Plan 8 Game Seems Amazing, Which Seems too Good to be True

Plan 8 Game Seems Amazing, Which Seems too Good to be True

Plan 8 game is an upcoming looter shooter that encompasses elements of multiple games thus presenting a different type of MMORPG. Plan 8 is a post-apocalyptic game that takes place in a world dominated by machines. Players can use different types of Exo suites to combat these machines. In Plan 8 game players can use parts of different machines to upgrade their Exo suite. The premise and the build system are unique that offers a different type of experience. It is a multiplayer game without any option of a single player. Like any other looter shooter Plan 8 relay on loop to keep players engaged.

The only footage of the Plan 8 game is the trailer and some screenshots. It could be a messy game that fails to deliver all its promises.  So many multiplayer games have failed to deliver on their promises. Pearl Abyss has a good history with game execution but they are infamous for microtransactions. As long as there is no pay to win system and the price of cosmetics is not ridiculously high. The game is expected to release on Xbox Series X, PC, PlayStation 5 along with 8th gen consoles.

The Trailer of Plan 8 Does Not Show Enough

Trailer is not always the representation of a game. For a looter shooter or online game, the trailer is the most skeptical part of its reveal. You can clearly see such skepticism in the comment section of the Plan 8 Game trailer. Since the release of Anthem, people have lost hope in the MMOs because most of them are just broken. The game could turn out to be different than the trailer resulting in huge disappointment. There are so many lingering questions with no answers.

Based on trailer and information available, Plan 8 seems like the combination of The Division and The Surge. Its similarity with Anthem is pretty evident from the trailer of the game. Futuristic Exo suits were the flagship element of Anthem but it also featured fantastical elements. Anthem took a large amount of inspiration from Destiny but Plan 8 game takes inspiration from multiple games. Such diverse inspiration makes it a different type of game. The idea of Exo suits in Plan 8 seems more realistic as there is no fantasy or highly complex scientific elements. Staying in the middle ground is giving it the ability to take inspiration from The Surge and The Division.

Gameplay and Combat of Plan 8 Game

There isn’t proper gameplay footage to let us know about the viability of its mechanics. I am not going to breakdown the gameplay but I will provide a good amount of information to analyze it. As I said before Plan 8 game takes a large amount of inspiration from different games. Such an approach gives developers the ability to include multiple elements in the game. Combat and gameplay of the game consider different games to provide a balanced outcome. To make the cover combat meaningful developers went on the opposite direction of Anthem.

The similarities that Exo suits share with The Surge make it a slow-paced game. Cover elements and gunfights give it the feeling of The Division, which would be impossible with a fast pace game. The inclusion of Exo suits and the way they function share similarities with Anthem. Combat of the game seems good but that’s not the only thing that players want to see in a looter shooter. The customization and content would play a huge part in its success. Players can also drive vehicles in the game but the importance of driving machines remains to be seen. There are just a lot of questions regarding the Plan 8 Game which needs answers.

How Viable is Plan 8?

Plan 8 is a post-apocalyptic game where the world is dominated by machines. Humans use parts of these machines to upgrade their Exo suits. Players would be one of these humans and use different parts of machines against them. It is a looter shooter so items would drop from enemies that players would use as upgrades. There will be lots of grinding in the game which can be worth it based on the trailer.

Plant 8 game is a cross-gen title. For a next-gen game, Plan 8 seems dope due to its generic graphics. Keeping the Unreal 5 reveal in mind, the graphics of Plan 8 are just outdated. However, it is a cross-gen game so the graphical quality is understandable. Developers have to keep all platforms in mind while developing a game. 8th gen consoles would hold back the game due to its weaker hardware. Graphics would be a little better on next-gen consoles but you shouldn’t get your hopes up.

The success of Plan 8 would also depend on the content and the facility of its ideas. Without end game content, a looter shooter is useless. It is also not clear how different elements would integrate. Outriders is also an upcoming cross-gen looter shooter that lacks the integration of cover mechanics with its gameplay. Until we see a gameplay trailer or gameplay video of the game nothing is sure. Microtransactions is the only aspect of a game that can be seen through playing a game. Even if everything goes well, ridiculous microtransactions can ruin it.


Plan 8 game might be a generic looter shooter that takes inspiration from different games. Such a verity of inspiration might be giving it a unique gameplay experience. The combat seems fun due to its amazing combat mechanics. Many players are skeptical of the game due to its online nature which is understandable. Due to the underdeveloped nature of most online-only games, many players don’t expect much from them. If the game turns out to be a good one than it would help improve the fragile reputation of pay to play live service games. On the other hand, if it fails then the situation of live service pay to play games would become even worse. Most of the Pearl Abyss games are full of microtransactions so that might be an issue too. Let’s hope that the game does not turn out to be a complete mess.

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