. In this game side quest is not just a means for you to upgrade your skills. There is not a constant grind in side quests. In fact, they are quite enjoyable and do let you get bored. There were some instances where side quests were repeatable to some extent but It did not get in the way of experiencing the glory.

There is plenty of end game content so you can keep on going even after you are complete the game. Borderlands 3 gameplay review shows all the content of the game and the joy of playing is amplified with end game content.  After completion of the game, you can start a new game plus using the option True Vault mode. You will also have a chance to play on a higher difficulty with a greater reward chance using Mayhem mode. In previous Borderlands games, there was an option of badass rank which is replaced with Guardian rank in Borderlands 3. Guardian rank increases stat effects and ranks ups.

Is it your Type of Game?

If you are a Borderlands fan than this is the best game for you in the series. Borderlands 3 gameplay review shows how impactful this new game can be in the series. There is a huge verity for every aspect of the game.  The amount of guns you find in this game is matchless. Even though I am not a fan of Borderlands, this new Borderlands just blew my mind with the great verity of all the stuff. Surely there are some glitches in the game but updates can fix them. By the time you read this article, these glitches might not even be there.

If you are a fan of looter shooter games then Borderlands 3 is the game for you. You might also like this game if you are a fan of co-op games. In short, it is a first-person shooter game with fast-paced combat, a great verity of guns and an unforgettable coop experience. If you fan of any element that it offers then this is the game for you.

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