PlayStation 5 Specs and What to Expect from Sony

PlayStation 5 Specs

The specs of PlayStation 5 are not fully clear but some of its specs are evident. Sony has also revealed some important features of PS 5. Sony went ahead of Microsoft once again and announced PlayStation 5 before Microsoft could announce new X Box. There are a couple of hardware specifications that we know about Sony’s next-gen console. However many of its specifications are shrouded in mystery and these specifications are yet to be revealed.

Specifications we Know so Far

We know some of the PlayStation 5 specs which include GPU and CPU from AMD. We know that the CPU of PS 5 will be based on Ryzen but it will be a custom made processor. The GPU of PS 5 will also be powered by AMD through the Navi architecture. The GPU will have ray tracing option. This type of functionalities is only available in high-end gaming rigs.  The ram of PS 5 is expected to be 24GB or 32GB DDR6. The hard drive would be an SSD so not much memory is expected if Sony wants to keep the price in check. However, they can release different variants of PS 5 with low to high memory. Sony has done that with previous PlayStation so they will be killing two birds with one stone once again.

Power of PlayStation 5

The high power of its CPU and GPU will make it capable of running games at 8k. It does not mean that every game will run at 8k. Not every game runs at 4k in PlayStation 4 pro but 4k will become the standard for PS 5. There might be an option of boost mode like PS 4 Pro. To enable that boost mode you will have to give up on 8k to run on 4k at 12 FPS. That seems to be a reasonable compromise because most games won’t have the option of 8k.  PlayStation 5 specs indicate the power of more than 12 teraflops so that it can go ahead of Google Stadia.

Backward Compatibility

Sony has already confirmed the backward compatibility of PS 5. So you will be able to run all your PlayStation 4 titles on the next-gen console. PS 5 could also provide some extra boost to PS 4 titles by reducing the loading time. The decrease in loading time could be a good thing as it is a big problem for PS 4. If the PlayStation 5 specs are able to run older titles at 4k and 60 to 120 FPS then it will be cherry on top. The developers would have to release special patches for that to happen.

The Transition from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5

The shift from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5 will be easier. When gamers were shifting from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4 it was harder for them because there was no backward compatibility. The reason for the lack of backward compatibility in PlayStation 4 lies in its different architecture. That is not the case with PlayStation 5 specs, its architecture will be similar to PlayStation 4. You will even be able to start the game where you had left in the previous console.

Release Date

Sony has already confirmed that PS 5 is not going to be available in the upcoming 12 months since April 2019. So you shouldn’t think about buying the next gen Sony’s console in 2019. The power of hardware will also depend on its release date. PlayStation 5 specs will remain the same for its life cycle. Sony can release a new version of its next-gen console with better hardware. At E3 2020 we will see the competition for the dominance for the next-gen console by both Microsoft and Sony. At the end of 2019, we might see the official unveiling of PS 5. The release date of PS 5 is expected to be the Christmas of 2020.

Price of PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 specs will decide the price of this next-gen console. However, the estimated price of PS 5 can be $500 to $600. Considering the hardware of this new console I think that the price is decent. Sony will use SSD instead of a standard hard drive in their next-gen console. The use of SSD will drastically increase the price of the next PlayStation. The sizes of games are increasing which can lead the use of high storage SSD in the next-gen consoles. The use of high storage SSD could further increase the cost of PS 5.

PlayStation 5 Titles we know So far

Games are an important factor for the success of next-gen consoles. Exclusive titles are very important in the race of diverse environment of different platforms. Many of the PlayStation exclusives announced so far are expected to be cross-platform. Titles such as Death Stranding, The Last of Us Part II and Ghost of Tsushima are all expected to be cross-platform titles. Exclusive titles of Playstation such as God of War, Uncharted, Infamous, Horizon Zero Dawn, Spiderman, Kill Zone, and other titles can also see their latest installments on PlayStation 5. Some highly anticipated third-party titles are also expected to be released on Sony’s next-gen console.

Cloud Gaming for Next-Gen Consoles

Cloud gaming is an important part of the future of gaming. The announcement of Google Stadia had put everyone on edge. Google is completely dedicated to cloud gaming and does not have a console. You will need to buy games through an online account. In cloud gaming, you won’t need hardware at hand. However, you would need a high-speed internet for a smooth gaming experience. Microsoft has already announced its cloud gaming service Project xCloud at E3 2019. Sony does have a streaming service known as PlayStation Now but it can’t compete with these advanced streaming services. Microsoft and Sony are now partnering together to tackle this problem. Sony will be using Microsoft Azure service to provide support to their cloud gaming service. Microsoft and Sony are partnering up because they are taking Google Stadia seriously now.

PlayStation VR

Virtual Reality is an important part of modern gaming. Many people are speculating the complete transition of videogames from traditional gaming to VR. Sony’s VR is one of the most successful VR headsets for gaming in the market. Sony would want to keep that position in the next generation of consoles. Sony has already announced that PSVR will work with the upcoming Playstation. The company has not made any announcement regarding the release of a new VR headset. It is also not clear whether all of the other accessories will work with PS 5 or not. If all of the PlayStation 4 accessories work with the next-gen console then people will be more eager into transition. PlayStation 5 specs will be an important factor in determining all this.

What to Expect from Sony?

Sony will not repeat the mistakes that they made with PlayStation 3, their worst performing console. The first thing that Sony will consider is the price of its new console. They would try to keep it in par with the market or else the history will repeat itself. Sony has also learned from Microsoft that messing with the consumers is harmful. When Xbox One came to the market Microsoft put a limitation on the people using the physical copy. Microsoft later regarded that decision and removed the device used for monitoring. However, the damage was already done. Many people had bought PlayStation in the initial stages so the transition was nearly impossible.

Exclusive titles are the deciding factor as Microsoft learned it the hard way. Sony will stick to the strategy that they used for PlayStation 4. Sony will also focus on improving its cloud service and probably launching it with a new name. They will make good exclusives like always. Sony has skipped E3 but you can expect good thing from them. If they get overconfident due to their success with PlayStation 4 then Sony should brace for the worst outcome.

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