The Sinking City

The Sinking City Is a Survival Horror Game with Some Hardcore Investigations

The Sinking City

Detective games The Sinking City is a game where you have to investigate different cases in a Super Natural World. The game includes elements of survival and horror. The game is played from a third-person perspective. Everything that you see in this world is different than the normal world. The game takes place in Oakmont city that is submerged in water. The game follows the story of a private detective Charles W. Reed in the 1920s. The vintage setting of the game brings back all the tensions of that time. The tension includes racial tensions, gangsters and jazz music. The game is published by Bigben Interactive and developed by Frogwares


The Sinking City follows the story of Charles W. Reed. He is a sailor and the Great War veteran who is now working as a private investigator. He goes to the Oakmont to solve the mystery behind his strange visions. Charles is then hired by another person there to discover the secret behind flood and supernatural phenomenon. During his investigations, Charles uses his powers of observation to solve the mysteries. His powers are related to his visions and sanity. The world of The Sinking City has strange creatures known as Wylebeasts. The water in itself holds lots of dangers so you have to use a boat for traveling.

World of the Sinking City

The supernatural setting of the game creates the fear of the unknown in all of the people. When you explore the open world of The Sinking City you will encounter some bizarre situations. It is the first open world game where you have to play as a detective in a supernatural setting. The NPCs you encounter in the game can be abnormal people. The setting of The Sinking City will try to shape your perspective of the world.

Mechanics of the Sinking City

There are lots of unique elements involved in the world of this game. You have to adapt to different scenarios and utilize all your abilities.

Resources and weapons

You will use bullets as currency. If you waste too many bullets then you won’t be able to barter for the desired stuff. The social order of the world is slowly ending. The resources are scarce so you have to be careful to survive. The most important and unique element of the game is Sanity. It is the first time that an element like this has been introduced into a game. Sanity is used to solve the crime and reconstruct a crime scene. Sanity is slowly regenerated on its own. You can also use drugs to regenerate it faster. Different weapons can be used to fight your way out of the danger. You can also use throwables to even the odds.


The Sinking City is an investigative game so you to uncover lots of mysteries using your wits. Unlike other games, you won’t be provided with any onscreen texts to help you with the investigation. You will have to solve the cases using the clues available to you. You will have a special diary that you can use to make sense of the clues. The diary will help you make sense of the clues that you have gathered. Some clues are in the plain sight while others need your special powers for revealing. After finding clues it’s on you to find the culprit. You can even accuse a wrong person so every decision needs to be carefully considered.

Is It Your Type of Game?

The game is for the players that want to experience the real-life investigation. You will have no on-screen text but extraordinary abilities, which can spice things up. The game has combat but it is not its special element. It might disappoint players that like combat-oriented games. If you are looking for pure combat experience then Rage 2 is the game for you. The Sinking City is an investigative game. It has the essence of mystery.

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