Outriders the Next-gen Looter Shooter Seems Bad for a Next-gen Game

Outriders the Next-gen Looter Shooter Seems Bad for a Next-gen Game

Outriders the Next-gen Looter Shooter is a new RPG that is set to release on both current consoles and next-gen console. The game is also set to release on PC with the so-called next-gen graphics. I am calling it so-called because Outriders next-gen game lacks the content to be a next-gen console game. The lore and plot of the Outriders seem good but that’s about it. The gameplay offers a combination of different looter shooter games without something exceptional. Outrider is a coop RPG with a focus on online and offline gameplay. It is a coop game but the extent of its online immersion is not known yet.

The game has potential but it’s not a next-gen console game because it does not have a unique element. If Outriders was a generic looter shooter RPG with good graphics and mechanics then it was fine. So far all the footage that we have seen does not collaborate with its promises. On paper, Outriders is a next-gen game but in reality, it seems outdated.

Outriders the Next-gen Looter Shooter have Nothing Next-Gen About it

So far the confirmed launch games for next-gen consoles are Halo Infinite, Outriders and Godfall. Outriders is the only game with official and latest gameplay footage. We only have trailers for the other two games. There is gameplay footage of Godfall but it is not official and it is one year old. According to the developers and publishers, the gameplay footage of Godfall is one year old. On top of that, the graphics of Godfall feel better and they are not presenting it yet.

The developers of Outriders are not saying anything that hints a better version of the game. Outriders the Next-gen Looter Shooter is combining the elements of different looter shooters. We can also see the DNA of previous People Can Fly games but sadly there is nothing new in the game. If there was something unique with better graphics then it could have the next-gen game. However, there is one fact that can make the game a little more digestible. Outriders will not only be available on the next generation of consoles but current generation consoles as well. The developers are trying to make the game compatible with powerful and low tier hardware. The same can be said about Halo Infinite but we have not seen the gameplay footage of Halo Infinite. So nothing is certain.

What is Outriders the Next-gen Looter Shooter?

Outriders is a looter shooter that combines gameplay from different looter shooters along with their previous experience. People Can Fly co-developed Gears of War trilogy, Gears of War Judgment, Bulletstorm, and Fortnite Save the World with Epic games. All of their games are a critical and commercial success. The essence of the Gears of War series is evident in the combat mechanics and general gameplay of the game. Even the body dismantling is similar to gear series with a lack of certain attributes.

You can also see the remembrance of the game to other looter shooters such as Anthem, Destiny and The Division. It’s like a pot of looter shooters with the brutality of the Gears series. The powers that your characters use are similar to Destiny and Anthem. Cover base shooting and combat mechanics are the combinations of The Division, Destiny, Anthem, and Gears of War. Even weapons of the games share similarities with other games. Most of the weapons share a resemblance with Gears of War weapons than any of the other games. The aura of power that a character leaves is also similar to Destiny and Anthem.

Outriders the next-gen looter shooter is trying to incorporate elements of all looter shooters but end up a generic game. This vast incorporation reminds of the Ghost Recon Breakpoint. It is a good game but it does not seem to be a next-gen console game.

Gameplay of Outriders

Outriders offer pretty generic gameplay with no element that makes it unique, other than the fact that it is using elements from different games. There will be four classes in the game after launch but in the demo, there were only three classes. Developers are saying that the fourth class will be a surprise. The three classes that can be seen in the gameplay footage share lots of resemblance to Destiny. Trickster, Devastator and Pyromancer are the three classes in Outriders the Next-gen Looter Shooter. If you look at the energy aura of these classes, they share some similarities with classes of Destiny. Trickster uses similar energy to Arc while Pyromancer uses similar to so Solar. I am not so sure about Devastator.

Combat and esthetics borrow elements from The Division, Anthem, and Gears of War. The cover base mechanics and gunplay of Outriders combines elements of both The Division and Gears of War. There are also some combat similarities with Anthem when it comes to gunfights. In terms of gameplay, it also shares some resemblance with Remnant: From the Ashes

The cover base mechanics are useless in the game because you can’t go from cover to cover. In close combat, Outriders is closer to Anthem and Gears of War. The dismemberment of limbs and other body parts share a resemblance with Gears of War in an Outdated manner.


Outriders is a next-gen game that will be available on current and next-gen consoles of Xbox and PlayStation along with PC. So far, the game shows nothing convincing even though it is supposed to be a next-gen game. The graphics and general mechanics of the game seem outdated to say the least. People Can Fly has nothing to say about the game other than lots of praises. It is a game that offers both single-player and multiplayer gameplay. There are just too many questions and disappointments to excite people about a game that shows nothing new. On top of that people are comparing it to Anthem which is a red flag.

Outriders shouldn’t be compared to Anthem because it is not fully online. To be honest it is not a bad game but it is not a next-gen game from any angle.

Update of the article

What is Outriders Game? A Cross-Gen or A Next-Gen?


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  1. Some pretty bold claims here. Maybe wait until the game is released and you actually play it before you make up a verdict.

    1. Thank you for the comment. This article was written after the first gameplay footage of the game was released. Further presentations have changed my way of seeing the game but the graphics are still outdated. With these graphics, it can’t be called a next gen-game. You can read further about it in our second article here: https://playludos.com/what-is-outriders-game/

      I will also be writing an updated version of the article so stay tuned for that as well.

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