PS5 Dualsense Controller is Now Official with all its feature and Design

PS5 Dualsense Controller is Now Official with all its Feature and Design

PS5 DualSense controller is now official for Sony’s next-gen console. DualShock 4 will be the last DualShock controller for PlayStation consoles. PS5 controller will also have a different default color than previous PlayStation controllers. DualSense will have back and white color that is going to change the perception regarding the controller. The controller will have a little different design than any other Playstation’s controller. There is a touch in the controller but no display. PS5 DualSense controller will have longer battery life, haptic feedback, adaptive trigger, built-in microphone, USB-C port and light at the side of the touchpad. The controller will also function in complete integration with the Tempest engine. PS5 DualSense controller will be the best Sony PlayStation controller to date.

PS5 DualSense Controller Has different Design and Looks

Sony PlayStation 5 is bringing major changes to the controller. It’s not a total design overhaul but the changes are more than any PlayStation has offered until now. For years, players have been scrutinizing PlayStation for the lack of design changes in controllers. All that is now changing with the DualSense controller. The design of the PlayStation 5 controller is a little different in general but more if you compare it to other PlayStation controllers. DualSense has a little more curvy shape with sharper and longer handles. There are slight changes in the shape of R2 and L2 triggers too.

PS5 DualSense controller has a different color design. Black and White is the standard color of the controller. White is the primary color while black is the secondary color of the controller. The controller is bigger so white color is obscuring black color. White color can get dirty and the dirt will be evident on it making it a bad choice but you can always use silicon cover if you want. The PlayStation button is now a PS icon, not a round button.

There is still a light bar on the controller but now it is surrounding touchpad. Lightbar does not have a purpose it is just there as a legacy for the controller. The R1, R2, L1 and L2 buttons are now bumpier just like the Xbox Series X controller. PlayStation 5 controller has a robotic design that signifies the future.

DualSense PS5 Controller is justifying the New Name

One of the major changes in the PS5 controller is its name. Up until PS4, all PlayStation controllers were known as DualShock 4. PS5 controller has the name DualSense. The change in name is an indication of the technology used in the PlayStation 5 controller. The name is also a reference to the PlayStation Blog announcement “We want gamers to feel like the controller is an extension of themselves when they’re playing – so much so that they forget that it’s even in their hands!” Sony is trying to make gaming more immersive with its controller.

Haptic Feedback And Adaptive Tigger will Offer More Immersive Experience

PlayStation 5 controller will have haptic feedback which will make gaming more immersive. Haptic feedback will produce different kinds of vibrations in different scenarios. You will be able to feel that the car is driving on grass, road, unpaved road, etc. Haptic feedback will also affect the vibration in platforming, shooting and all type of gameplay. You will be able to guess gameplay without looking at the screen. At least that’s the promise Sony is making.

Adaptive triggers are also a new addition to the PS5 DualSense controller. The addition of adaptive triggers is amazing, to say the least. These adaptive triggers do not offer three default profiles like elite controllers. Adaptive triggers are automatic and just like haptic feedback, adaptive triggers will adjust according to the scenario. The tension in the game will affect the tension of R2 and L2 triggers. For a bow, the tension will increase as the tension on in-game bow increases. We won’t know how they function until we get our hands on the controller. However, Sony has made big promises let’s see how it goes.

There are Some New Additions to the Controller

One of the major problems that many gamers face is the lack of communication in multiplayer games. Most of the time players don’t have a microphone nearby or they just don’t want to use it. That won’t be the case with PS5 DualSense controller because it has a built-in microphone. You will be able to turn it off, in case you don’t want to use it. The sound of buttons would be audible while using the built-in microphone. For long sessions, using a built-in microphone won’t be ideal but it can get the job done. At least you will know if the player is willing to communicate.

DualSense will use USB-C port instead of Micro USB port like DualShock 4. The inclusion of USB-C port will not only reduce the charging time but also make plugging easier. Cable plugging one of the major problems with Micro USB. You have to adjust the cable according to the shape of the port. This is especially a headache during dark because you can’t see and have to rely on the sense of touch. With USB-C, all you need to do is plug in the charger without caring about its ailment.

PlayStation 5 Dual Sense controller will have longer battery life. The exact charging time and battery life of the controller are still a mystery but both will improve a lot. One of the major changes is also the absence of the share button. The share button is still there but it’s now Create button due to the new functionality being added. Supposedly, the Create button will offer more versatility in content creation. Looks like PlayStation 5 is bringing in the big guns for streaming.


So far, all of the promises that Sony made regarding their next-gen controller turned out to be facts. However, the quality of the delivered promises remains to be seen. There is no doubt that PS5 DualSense controller is better than the Xbox Series X controller. In terms of sheer hardware Series, X still in the lead but PlayStation 5 will be making games more immersive. We can only know the efficiency and quality of the PlayStation controller once it’s out with the console. Now we can only speculate and hope for the best.

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