Is Anthem Game Worth It Now One Year Later Review

Is Anthem Game Worth It Now? One Year Later Review

Is Anthem Game Worth It? that is the question in everyone’s mind after a year of the game’s release due to its messed up form. The year one of Anthem game is nearly complete and there is still no sign of improvement in the game. In this entire time, Bioware only added one Stronghold and nearly no end game content. Once the game is complete, all you can do is keeps on doing the same quests in a loop. At this point, I won’t even talk about the road map of the game because I know that there is none. Bioware has said that they are going to overhaul the game but I am not sure if that’s even possible. The last announcement that we heard about Anthem Overhaul was in May 2020. Throughout the first year of Anthem, EA made promises but kept none.

Is Anthem Game Worth It After One Year?

I am gonna be honest with you it’s not. After playing Anthem for a year I can say that Anthem is not worth it. I reviewed the game before in the mid-year. Now, that the game is more than a year old I am sure that it’s not the game I would want to play anymore. Don’t get me wrong I love Anthem game but there is not much to do in the game. The idea of Anthem is exceptional but its execution is flawed. Anthem is repetitive making it a boring option as an MMO. I was hoping that the game will catch on. After playing it for so long. I don’t think that EA is even thinking about fixing it anymore. There is a limit to the number of repeatable activities a game can have and Anthem is the incarnation of such activities.

There are also problems with connection errors making it a time-wasting game. If you play Anthem for two hours then you will face disconnection issues at least two times in these two hours. Sometime you can’t even connect to the servers! The connection problem is also one of the reasons that many players quit the game. Even after all the patches and claims, the servers are still unstable. At this point complaining and fixing the server won’t do anything. It’s been a year and supposedly they were working on this problem from day one. The way I see it, they are not even thinking about making servers stable anymore. At this point, Bioware is just trying to keep the game servers running.

Anthem still has Lots of Bugs in the Gameplay

Servers are not the only problem because the game itself has a lot of bugs. Sometime it won’t even load your character properly. Body parts of your character will be missing and it won’t fix unless the server crashes or you get a disconnection error. Almost all of the time, disconnection is imminent after such a bug. Sometime the paint of your characters won’t load and you will get the default colors. All the other cosmetics will load only cosmetics that are related to paint and vinyl won’t load. Every time you load the game then there will be a 75% chance of a perfect load.

Sometime the Anthem will launch perfectly but some type of problem will disconnect the game. A certain but won’t let you access the forge or customization or map access etc. There is also a bug that won’t let you close the main menu. You will be stuck in the main menu until the game crashes or you get lucky. The most frequent error of the game is pilot data retrieval. With the new update, the chances of a hard crash are minimum but there are chances. New updates are bringing new problems as they solve the old one. The point is that you cannot be sure of a fair game even with a perfect launch. The question to the answer “Is Anthem game worth it now?” should be obvious to many. If not then there is plenty more where it came from.

Anthem Game Overhaul is Creating a Rift in The Community.

The answer to the question “Is Anthem game worth it now?” is simple. Anthem is not worth it and it probably won’t be in the future. I have seen many players give up on the game in the past couple of months. The news of the overhaul did more bad than good. After hearing this news and seeing no action many players quit the game. The way Bioware is explaining overhaul makes the game unplayable for now. They are saying that there won’t be any major updates for the game before overhaul. I am even skeptical of the overhaul so it would be best to stop playing the game. For quite some time, it’s even hard to find four players for a normal mission.

I have asked the question form players in the game “Is Anthem game worth it?” Many of them said yes. That was the time when news of the overhaul was recent. Many players bought the game after the news of overhaul but now many of them are not even playing it anymore. A couple of days ago when I asked players the question “Is Anthem game worth it?” nearly all of them said No. Some players are not playing the game and are waiting for the overhaul. If the overhaul comes then it might save Anthem but the way things are going I don’t think there will be an overhaul. Even if we get an overhaul then it might not be an overhaul but rather a husk of an overhaul.

The Good Side of Anthem Game

We all know that Anthem has abandoned its road map. There was not any road map, to begin with. It was all just a bunch of lies. There are no loot boxes in the game and microtransaction is only related to cosmetics. You can still buy all the cosmetics using in-game currency. There is not a single microtransaction exclusive cosmetic in the game. You can buy everything using in-game currency. At least that changed but the game is still a mess.

There is No End Game Content

Since the release of Anthem, there is not much to do in the game. As I said earlier that most of the time quests will keep on repeating. The repetitive nature of Anthem is too much to handle because even the new content is not new. Anthem has less end game content or activities in general then free to play titles such as Destiny 2. Compared to other looter shooters campaign of Anthem game is small. The length of the campaign is not the only issue with the game. Even in the short campaign of the game, nearly all the missions are identical. The only difference is the instruction you receive. You will keep on doing the same thing even with different instructions.

The first year of Anthem is now complete. There were many patches during this time and none of it adds any good content to the game. Throughout this time there was only one extra Stronghold! Even free to play titles are getting more content than this. There are no extra missions and the Cataclysm event does not make any significant difference. Cataclysm was different than how Bioware said it would be, in a bad way. The only additions to the game are challenges. In challenges, you have to use certain guns or kill certain enemies or complete a quest, etc. Challenges are ok if there is something interesting to do while completing challenges. Anthem doesn’t have good end game content. How the hell are you going to complete the challenges without getting bored?

The Current Situation of Anthem Game

Is Anthem game worth it now? To many, the answer might be obvious now. Since the release of Anthem EA and Bioware made many promises but kept none. The overhaul is one of the biggest if not the biggest promise Bioware has made regarding Anthem. So far, we have seen no sign of improvement in the game. If they are going to overhaul the game then they should change everything in the game while leaving core gameplay mechanics. Flaying in Javelin is the only good thing in the game. It is an exceptional idea with flawed execution.


Bioware needs to change everything in the game which would require time and resources. Sadly, Bioware has none because the staff working on the improvement of the game is small. At this point, they should scrap Anthem and make Anthem 2. That will be the only sure way to keep the game alive. In the end, EA only cares about money and there is none to be made in Anthem. They would not invest in a failed project. After so much time and no improvement, many have lost hope in the game. The news of overhaul is even more disappointing because it is promising a type of game that seems highly unlikely due to the history of Anthem.

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  1. You should look over your article for grammatical misspellings. I noticed quite a few while reading this. Getting on topic, I agree with the points you made. I played the game for the first time yesterday and within two hours of doing so I got disconnected twice. After that I stopped playing it and moved back to playing Destiny 2.

    1. Thank you for the comment and your feedback. The blog was overhauled a month ago which retested most old articles to their unedited forms. Since the overhaul of the blog, I am seeing such problems in some articles. If you go through other articles and find such a problem then please let me know. I am the only person handling this blog which makes it very hard for me to find a problem unless someone comments about it. I feel ironic to talk about the overhaul of Anthem when I can see the proof of it on the blog. lol

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