Cloud Gaming Platforms

Cloud Gaming Platforms are the Future of Video Games

Cloud Gaming Platforms

Technology is evolving at a constant pace which is changing everything around us. Different platforms are shifting to Cloud, video games are no exception. Cloud gaming can change the perception of people regarding video games. In traditional gaming, a person would need powerful hardware to run games. Every game that a gamer wants to play need to be on that hardware. However, that is not the case with cloud gaming. In cloud gaming all, a person need is a device that can use fast internet without lagging. People can even use smartphones and smart TVs to play their favorite video games. There is no headache of installing, copying or downloading the game. All a person needs to do is enjoy the game after the purchase.

Advantages of Cloud Gaming Platforms

Cloud gaming platforms offer many advantages that are only found in this type of gaming. The lack of powerful hardware creates opportunities that are not available with hardware. Playing games through cloud gaming is cheaper as people don’t have to spend money on buying powerful hardware. The games that a person buys on a cloud gaming platform can stay there forever. It is not known if streaming services will out date like consoles. We saw the closure of PS3 online services in 2019. So maybe streaming services would adopt this strategy but it seems unlikely. People don’t have to worry about storing a video game. Once they purchase it then it’s already in store for them.

No hustle of copying, installing or downloading of Video Games

Many people hate copying, installing or downloading games. People have to go these processes regardless of their platform. Console owner needs to copy the game in case of a physical copy or they need to download it in case of digital copy. On the other hand, the PC owner needs to download and install the game to play it. After installing the game regular updates are not far away. Every time a new update of the game is released, people have to download it. If gamers want to purchase DLC then they have to download that too.

Cloud gaming platforms can free people from all these problems. All a person needs to do is purchase a game and won’t even have to worry about update. Games would be updated automatically and DLC would be integrated into the games. People can play DLC without downloading because it is present in a cloud server. Every product is based on purchase and it is stored in a data center, not a local computer.

Bugs and Updates of Video Games

In traditional video gaming, people have to download a game even if it is not a physical copy. The size of the game is increasing with each passing day. Some games need to be downloaded even if you buy a physical copy. Examples of such game are Call of Duty Black Ops 4 which needed downloading even with a physical copy. Half of the game could be copied from the disc while the other half needed to be downloaded.

One major problem is bugs in the video game. Bugs not only make the game less fun but sometimes make it unplayable. Anthem game is one such example that crashed the PlayStation 4 consoles. In the case of cloud gaming bugs won’t be your problem anymore. Cloud gaming platforms would need to resolve this issue as soon as possible. People don’t have to worry about the crashing of their system or headache of fixing the bugs. Bugs of a video game would be a collective problem of the whole community.

The Elimination of Piracy

Cloud gaming can finally put an end to the piracy of video game. The games in cloud gaming platforms won’t be located on a local hard drive which will make the piracy of video game nearly impossible. Developers and publishers won’t have to worry about piracy anymore. Their game would be securely located in a remote server out of the reach of hackers. Even if someone were to download game form a cloud gaming platform they would still need hardware. Playing pirated games directly on a cloud gaming platform is a near-impossible task.  If someone hacks these games then they would have to turn to traditional video gaming.

VR in Cloud Gaming Platforms

Integrating VR into cloud gaming platforms are more convenient than using it in traditional video gaming. Gamers won’t need a large budget for VR gaming in the cloud gaming platforms. VR gaming would be cheaper in cloud gaming compared to traditional gaming. Goggle Stadia VR possible without the use of special hardware. Traditional VR gaming is dependent on powerful hardware and high tech devices for a proper experience. On the other hand, Google Stadia VR and other cloud gaming VR platforms won’t require powerful hardware or high tech devices. In cloud gaming, VR a simple VR headset and smartphone would do the trick. VR gaming with cloud gaming platform is cheaper, mobile and convenient.

High-End Gaming on Smart Phones

Playing high-end games on smartphones is only achievable through cloud gaming services. Google Stadia will be able to run high-end games on smartphones. Google Stadia is the first cloud gaming service to announce such functionality. Microsoft Project xCloud was the second game streaming platforms to announce this functionality. We can expect the same announcement form Sony as they would not want to lag in this race. Sony and Microsoft are partnering to tackle Google Stadia. Sony will be using Microsoft’s Azure data service to develop its new cloud gaming service. Cloud gaming platforms will bring high-end mainstream gaming to mobile platforms.

Effects on Mobile Gaming Devices

Cloud gaming platforms can eliminate mobile consoles such as Nintendo Switch. Gamers would be able to play high-end games at higher graphics on smartphones. Nintendo Switch can only run games at 720p which is far less than cloud gaming platforms. Google Stadia and other cloud gaming platforms are powered by powerful hardware. The hardware of the Nintendo Switch is less powerful than any other console. Even a new version of Nintendo won’t have the power to compete with the Goggle Stadia, Microsoft Project xCloud, and PlayStation cloud service. Nintendo might introduce its cloud service but so far they have not shown any signs.

Cloud Gaming Platforms is the Future

Cloud gaming platforms are the future of the video game industry. The technology is evolving constantly turning many platforms towards the cloud. The era of the physical disc is at the end. Netflix and other streaming services have shifted most of the entertainment to cloud platforms. Next-generation of consoles might be the last generation of physical consoles. There are some disadvantages to cloud gaming platforms. Disadvantages of Google Stadia has put the highlight on these problems. However, these disadvantages are due to the internet. The internet will become more accessible and high speed in the coming years. In the upcoming ten years, we might see the complete shift of video gaming from hardware to cloud.

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