PlayStation 5 the Future of Gaming Was True To its Name

PlayStation 5 the Future of Gaming is showing what to expect from PS5. The announcement was not only showing games of the next-gen console but the power of it as well. There were sequels from PlayStation exclusives along with the some new IPs. Sony is starting the next-gen console with killer exclusives that might give them a head start. Exclusives have always been the strong point of PlayStation. Expectations regarding PlayStation 5 are now even higher with the success of PS5 unveil. Sony is trying to showcase the caliber of their next-gen console with the power of exclusives.

The showcasing of games in the Future of Gaming was also focusing on the power of PS5. Games were running on a higher frame rate and their graphical fidelity was better than any other. Sony is staying true to the promise of the next-gen console. Inside Xbox was showing nothing about Xbox which isn’t the case with PlayStation’s event. All the games were running on PS5 but failed to show the promise of high FPS. The idea of no loading time is now clear with the demonstration of games. PlayStation 5 the Future of Gaming showcases both hardware and the caliber of PS5 games.

Sony’s Priorities with PlayStation 5

Sony has made it clear that it would focus on next-gen concepts rather than cross-gen concepts. All of the PlayStation exclusives would be next-gen games. These games will utilize all the power and functionalities that PS5 has to offer. All of the PlayStation next-gen exclusives won’t be held back by weaker hardware, unlike cross-gen games. Sony is trying to stay true to the idea of next-gen consoles without worrying about 8th gen consoles. All of their marketing is focusing on providing a true next-gen experience. Sony has made its strategy and priority clear through PlayStation 5 the Future of Gaming.

In the 8th gen consoles race, Xbox was on the losing side from the beginning. The inclusion of the Kinect sensor was making everything worse for Microsoft. PlayStation was not only dominating them in terms of hardware but games as well. Xbox wasn’t offering any exclusives while PlayStation was offering exceptional exclusives. Xbox has no exclusive to offer as a farewell to their 8th gen console other than some cross-gen titles. PlayStation is giving farewell to their 8th gen console with The Last of Us Part 2 and Ghost of Tsushima. The dominance of PS4 over Xbox One is carving the future strategies of next-gen consoles. Microsoft is trying their best to keep current players on their platform while Sony is aiming to expand even further. The goal of both next-gen consoles is dominance but their strategies are different.

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Sony is Doing Fine Job with Marketing

While Inside Xbox turned into utter disappointment for Microsoft, PlayStation 5 the Future of Gaming has the opposite effect. PS5’s unveiling is now the most-watched gaming live stream on YouTube. Even their marketing shows are making history which is a sign of success. Future of Gaming event was announcing so many PlayStation exclusives that it was bound to happen. Even without exclusives, the marketing strategies and success of PS4 was the reason enough for many to watch the stream on different platforms. People were expecting great things from Sony and their expectations were well worth it. Games in the stream were running on PS5 rather than a high-end PC. The footage of games was showing the caliber of Sony’s next-gen console.

PlayStation 5 the Future of Gaming event was true to its name. Games in the event were next-gen which is a direct reference to the name of the event. All of the games in the event, were not cross-gen making the event even better. The exclusive titles would become the launch titles of PS5. It will be offering a large number of exclusives as launch titles and year one titles. Some games might be timed exclusive or might release on PC as well. There are new IPs and sequels of the PlayStation exclusives for PS5. The hype is building with each day as we get more information about PS5. The reveal event is taking this hype to the next level due to the presentation of games footage directly from PlayStation 5.

Design of PlayStation 5

We finally know how the PS5 looks. Most are comparing it to an internet router due to its shape and futuristic design. There will be two versions of PS5, one will have a blue ray disc while another will be a digital-only version of the console. It certainly looks like a router but its design looks good though it has its flaws. PlayStation 5 is too big and it is the bulkiest PlayStation console ever. Consoles were supposed to be compact but next-gen consoles are going in the opposite direction. The blue-ray disc drive seems out of place as it is an extra bulge in the console. Cleaning PS5 could be a headache due to its curvy design.

The box of PlayStation 5 would only have a console and a DualSense controller but other accessories will also be compatible with PS5. These accessories include Pulse 3D headphones, Media Remote, a Charging Station for controllers, and an HD Camera. Players would need to pay for these accessories separately. 3D sound will be one of the main functionality of PS5 and it seems like Sony considering it when it comes to headphones.

The Future of Gaming and PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 the Future of Gaming was all about the next-gen console. Every aspect of it was focusing on the caliber of Sony’s next-gen console. In the event, games were not only showcasing next-gen graphics but no loading as well. The sudden shift in the environment is a new concept in gaming. Such game mechanics is possible due to the SSD of next-gen consoles. Developers don’t have to worry about loading a new environment due to the speed of SSDs. The Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart utilizes the full power of SSDs which makes dimensional rift a possibility. Sony has proven its promise of no loading screen with such a demonstration.

High FPS is one of the major promises form next-gen consoles. The promise of high FPS, don’t have any proof yet. We have not seen the actual game footage of Xbox Series X. In PlayStation 5 the Future of Gaming, all games were not running on 60 FPS 4K. Low frame rates suggest that PS5 might not be living up to the expectation. Some of the games were running at 4K 30 FPS. Sony is stating that they are focusing on graphical fidelity in some games and high FPS in others. Let’s hope that there is an option of 4k 60 FPS performance or 4K 30 FPS for quality. The promise of 120 FPS is yet to be proven by both consoles.

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PlayStation 5 the Future of Gaming has stayed true to many of the promises. It was a successful event that is creating hype for the PS5. The marketing strategy of Sony is top-notch and their revelations are staying true to the name of the event. Priorities of Sony are now clearer than ever before. There were lots of next-gen titles and PlayStation exclusives in the event. Sony has the upper hand now but it can change with the further reveals from Xbox. Most of the doubts regarding next-gen consoles are now clear. The promise of better graphics and no loading in PS5 has proof now. High FPS is still a point of debate and its demonstration on a next-gen console is yet to be proven. With killer exclusives and the amazing presentation, Sony is creating more hype for PlayStation 5 which might lead to its success.

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