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Gears 5 Gameplay Review: Well-made Campaign and Multiplayer

Gear 5 is the new entry in Gears of War series and it is the sixth game in the series. The Gears 5 gameplay brings lots of new things to this epic series but the core elements remain the same. The game is still about hardcore gun-blazing action. Gears 5 game is still the epic shooter with imperfect cover. Developers have improved Gears 5 epic elements while adding new ones. This time the world of the game is bigger than previous Gears of War games. The Multiplayer is also back with lots of fun modes to keep the fun going. The general elements overshadow the flaws in its story making it one of best shooting game. Gears 5 Co-Op mode is just a cherry on top.

World and Setting of has Made it an Amazing Entry in the Franchise

The world of Gear 5 is bigger than any other previous game of the franchise. It’s not just a simple shooting video game anymore but has rather evolved into something new. The combination of hardcore action and the vast world makes it the perfect blend of both. This time it’s not just about action but exploration as well. Some players might be more interested in the exploration of this new world.

The game does not have a proper linear narrative anymore. Surely missions are still straight forward and you won’t have the option of choice. Partly Open world offer more flexibility than a linear close one. The vastness of the world is offering more choices to players. There are some side missions in the game which makes it more lasting. The game is not a proper open world but rather combination different regions to make it a single map. Every act has its map which reminds me of Metro Exodus.

The game takes place in a frozen landscape. There are different landscapes inside the game world. Act 2 and Act 3 has the largest regions in the entire playthrough of the game. These regions are more explorable than regions of other acts. The game combines hardcore action and exploration with perfect harmony. The balance between these two elements makes it a good game.

Gears 5 Campaign is Satisfying but It does not Have a Very Good Story.

We can see lots of improvement in this game compared to its predecessors. Gears 5 campaign is satisfying, to say the least. It offers more flexibility than any other previous game of the series. The game has the biggest campaign in the series history. It does not leave much to the imagination aside from a few unanswered questions. The campaign of the game focuses on showing the world after the event of previous games. It does not try to explain the world that players experience during the playthrough. Instead, it focuses on showing the world after the brutal events of previous games.

The story of the game is not that good. It does not offer a story driven-narrative like A Plague Tale: Innocence. Instead, it follows a general linear story that focuses on creating an action-driven narrative for the players. Gears 5 offer a deeper storyline in comparison to the previous games of the series. Story of the game is still better than most games such as Rage 2. To be fair, the story of the game is doing justice for what it is offering.

The story of the game might not be good but the campaign of Gear 5 is still much better. The relation between different characters seems pretty realistic. It not only describes the inner demons of the main characters (Kait Diaz) but the side characters as well. The dialogues between different characters get you closer to the game. Attachment with different characters of the story was inevitable for me. The characters are just so damn realistic. Gears 5 Characters offers much more details about them than previous games in the series.

The Game Could Prove to be the Benchmark for Action Shooting Games

The game has amazing action making it the best action shooting game of the year in my opinion. We all know that Gears of War series of famous for its combat. The new installment in the series seems to show that the game is only about action but general gameplay as well. The moment you get into the fight and fire the gun you know that the game is all about action and adventure.

Gears of War series is famous for brutal action and fast pace cover shooting. The series is not famous for being the best third-person shooter action with traditional mechanics. The way you cut down your enemies with the chainsaw is the signature move of this game. In fact, it is one of the few best titles Xbox Studio has for their consoles. Even though developers of the game are not the same, basic elements of the game have remained the same. Gears of War Series do not offer lots of cover mechanics. The game has not made any changes to it that but rather improved on these mechanics.

The games not only add extra spice to the previous elements but it also works on improving the old ones. The addition of extra weapons and the improvement of previous weapons just makes it the shooting game that we all love. The new and old weapon has perfect balance with each other, so none of them feel out of balance. You will also be able to find elite variants of the classic ones having better attributes.

Gears 5 Gameplay Has helped it Become the Most Amazing Game in the Series

There is so much new stuff in the game making it a fresh gust of wind in the series. The Gears 5 gameplay offers many improvements to the game making the best version of shooting game. First of all the addition of bigger world has helped the developers to add much more verity of gameplay elements that would otherwise be impossible. The addition of wind power skimobile adds more freedom and adventure to the game. The addition of vehicle was only possible through the use of a larger map. The gameplay opportunities that this game offers are commendable.

In the previous game, Jack was just a robot that you could only use to open door. That is not the case in Gears 5. This time Jack is your ally that can help a lot in combat. It’s not just a door opening robot anymore it’s your comrade in arms. The AI of Jack is quite good because it is always there to help you out in tough situations. Jack can fetch you a gun from the battlefield which is important during an intense fight because you can run out of bullets quickly. Jack can also help you paralyze enemies or take them down. It can also revive you which makes it a dependable companion. The best part is the fact that you don’t need to change the abilities of Jack. You can do it on the go with just one button.

The game also adds RPG mechanics to the gameplay. You can upgrade Jack during the progress of your game. While exploring in the world you will find different parts that you can use to upgrade Jack. The inclusion of an open environment has helped the game to include these elements.

Gears of War series is not Xbox Exclusive Anymore, The Story Progression Keeps Gear 5 PC in Mind

The first game in the Gears of Trilogy was not an Xbox exclusive. After that, all the consecutive games in the trilogy along with Gears of War: Judgment, were Xbox exclusive. Many of the PC Players might have missed the events that took place during these games. Gear 4 was not an Xbox exclusive making it the perfect entry for newcomers. Anyone that has been playing all the Gears of War PC Games so far is familiar with the story.

Gear 4 PC has covered most of the missing pieces and Gears 5 PC is proving pieces that were missing or avoiding confusion causing events. I am not saying that there was no mention of such events. There were plot holes for the newcomers but The Coalition has tried their best to cover it. I played the PC version of the game and I know how much it means for PC gamers to find Gears 5 on their Platform.

The Coalition has made the perfect decision to release the game on two platforms. They are sticking to the core mechanics and style of the story even though they are not the original developers of the game. I see the only improvements in Gears of War series which I can’t say for some recent games.

Gears 5 Multiplayer is the Best so Far

The game offers three different types of Multiplayer each of which is different than the other. All of them are fun and let you experience the game in a new perception.

Campaign Co-Op is my favorite multiplayer mode of the game. It lets you select up to three players to complete the campaign. It is one of the few new games that offer split-screen Co-Op. The split Co-Op is called couch Co-Op. It let two players play the game while sitting in the same place. You can also invite a third player to join you online in the Co-Op.

Another online mode of the game is called escape mode. Three players can join this Co-Op. You will need to plant the bomb on the hive and escape before the timer runs out. There are three characters that you can use in this mode which includes Keegan, Mac, and Lahni. All of them have their unique abilities. This is the new multiplayer mode in the series.

Horde Mode is the classic mode that offers improvements over the older one. Up to five players can join the mode. Many of the mechanics in this mode are the same but there are some changes. This time there is the option of abilities for new players. You can select abilities according to your play style and customize it as you progress through multiplayer. You will need to level up, accumulate different skills, build defaces and survive for as long as possible.

The game offers amazing multiplayer that has a mode for every type of player. It has campaign Co-Op, Multiplayer Co-Op and Shingle Player Multiplayer mode making it a good shooting game for the players that love this genre.

Microtransaction is Part of Gear 5 but it does little to Affect the Gameplay Experience

There is the option of Microtransaction and all of it is related to the Multiplayer of the game. Mostly there are cosmetic items in the store that you can purchase using the in-game currency. The price of these cosmetics is high and skin could cost as much as $10. Chances of getting the same skins through gameplay are low. in my opinion, these skins are not even worth buying in most cases.

There are only three challenges per day and you cannot purchase more challenges. You need to wait for the next day to play challenges. They can help you rank up quickly but they are still limited so the effect would remain minimum.

There is the option of purchasing boosts from the store. These boosts can help you level up quickly. The price of a boost depends on the lasting time of that boost. These boosts can help you level up quickly but not as much as challenges. You can’t purchase challenges so the upgrade speed would just be a little faster.  The design of Microtransaction for Gears 5 is flawed.

Is it your Type of Game?

Gears 5 is an intense shooter game that can revolutionize the shooting games. The integration of a vast world with shooting mechanics makes it a unique experience. I know that the fans of Gears of War series will certainly like it. The game can attract new players to the franchise. Multiplayer of the game is exceptional. It is the best game in the series. one can say that it is one of the best shooting game in recent memory. Hardcore shooting games developers seem to like the idea of skill progression, we can see that in Wolfenstein: Youngblood. The inclusion of new mechanics and improvement of old one helps in creating the best Gears of War game so far.

The story is weak but players might always be more interested in the action that it offers. Players who like shooting games with intense action might love this game. If you are a player that focuses on the story then this might not be your type of game.

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