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EA Games is Greedy as Always

EA Games is greedy

EA Games is greedy which is destroying it. Over the past few years, different gaming companies have established different reputations for themselves. Some companies are presenting themselves as greedy enterprises. Others have established their reputation as companies that care more about gamers. Both of these reputations strive for the same goal. The goal is to increase profit and expand the business. Aggressive stances of profit such as greedy micro-transactions (Loot Boxes) leads to the negative reputation of EA Games.

Good Old Days

Before the internet was fully integrated into the video games everything was simple. Now, times have changed and technology has evolved. The rise of the internet changed every aspect of life around us. Gaming is not an exception as it too has evolved over time. In the past games could only be played offline. PC had the option of online gaming that could not be found in consoles. At that time monetization of the game was not a problem. However, the introduction of internet in consoles changed everything. Now online functionalities can be found in all games whether it is offline or online. Offline games sell you DLC while online games rely on micro-transactions.


Every gaming company out there is using one of these strategies to generate income. However, there is a difference in the ways gaming companies are using these strategies to generate more income. Rockstar is using micro-transactions in their online games but they are still on the good side of gamers. On the other hand, EA Games is greedy which is the reason for its bad reputation. So what’s the difference? The difference lies in the way companies handle micro-transactions. EA is trying to push micro-transactions into everything. EA Games promised that there would be no micro-transactions besides cosmetics  in Anthem but it was a lie.  When gamers started complaining they stood and defended their loot boxes policy

Unfair Advantage

People want a complete package at $60, not a game that gives advantage to people using in-game purchases. In-game purchases are fine if they are only for cosmetic purpose. Gamers expect that the cosmetics available for purchase can also be achieved through in-game progression. If a specific cosmetic is available only as an in-game purchase then it’s unfair. It’s like the companies want you to invest beside your initial investment. EA Games is greedy so they providing advantages to the people using micro-transactions. In MMORPG it is especially damaging to the players not using micro-transactions. People using micro-transactions gets better gear and weapon to climb up the ranks faster.

Loot Boxes are Making Everything Worse

EA Games is greedy and has gone even further through the introduction of loot boxes. In normal micro-transactions, players know what they will be getting after purchase. That is not the case with loot boxes. Players have to blindly purchase a loot box and cross their fingers to get the best deal. The greedy micro-transactions are not only limited to loot boxes. EA is trying to include every aspect of the game in micro-transactions. They have gone as far as selling incomplete games such as Anthem. All this was done to introduce micro-transactions in as many games as possible.

EA Games Wants the Loot Boxes to Stay in Games

Loot boxes can be compared to gambling. Luckily people are starting to realize that and governments are trying to stop that. Recently bills have been introduced to ban the selling loot boxes to underage users. According to the statement, loot boxes induce gambling habits in underage gamers. To everyone’s surprise, EA compared them to kinder eggs. They even called it “surprise mechanics” which has become a hot topic on the internet. People started saying that EA Games is greedy and careless for using this word. They don’t seem to care because the only thing that matters to them is profit. Greedy gaming companies like EA Games are not even ready to accept the negativity of their approach.

EA Games is Not the Only Greedy One

EA Games is greedy but it is not alone in this venture of greedy micro-transactions. Other companies such as Epic Games, Bathesda and Activision Blizzard are also using loot boxes. I will say that micro-transactions are not good but they have become a necessity in modern gaming. Most of the gamers are ok with it if the thing they are getting through in-game purchase is evident. Gamers are also ok with micro-transactions that do not provide unfair advantages to players using it.

Gaming Companies and Their Intent

Some gaming companies are clear with their intent to provide quality games with transparent micro-transactions. Rockstar has established itself as a company that provides quality games with clear intent. EA Games is greedy so it has established a bad reputation for itself. They are not even trying to clear their name but rather making their reputation even worse. The business of gaming companies should include both consumers and profit. EA Games is greedy so they are focusing on profit while neglecting the customers altogether. Focusing on customers will yield greater profit, after all, they will be the one buying games.

The Choice of Gamers

Gamers would want micro-transactions free games. DLC is also a type of process in which gaming companies offers little extra for more payment. Some games are made to sell DLC with little initial functionalities such as Destiny 2. CD Project Red is changing the culture of DLC’s. Their DLC’s from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt proved how good DLCs can become. Obviously, we can’t just eliminate micro-transactions from games. They have become the core of modern gaming. Gamers want to have a system where everyone can get the gear they want even without micro-transactions. What gamers want is equal opportunities for everyone with no shady deals such as loot boxes. Sadly companies like EA Games are getting greedier which is bad for gamers.

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