Alienware Concept UFO Portable

Alienware Concept UFO Portable is the Switch of PC Gaming

Alienware Concept UFO Portable might be the future competitor of Nintendo Switch. The success of it will depend on the price of this portable gaming PC. According to the information available, Alienware Concept UFO Portable is more powerful than the Nintendo Switch. However, Nintendo Switch is a console while Concept UFO is a portable gaming PC. Games are specifically made for Nintendo Switch while Concept UFO will play PC games. Let’s talk about all the things this Alienware has to offer and what future does it have.

Alienware is a famous sub-brand from the PC making company Dell. These are their most powerful of Desktops and Laptops. This sub-brand was made for the singular purpose of making laptops and desktops for games. Alienware offers the most expensive and high-end laptops in the market, making it one of the most elite gaming hardware brand. This time they are attempting to dominate the portable PC market. So far it is only a concept and we probably won’t see it coming out till 2021. It might not be a direct competitor of Nintendo Switch but it will fill the void that we all know exists for the portable PC.

According to available information, it can only play games on medium settings at best. Keep in mind that it is only a prototype and is rather relying on the graphical power of the CPU. We know that it uses Intel graphics. It will run games at a decent setting, which is a good bargain, considering the screen size of the device. The resolutions of Concept UFO are much better than Switch which makes it a good portable gaming device for many.

Alienware Concept UFO Portable Specs

The specs of Concept UFO are top-notch. The precise specifications of the device are still a mystery but we know what to expect from it. This is not just a random hunch but rather an analysis based on the information from CES 2020. It runs a Windows 10 and has an 8 inch 1900 x 1200 touch screen display. It uses 10th generation Intel processor. Concept UFO uses a docking charging system that uses USB-C for charging. The docking station can also be used to connect it to bigger screens through HDMI. There is a fan on the back of the device, the fan makes a loud noise but it is digestible. In the end, it is still a prototype so the final product will be different when or if it comes out.

The Build of Alienware Concept UFO is Similar to Nintendo Switch. It has the same detachable controllers that even look like Switch controllers to some extent. However, the controller won’t work separately. A special bridge is needed for these controllers to work. Bridge provides electrical power because controllers don’t have batteries. Controllers can easily be detached or attached due to magnetic attachment. Alienware UFO is bigger and heavier than Switch.

What Alienware Concept UFO Portable Can Offer?

Apart from being a portable gaming PC, Concept UFO can also work like a normal PC. After all, it is a PC regardless of what purpose it serves. It will open doors to PC gaming on the go, making it a good companion for any PC gamer. It is a Windows PC which makes it possible to use Steam, Epic, and all other digital stores. Players can just keep on progressing in a game even when they are not near their PC. This integration could work in the same way as xCloud and Xbox. All a person needs to do is use the same account and they can download games from it on Alienware Concept UFO Portable. It can also put a serious competition for Switch depending on the price.

Alienware Laptops and Desktops are expensive. The price of Concept UFO might also be high. Many would pay $1000 to $1200 but the price is higher than it might affect its sales. Nintendo sold so many Switches due to its low price. There is still a niche market for Concept UFO if Dell plays its cards right. We won’t know anything until it comes out or if it comes out at all. After all, it is a concept so it might not even come out.


Portable gaming is constantly rising. First, there was Nintendo Switch and now Dell is introducing a portable PC. Cloud gaming is also on the rise which can put a serious dent on portable gaming hardware. In fact, Cloud gaming is a more reliable way to play games on the go. Not only does it use less battery but it can also be played on any device. There is still a lot that cloud gaming needs to present a competition but that is the discussion for another day. If Alienware Concept UFO Portable comes out then it can change the perception of traditional PC gaming.

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