Microsoft Xbox Series X

Microsoft Xbox Series X is The New Xbox, Previously Known as Project Scarlett

Microsoft Xbox Series X is the console that was previously dubbed as Project Scarlett. Everyone was expecting an Xbox 2 but this new name surprised us all. The name of the new Xbox indicates that there will be more than one Xbox in the next-gen consoles. We already know that two Xbox consoles are coming to the market next year one will be a console for cloud gaming while other more powerful will use its hardware to run games. There could be even a more powerful version of Xbox but we have to wait for its release. The announcement of the new Xbox was a surprise to everyone because they announce it at game awards. Along with the new Xbox, Hellblade 2 was also showcased and Halo Infinite is the launch title of the console. Supposedly Microsoft Xbox Series X will be the most powerful next-gen console.

The Specs of Xbox Series X are High End

According to the information, the specs of Xbox are quite high which can support claims of Microsoft. The console will have a custom made CPU that will be based on AMD Zen 2. Its GPU will be based on Radeon RDNA architecture. Like PlayStation 5 Microsoft is also aiming for the SSD drive as a storage device for Xbox Series X. Microsoft will be using NVMe SSD to boost the loading time of games. It will also support ray tracing, 8K, and variable refresh rate. The console will use DDR 6 Ram to support the high bandwidth.

The console can take the frame rate up to 120 but the output of frame rates will depend on resolutions. It will run games at 120 FPS on 1080, 60 FPS on 4K and 30 FPS on 8K. Microsoft Xbox Series X seems to be preparing for the cross-play. We already know that cross-play will be common in next-gen consoles so this is the step they are taking. In the Game Awards, Phil Spencer said that the trailer of Hellblade 2 was playing on a game engine that was utilizing the power of Microsoft Xbox Series X.  The GPU of the new console will be two times more powerful than Xbox One X. According to the reports Microsoft Series X would produce 12 Teraflops power.

There will be little difference in the shape of Microsoft Xbox Series X controller. However, the controller has been redefined to make it more comfortable for grip. There is also a quick capture button in the controller that will let players capture images with the push of a button. It will have the rumble trigger feature and it will be backward compatible with Xbox One. The controller will also work with PCs.


The Race of Next-Gen Consoles is beginning

Microsoft Series X will not only focus on traditional gaming but the cloud as well. As I already explained that there are plans of more than one console. Microsoft is trying to combine both hardware and software to provide the best cloud gaming experience. In the future, we might see a new generation of consoles in the series or less powerful ones for a lower price without the cloud. The cloud Xbox is already a confirmed console.

During the announcement Spacer also said that Microsoft Xbox Series X will be the most powerful console. Sony has made the same claim but only time will tell. According to Spencer, there will be more exclusive titles for Series X than any other Xbox. Microsoft was no match for Sony in this generation of consoles due to the wide variety of exclusive content. Now Microsoft is taking the importance of exclusive content more seriously. Now the number of Exclusive Studios for Xbox is quite high but that is a topic for another day.

The precise specifications of Microsoft Xbox Series X are not out yet. We can guess its power based on the available information. The design of the console is very simple but it is not that appealing. In the end, the content and functionalities matter to most people. The console will also use Dynamic Latency Input (DLI) and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) to make it responsive. This will give the console advantage in cloud gaming and competitive gaming.

Xbox Series X will launch on holidays 2020 and Sony is planning the same for PlayStation 5. Microsoft has shown its console design while Sony is yet to do it.


The next phase of gaming is beginning. Microsoft has learned from its mistakes and this time it is combing hardware with games to deliver the best experience. Both competitors are claiming to have the best next-gen console but we will have to wait for their release. Until then we can just enjoy what time we have with this generation of consoles. I still miss the time of PlayStation 2 and Original Xbox.

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