GreedFall Game is A Good RPG but Lacks the Proper Execution of Idea

GreedFall game is a new take on the RPG genre. It has a unique setting and player progression that makes it fun.  It is a good game and one can call it the superior version of Fable series. The integration of setting with the character makes it quite fun. Many of you might have been excited about it given its setting. I was also excited for this game. I expected a traditional open-world RPG with great combat but it was just a great RPG. The game is a good take on RPG making it a distinctive game. Despite its unique setting, GreedFall game has its flaws.

GreedFall Game offers Good Choices in Terms of Role-Playing Elements

The game gives you many options during dialogues and the result can be achieved through different methods. Some methods are more effective than others as they don’t expose you to your enemies thus saving your reputation. Your character is a diplomat working for his country so reputation is important. The choices you make will decide your reputation with a faction. You can also wear the uniform of a faction so that they can let you into their territory which is a good choice to avoid losing reputation. While progressing through the story you also need to care for your companions and makes a decision that does not offend them.

Unlike other game such as Fallout and Elder Scrolls where only one action decides your relation with a faction GreedFall game gives you many chances. The constant offensive decision towards a faction can make them hostile towards you. This does not happen instantly but takes some time and really bad decisions. In the beginning, you start with suspicious relation with all the factions. The choices you make will decide the direction of relations. To me, this element was amazing as it shows the real-life interpretation of relations.

GreedFall game let you decide your moral value in the decisions. In lots of conflicts, you will decide to choose a good or bad side. The game shows effects of the colonial era and its on the native people. In many ways, the plot is inspired by the colonization of America. Taking side with natives is always a good decision because they are the one being invaded and abused. There will be moments where you have to lose reputation with one faction and gain with another. The game lets you progress your characters the way you see fit. The choices you make will affect everyone around you.

GreedFall Mechanics are simple and Average

GreedFall game has average mechanics like many role-playing games. To be honest they are better integrated with RPG mechanics than many other games. Given the concept and strategy of the game, I think the general mechanics of the game are quite justifiable. Game physics are fairly decent given the genre of the game however the lack of jumps limits freedom of movements which can be problematic. One can see that the game intends to provide good RPG elements while neglecting others.

GreedFall game does not offer much creativity when it comes to crafting. There are just a few options of upgrading weapons but the upgrading of cloths is quite decent. A simple wearable can be converted into a full armor that will increase your defense. Upgrading cloths not only provides great defense but looks as well. You will have lots of verities when it comes to choosing clothes due to the way you upgrade them not the basic wearables. The number of weapons, clothes, and armor is limited so upgrading them can increase the verity.

Inventory management of GreedFall is just average. Skill sets works in the same way as any other game but its speed of progression is fairly decent. There are three types of skills that you need to improve. It includes skills, attributes, and talents. The combination of these three types of abilities will decide the specialty of your character.

GreedFall Combat is its Weakest Element

Combat of GreedFall game is not so good. It might as well be the weakest aspect of the game. The combat is very simple and there is not much variety of attack types. There are just parries, strikes, dodging and special strikes. Special strikes consume furry that need regeneration through combat. The inclusion of heavy attacks could have made combat a lot better. The combat of the game is not what I expected it to be. It’s just outdated.

Guns are important factors in GreedFall game making it a unique concept in a fantasy setting. Even the use of guns can’t make the combat attractive. It only adds a little more fun to it. Regardless of what their effect is on combat, guns are still a great addition to the game. There are also potions, bombs, and traps that you can use in the combat. It reminds us that this game is different than other fantasy RPG games.

Magic is another important part of the game that you can use for both the gameplay and combat. You can achieve success by using science, magic or combat. In the end, it all depends on how you play. For instance, you can heal yourself using both magic and science. Depending on the way you play you can customize your character. Magic will always be present in the combat and it will be used by someone during gameplay.

The lack of enemy’s variety makes the situation even worse. You won’t require much strategy to take down an enemy because all of them follow the same pattern. There is only a handful of enemies in the game making the combat a drag. In short, the game focuses more on the RPG elements than combat.

GreedFall Setting Fairly Good but It has Some Repeatable Texture Issue

When it comes to the setting of GreedFall game then it is nothing short than exceptional. The way Spiders has put together fantasy and colonial-era is just perfect. They had achieved what Fable series promise to do. It not only shows the brutality of colonial-era but the way it affects the magic in this fantasy world as well. The environment is self-explanatory and tells the story on its own. The setting of the game not only helps tell the story but also support the plot of the game.

Despite its unique setting, the game has too much repetitive texture. So many times I have noticed the same interior of multiple building. Even the exterior of buildings is the same in many cases. You can also see the repeatable texture on multiple landscapes. Similar boulder, pathways and general environment are evident for the curious users. Repetition of textures is especially clear when it comes to the governor houses of colonists. All of them are the same, in all aspects of designs. Even the governor is sitting in the same place. The lack of design verity shows the tight budget of the game.

GreedFall game does not have a traditional open world. The world is divided into different parts each of which is somewhat different others. It takes a different approach to the open world which is not a good one in my opinion. The idea can get boring as you have to travel between different regions. One your travels you need to stop at multiple regions making it a grind. However, once you reach a region then you can fast travel to that region without going through multiple regions. Once you enter a region the chances of loading in that region are next to zero.

Story Missions are good but the Game Lacks Exploration

GreedFall game has amazing quests that explain lots of in-game events. The details of quests makes them unique making it less repeatable. Quests are long so they can take lots of time for you to complete. The longevity of quests can make them a long drag because you have to travel to lots of location for a single quest. This is not a problem with main quests as they offer lots of variety but this longevity can be a drag in side quests.

In terms of normal dialogue choices, GreedFall game has a lot to offer. However, when it comes to story changing choices then they are limited. Surely some choices can change the course of events but they are not as much abundant as an RPG game. Natives are always good people so you will always choose their side. Your actions can change the events of the game but they are not that impactful. If they had added more story changing choices then the game would be much better.

Due to the division of world map GreedFall game offer less exploration compared to other open-world game. The boundaries of regions are small which kills the sense of adventure. Even these small areas have a little adventure to offer as you need to follow a straight path to reach your goal. Random strangers won’t offer you any random quests during your travels in these areas. The NPCs of GreedFall are not good because you can’t interact with most of them. So forget about getting a random quest from a stranger like Fallout and other RPG games.

Is it Your Type of Game?

The quality of the game is still good in comparison with its budget. It is a double A title so it has less price but the overall qualities the game makes it a fun play. The game has some amazing RPG elements and the setting is good. There are some bugs in the game but not as much as Anthem. Updates can fix these problems. Combat is not good but RPG elements can cover its flaws. There are no microtransactions in the game which makes it different than the games we see these days.

For the hardcore RPG gamers, GreedFall is an exceptional game. So if you are that person then GreedFall is the game for you. Many people expected that GreedFall game would be a traditional open-world game in a colonial fantasy world. If you are that person then you are in for a surprise. The setting of the game is good which can attract lots of players due to its uniqueness. In short, fans of RPG that can overlook combat might find this game a fun play. If you were expecting an RPG fantasy game with full focus on combat then it might disappoint you. Regardless of which type of player you are the game can be fun play once you get into it.

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