Effects of Horizon Zero Dawn PC on Console Market Can be Immense

Effects of Horizon Zero Dawn PC on Console Market Can be Immense

Effects of Horizon Zero Dawn PC might resonate in the gaming industry and change the perception of people regarding the budget of gaming. PlayStation as a platform is famous for its wide library of exclusive games and content. PS4 won the race of the current-gen console due to its wide verity of exclusive content. Sure there were other factors involved but none of them can come even close to the impact of exclusives. The effects of Horizon Zero Dawn PC will have two outcomes. Both of these outcomes will have a great impact on the next-gen console race. It could either increase the sales of PS5 or reduce the sales of PS5.

Why is Horizon Zero Dawn PC Such a Big Deal?

As you might already have seen on the internet, many people are angry to see one of PlayStation’s greatest exclusive on PC. Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the PS4s best exclusive game and it was the reason for many people to buy PS4. Some people on the internet are angry because they think that Sony tricked them into buying PS4. Others are accusing Sony of lies because Sony marketed Horizon as a PlayStation exclusive.

People are saying that if the game was supposed to be on PC then why did they marketed as PS Exclusive. Both of these arguments make sense but some PlayStation gamers just don’t want PS Exclusives on other platforms. Most of my criticism is focused on false marketing but stopping someone from releasing a game on another platform is stupid, to say the least. I get the false marketing arguments but blind rage and stubbornness are not civil.

Regardless of what the argument is, there is no denying that the effects of Horizon Zero Dawn PC will be immense on the industry. As per Sony, they want to release the game on PC to attract new players to PS5. Sony wants to show gamers what they have to offer on their platform. In 2021 many gamers will be buying a new console or upgrade their PCs. Sony is trying to take the slice of that pie. Currently, there are 90 million Steam players. If Sony can sway some of them then they will have a lot of players for PS5.

Effects of Horizon Zero Dawn PC can be Negative too.

The release of Sony’s first-party studio game on PC is a big deal. This is the first triple-A title from an SIE studio on another platform. Other games such as Death Stranding and Godfall are also expected to release on PC but these games are not developed by Sony’s first-party studios. Nioh and Detroit Become Human were only time exclusive for PS4. Then again the developers of these games are not Sony’s first-party studios. Many are speculating that Sony wants to open the door because they don’t have a good cloud service. Sony was the first to release a cloud gaming service PlayStation Now but that service is not a reliable one. The fact that Sony’s first-party studio is releasing a game on PC is a big deal in itself.

Horizon Zero Dawn PC Can BackFire

The effects of Horizon Zero Dawn PC can also backfire on Playstation. In any business trust is a big issue, EA lost its fan base due to its false marketing and lies about certain titles. Bioware’s fall from grace was due to their incompetence in Anthem game. As I explained earlier why people are angry about the release of Horizon Zero Dawn PC. Now that Sony is releasing a title that they marketed as PlayStation exclusive, might create a bad reputation for them.

Effects of Horizon Zero Dawn PC are already rising on the internet. A console is not just about selling hardware but rather making people use the hardware. Platforms are means for a company to sell their products that’s why we have digital stores. Selling games and content is what gaming platform is about, whether it’s digital or physical. In Sony’s attempt to attract new players they might lose the one they have. There is nothing worse than the hate and anger of a fanboy.

Sony is Trying to Expand Its Exclusive Titles Beyond Videogames

As we all know that Sony is not about just video games. They not only make electronics but also provide different kinds of services. One of their major revenue-generator are movies and other forms of entertainment products. Their recent quarrel with Disney over Spiderman is one example of Sony’s idea about ownership. When it comes to copyright Nintendo and Sony spare no expense. Sony is milking Spiderman for every penny. Horizon Zero Dawn PC could be part of that strategy.

Recently we heard the news that HBO is making a TV adaptation of The Last of Us. Uncharted movie is also in a production starring Tom Holland. Spiderman is no stranger to movies and other forms of media. Sony has also launched PlayStation production. This new production company will be responsible for adapting PlayStation exclusive titles into different forms of entertainment medium. With The Last of Us and Uncharted their plans are already on the way. By introducing their IPs on other platforms they are trying to grab more audiences for their media empire.

While Microsoft is moving towards gaming services, Sony is trying to grab not only gaming but the entertainment industry in general. With Xbox services and PlayStation production, I think they are trying to pave the future for gaming. Sony won’t give up on the cloud but It will also focus on other forms of media. Regardless of what Sony’s plans are, trust issues regarding their business strategy are starting to raise suspensions.


For the first time, Sony’s first-party studio is releasing AAA title on another platform. The release of Horizon Zero Dawn PC might be hinting that exclusives are becoming a thing of the past. There is a great detest in the PlayStation Community regarding this decision. People are accusing Sony of the false marketing and lawsuits might start popping up at Sony’s doorstep. Sony is trying it’s best to attract more people to their next-gen consoles and IPs. In a sense, they are trying to create a Sonyverse that is not limited to video games. People are now losing trust in the exclusive contest promise of PlayStation. The marketing tactic of Sony might backfire on them in the next-gen console race.

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