PlayStation 5 Estimated Price Is trying To Undercut Series X’s Price

PlayStation 5 Estimated Price, PS5 Is trying To Undercut Series X’s Price

PlayStation 5 estimated price might not be that high if Sony is looking for a head start. We know that the console is expected to release in the 2020 holidays. There are already lots of speculations regarding the price of Sony’s next-gen console. Microsoft and Sony are trying to undercut each other’s prices to get ahead in the competition. Each is waiting for the other to announce the price first. In terms of price, Microsoft has the upper hand due to their multiple next-gen consoles. At $500 Sony can sell the console without any profit.

PlayStation 5 Predicted Price

There are many predictions regarding the price of PlayStation 5.  Some are comparing it to a PC of the same power to figure out the price of the console. There is a general perception that a console is always cheaper than a PC of the same specs. The perception is actually based on facts because consoles rely on games and services for profit. Manufacturers of a console would try to give the audience a good deal with hardware so that they can charge them for software. It’s all about the store and consoles are only running devices for the store of a platform. In the 8th gen consoles, the price of consoles is lower than ever before due to the digitalized store. PlayStation 5 estimated price serves as a selling point of the console.

PlayStation 5 estimated price was supposed to be $500 but some reports are stating differently. Many are thinking that Sony might go back to the PS3. It was a disaster for Sony because they were selling it at a higher price. Sony was thinking that fans would buy their console regardless of the price. In the end, everyone was looking for both value and a better experience. PS3 was sold for $600 at its launch which even more if adjusted for inflation. The SSD of PS5 is expensive which can impact the price of the console. However, Sony is competing with Microsoft and both will work aggressively to undercut each other’s prices. PlayStation 5 price rumor suggests that it could cost somewhere between $450 to $500. The digital version of it is will have a lower price than the disc version of PS4.

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The Viability of The PS5 and Xbox Series X Price

If you make a PC with the same specs of PS5 or Series X then its cost would be much higher. A platform depends on software and services for profit, not hardware. PS5 would cost less than a PC of the same specs. It will be competing with Xbox Series X in the battle of next-gen consoles. According to rumors there would two Series X and a PS5 but the price of all console would be half or less than half of the PC of the same power. $500 could be PlayStation 5 estimated price if everything goes right.

Xbox Series X could have two consoles which give them more versatility. Microsoft’s powerful console would compete with PS5 while their weaker console would grab them more players. It is a sound strategy giving them the ability to announce the price of the console before Sony. Now with Sony’s announcement regarding the digital version of PS5 is making matters more complicated for Xbox.

Price Might Make A Difference.

The difference of $20 to $50 won’t have much impact. It should be at least $100 to significantly impact the sale of a console. Selling PS5 at $20 or $50 less than Xbox Series X won’t make much difference due to the extra power of Series X. Sony has to sell PS5 at least $100 less than Series X to make a price based difference. Marketing would play a huge role in selling a console. Both companies are trying to make their products appealing to consumers.

Microsoft is boasting about Smart Delivery, powerful hardware, and backward compatibility. Sony is Boasting about exclusives, SSD, and immersive gaming. PlayStation would also have something similar to Smart Delivery. Sony has the upper hand in terms of marketing while Microsoft has the upper hand in terms of price flexibility. PlayStation 5 estimated price might not be a deciding factor but it might make a difference.


Sony is waiting for Microsoft to announce the price so that they can undercut them. Both Sony and Microsoft have learned the hard way about the impact of a console price on the success of a console. As consumers, we should expect that the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 estimated price should be close to $500. The console is about affordability and that’s exactly what both companies are focusing, in the battle of next-gen consoles. The price of a console might not be a deciding factor but a large difference in it can severely impact the sale of a console. Sony is at a disadvantage when it comes to the price announcement of PlayStation 5.

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