Is Hunt: Showdown Worth It? Gameplay Review

Is Hunt: Showdown Worth It? Gameplay Review

Is Hunt: Showdown Worth It? That’s the question on everyone’s mind. The game offers a PVP experience along with PVE experience in a brand new way. You can see the combination of both horror and battle royale making is a good catch. Regardless of how all this sounds like, the game still needs improvements. The combination of horror elements with PVP is a unique aspect of Hunt: Showdown. Unlike other PVPs, Hunt: Showdown will keep you in complete mystery. The total mystery of a match will keep every move a surprise. There are also some detective elements to the game and these detective elements will help you win. The combination of PVP and PVE in a battle royale setting is something that Hunt: Showdown can provide.

Hunt: Showdown Provides a Brand New Multiplayer Experience

With all these competitive games coming out, you might be thinking Is Hunt: Showdown worth it? To be honest there might be players who won’t like the idea of the game. However, just like Death Stranding the uniqueness of Hunt: Showdown cannot be denied. The PVP element of the game is the same but the addition of PVE not only improves PVP experience but the overall game as well. There are many creatures in the game that serves as obstacles for you to overcome. Creatures include hell hounds, zombies and all kinds of scary creatures. The game is a coop and competitive at the same time.

The one thing that makes Hunt: Showdown different is the permanent death system. If you die in the game then your Hunter will die permanently. When your hunter dies then all the weapon and gear that your Hunter had, would also be lost. Every death will result in a setback. You can still hire a new hunter even if all of your hunters die. Even if you lose you will still get enough for each match to pay for a new hunter.

In the beginning, permanent death is off but once you reach rank 11 then the permanent death mechanics will start working. You can also unlock weapon by progression and there is plenty of coins to buy them. Permanent death will be the only thing standing in your way. You can also take weapons from the players you kill and if you win then you can keep all these weapons. There are opportunities in the game alone with high stakes. Now think Is Hunt: Showdown worth It?

Based on Gameplay Is Hunt: Showdown Worth It?

As of now, there are three bosses in the game, which include Butcher, Spider, and Assassin. Different strategies are needed for different bosses. Some guns are more effective against one enemy than the other. For instance, guns do more damage to Spider and Assassin than Butcher. There are some problems with boss battles which makes it easy. None of the bosses can get out of the house, so you will have to fight them inside the cramped space. However, you can get out and shoot them from outside. They won’t stay in the same place but you can force them to go near the entrance. All you need is a little care and bosses will be down.

Once you defeat the boss you will need to banish it. As soon as you start banishing, every player on the map will know your location. Now you will have to protect your prize from other players. They will attack you and reap the fruit of your labor. The game will keep information from you which will make it harder to make a strategy. Even if you get to the extraction point you will have to survive for 30 seconds at the extraction point. So don’t get your hopes up when you are near extraction.

There is another game mode with 11 players battle royale and this mode will give you a free hunter. So, if you are short on hunter than play that mode. You will get a hunter for free if you win the match. In the 11 player battle royale hunter is random and you don’t need to pay for it.

Sound of Hunt: Showdown is Exceptional

As I said before that the game has Horror and detective elements. Sound of the Hunt: Showdown might be the most amazing among all games. If you want to play a game with exceptional sound effect then answer to the question “Is Hunt: Showdown Worth It?” might be clear for you. Even the distance from your target will produce different sound effects for a gunshot. The steps of a player or NPC will depend on the surface. Each surface creates a different sound and even the variations of the same surface will create different sounds. With proper reconnaissance, you can guess the position of players perfectly through sound. There are no visual indicators regarding other players so the sound is your best option. I can say that the sound design of Hunt: Showdown is revolutionary.

Hunt: Showdown takes place in the Wild West. Everything in the game shows the impact of the cowboy era which makes all the weapon slow. There are no automatic rifles so you have time to about every shot. On top of that, the general gameplay of the game is also very slow. Even simple reload can take lots of time. Developers are trying to combine slow pace with horror elements to make the game more intriguing. The slow pace might give you the answer to the question Is Hunt: Showdown worth it?

The Game does not Provide Good Quality All the Time

The one major flaw with the gameplay of the game is Camping. You don’t have to kill the boss, all you need to do is camp at the location of the boss because the location boss is the same for everyone. Just wait for other players to take out the boss. When they are out of resources and exhausted you attack to take their bounty.

Compare to other games of Crytek, Hunt: Showdown graphics seem immature to say the least. You won’t even believe that it’s a Crytek game if you don’t see the name pop up. On top of generic graphics, the game also has generic physics making a bad experience. There are also glitches in the game making it a nightmare.

Is it your type of game?

Hunt: Showdown is a new take on competitive multiplayer games. The game is trying to combine different elements to make a unique experience. The combination of PVP elements, PVE elements, and horror elements creates a different experience. On close analysis, you will realize that Hunt: Showdown is trying to satisfy different types of players. I think their strategy isn’t working, the game might create a different kind of audience but it won’t be as big as other competitive games.

If you are looking for a game that mixes PVP with PVE then Hunt: Showdown is the game for you. In case you are looking for a different type of competitive game, this is still the game for you. This might also be the game for players who wants to try something new. Hunt: Showdown might not be the game for people who are more into PVP games. This might also not be a game for people who are looking for good graphics. In short, it might not be a long term game but rather a short term enjoyment.

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