State of Play the Last of Us 2 is increasing the Reputation of the Game

State of Play the Last of Us 2 is Increasing the Reputation of the Game

State of Play the Last of Us 2 has provided some insight into the game. There is so much more to the game than what many of us initially thought. The complexity of the game is more than what many first thought it would be. The story is more complicated and the environmental assistance in the combat is amazing, to say the least. Even with all the story leaks, the game is creating a lasting impression on players. Many are changing their view about the game due to the new in-depth gameplay. There is still a lot of skepticism but most of the State of Play the Last of Us 2 footage might help in improving it.

The plot is one of the major aspects of the State of Play. The premise of the story is now clear but it leaves out the essential parts to make it intriguing. Naughty Dog is creating hype for the game despite major plot leaks. There is no denying that leaks have damaged the game. Despite that, new The Last of Us 2 gameplay is reducing the damage to some extent.

Premise and Setting

The Last of Us 2 takes place several years after the events of the first game. Ellie is now all grown up and she is living a peaceful life with Joel in a town in Jackson county. Ellie is has a good relation in the community. Life is peaceful but this peace doesn’t last forever. A traumatizing event in Ellie’s life sets her on a path of revenge. She goes out in the treacherous world once again. In search of retribution and justice, Ellie goes to different parts of the country. Such a journey creates a diverse setting for the game. There are snowcapped mountains and lush green forests. Each landscape provides different environmental opportunities. There will be seasonal changes in the game making it more realistic.

Ellie’s search for retribution takes her to different locations. Different locations present different types of interior and exteriors that offer chances of amazing explorations. Most of the game takes place in Seattle where two warring factions are constantly at war. Even Seattle has different environments such as towering concrete jungles, suburbs, and waterfronts. Navigation in these environments is also different which leads to the introduction of different modes of transportation such as boats. Each location is free to explore even though it is not an open-world game. Ellie would use different mechanics such as ropes to explore these locations. Players can use a horse to navigate the wide locations. State of Play the Last of Us 2 explanation helped a lot in answering some intriguing questions.

The Gameplay of The Last of Us 2

State of Play the Last of Us 2 also highlights the enemies that Ellie would be facing in her journey. As Ellie peruse the people that set the events in motion, she will be caught in the crossfire between two warring factions. The two groups are WLF (Washington Liberation Front) a militia group. WLF started as resistance against the military and eventually took control of the city. Members of WLF are highly trained and they use military weapons to take down enemies. Another faction is a religious cult that is called Scars or Seraphites. They have cuts on their faces which give them the name Scars. They prefer stealth and uses silent weapons such as bows.

Infected are still a threat in the game. There are newly infected that will swarm you due to their high numbers and they are more aggressive. There are clinkers and Stalker with different attack strategies. Due to the mutation, new forms of infected are now part of the world. The Last of Us Part 2 has now new types of infected enemies. There is a lot of enemy verity in the game which might make the game fun.

Ellie can also use the environment to her advantage. This gives her leverage over enemies which results in better combat experience. Environmental combat not only helps players in stealth but also the reestablishment of position. Such diversity offers new combat opportunities that elevate the combat paralysis of players. PlayStation is doing a great job in the presentation of their games.

Customization is Much Better Now

Crafting in the game has improved a lot and it offers a wide range of opportunities to layers. Just like the first game, there are skills in The Last of Us Part 2. Players can unlock new skills with training manuals and ingredients. The choice of skill will create a unique playstyle for players. Unlocking combat-oriented skills will make Ellie a blunt person that can take on enemies head-on. Focusing on stealth will give her abilities to sneak and trace much better. Scavenging different parts and resources would help players upgrade their weapons. These upgrades would elevate the playstyle of players and combat in general. Using resources to create different combat items also helps a lot in combat. If the gameplay of State of Play the Last of Us 2 is 100% authentic then we are in for a treat.

Combat of The Last of Us Part 2 Seems Fun

Two different types of human enemies present different combat scenarios for players to overcome. WLF members can be countered with stealth. Their approach to combat is more frontal which leaves them vulnerable to stealth. Players can always go all-in with them but combat scenarios would still be different due to their weapons. Seraphites would be vulnerable to frontal assault as they prefer stealth. Bows leave them vulnerable to modern weapons which serve in Ellie’s favor due to her versatility. That was the explanation of human enemies, thanks to the State of Play the Last of Us 2 gameplay.

The infected also present challenges that players need to overcome. Each type of infected would require a different strategy for survivability. Some require blunt force while others require stealth. Players might need to keep a distance from some while taking down others in close combat. The verity of enemies might be diversifying combat to a great degree. Ellie would always be alone as there would be allies helping her. Allies can make combat easier and even save Ellie’s life in dire scenarios.

Players would have a chance to pit enemies against each other to thin down their numbers. The game mechanics would help players to achieve their goal. There is a lot of stuff the game is offering as per the State of Play the Last of Us 2 presentation.


The Last of Us Part 2 had a rough time due to the gameplay leaks and controversies. Many started hating the game without even giving it a chance. The controversies will likely remain even after the release of the game. Naughty Dog is changing its presentation strategy of the game. Even with all the leaks and controversies, the State of Play the Last of Us 2 was successful in increasing the reputation of the game. Developers might still feel the impact of their decision but they are doing a lot to reduce the damage. The new gameplay shows the unexplored potential of the game like never before.

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