Google Stadia vs Microsoft xCloud

Google Stadia vs Microsoft xCloud: Which One is Better?

Google Stadia vs Microsoft xCloud competition is starting to take the heat. The release of Google Stadia just lit everything on fire. It proved to be an unreliable service that claimed more than it was offering. On the other hand, we have xCloud that is offering more games free in the Beta phase. While xCloud is only a beta test, Stadia is a complete package. In reality, Stadia is still a Beta but you got to pay for it. xCloud is a free beta test service that not only provides you with a game streaming platform but free games as well. Let’s compare the pro and cons of both streaming platforms to know the winner. In my Google Stadia review, you can read every aspect of the service in detail. This article will draw a direct comparison between the two and let you decide who the winner is.

Google Stadia vs Microsoft xCloud: Direct Comparison

Google Stadia hyped many with the promises of amazing functionalities and performance. After the release performance was not the only thing that wasn’t living up to the expectations. Most of the features that Google promised are missing from it. Google is saying that they are going to add these features in the future. However, this is an official launch, not a beta test so everyone was expecting all specifications of the platform.

Microsoft xCloud is just a cloud service that makes no exceptional promise but rather focuses on providing a cheap cloud gaming experience. At this point, Microsoft has not made any claims other than presenting its cloud gaming service. xCloud does not promise advance features but rather focuses on providing a good could gaming experience. Though performance wise Stadia might be a little better than xCloud and that’s about it. After all, xCloud is still in the beta phase.

Google Stadia vs Microsoft xCloud Performance Difference is Minimal

Let’s talk about all the things Stadia is offering. Google Stadia is offering up to 4K resolution. The resolutions are not 4K and you have to pay $9.99 per month to get it. Even while you are paying for 4K you won’t be getting 4K. Along with 4K, you will be getting 2 free games per month with the membership. There is no trial version of the service and you have to pay for it even if you are not getting the results. Google has promised that there will be a free version of Stadia that will stream games 1080 and 60FPS.

Microsoft xCloud can only play games at 720 on an android mobile device. It is not available on any other platform at the time of this writing. Because xCloud is only available on android mobile devices, I think it’s a good bargain. Besides it’s a free service so trying it out wouldn’t hurt. Even though it is lagging in terms of resolution, xCloud offers smoother gameplay. The fact that xCloud is running games at 720 but that does not make it less impressive.

The monthly subscription fee for Stadia is even higher than PS Plus or Xbox Gold. There are plans for a free version but at the time of this writing, the only way to use it is by paying for it. xCloud is a free beta service making it less expensive. Stadia only offer two games per month which are the same as any PS plus or Xbox Gold subscription. On the other hand, xCloud will allow the use of Gamepass with xCloud making it a Netflix of Videogames of the future.

Games and Cost of Overall Platform is another Big Issue

The game library of Google Stadia is extremely small. There are few games in the library of Goggle Stadia. It lacks exclusive titles and most of the games are old. There are games from 2016 and even older ones. That’s acceptable because it is a new platform. The situation becomes complicated when the prices of games come into play. Among all the stores, Stadia offer games at the highest price tag.  Instead of reducing your cost you will be increasing it.

The game library of Microsoft xCloud is more than twice bigger than Google Stadia. The growth rate of the xCloud library is also higher than Google Stadia. Developers don’t need to do extra work to bring games to xCloud because it uses Xbox games. At the moment all these games are free on xCloud making it a better deal in terms of games and budget. Once it is officially launched you can play all the games on your Microsoft account along with the games of Gamepass.

The amount of players on Stadia is limited which creates lots of problems in multiplayer games. You will have to wait for a long time just to get enough players in Destiny 2. If that is the case with one of the most popular game then what will be the case with other games? Google Stadia is already a platform not suitable for multiplayer. On the other hand, xCloud is not focusing on multiplayer connect but rather on the quality of service. Microsoft is not making extraordinary promises because it can rely on Xbox consoles. Google has to make its service more convenient than any other platform. The online servers of xCloud are connected to Xbox so matchmaking won’t be a problem

Google Stadia vs Microsoft xCloud: Data Consumption and Usage Makes a Big Difference

When it comes to data consumption, Google Stadia wipes the floor. Data consumption is not beneficial for Google Stadia due to the issue of the data cap. Due to the extreme data consumption and no execution plan Stadia does not operate on mobile data. The only way to play games on it is through the use of wi-fi. There are plans to make a specific data subscription for game streaming in the future. Google Stadia will work on mobile data but right now it can only be used with wi-fi. It runs game up to so-called 4K at 60 frames so extreme data consumption is to be expected.

Microsoft xCloud offers less resolution at less data consumption, making it an efficient platform. However, if you are looking at quality gaming experience, than xCloud is not the platform for it. As I explained earlier, Google Stadia can only stream games at 720 but you can use xCloud on both wi-fi and mobile data. In its beta phase, you can use xCloud on Android mobile devices only. You can only use an Xbox One or Elite series controller with it. There are plans to bring it on other platforms and make it compatible with Dualshock and other controllers soon.

Google Stadia vs Microsoft xCloud: The Availability of Service is Also an Issue

At the time of this writing, Google Stadia is easily available due to its official launch status. Microsoft xCloud is a beta service that can only use through an invite. Google Stadia is available in more countries than xCloud. Certain requirements need to be full filled to use Microsoft xCloud. You need to be in the US, UK or South Korea to use this service. Once you register for xCloud you need to wait for a month at least to get an invite. It is a free beta service that is difficult to access. Google Stadia is widely available and can be easily subscribed to.


Which one is your winner in Google Stadia vs Microsoft xCloud comparison? You can consider all of the above factors, to select a winner for yourself. Keep in mind, Microsoft xCloud is only a limited beta service. The competition will start once xCloud is officially launched. Considering the current scenario and extensive presence of Microsoft in the gaming industry I think xCloud could be the winner of this competition. However, Google can turn the tables because they are the innovator of video streaming.

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