Relation of Apex Legends and Titanfall is Beneficial for the Franchise

Relation of Apex Legends and Titanfall is Beneficial for the Franchise

Relation of Apex Legends and Titanfall is deep but since the release of Apex Legends, we only saw a glimpse of the relation between the two games. From day one it was evident that both games share the same universe but the extent of this shared universe was unknown. It still is to a great degree but season 4 of Apex Legends has shed some light on the relation between the two games. There are still lots of unanswered questions but some of them have been answered. The depth of the relationship between Apex Legends and Titanfall will remain unknown because EA can make more money by revealing it through another Title.

Relation Between Apex Legends and Titanfall is Evident Through Many References

If you have played both games then you would already have encountered these references. Titanfall 2 had many references and characters associated with Apex Legends. On the other hand, the number of references in Apex Legends regarding Titanfall is pretty low. However, Season 4 of Apex Legends revealed more details about the post Titanfall 2 story than any other. For the first time, we were able to see the role of Hammond robotics in the world of Apex Legends. Hammond Robotics was first introduced in the story of the Titanfall universe during the campaign of Titanfall 1. There were some characters in the game augmented by Hamon Robotics. Viper and ASH from Titanfall 2 were similar to Revenant form Apex Legends. Both these characters share similarities including their creators. The trailer of Apex Legends Season 4 took place during the Titanfall timeline.

With the 4th season of Apex Legends, Respawn is finally showing some deep connections between the two games. Many of the companies mentioned in Apex Legends can be found in Titanfall 2. Even the story of Wraith shows a close relation between Apex Legends and Titanfall. I know that I am blabbing too much about an obvious relation. The relation of Apex Legends and Titanfall 2 is evident but the extent of this connection is in total disarray. This article will tell you the reason for this disarray and why Respawn is keeping it that way. Now that some facts are clear, the relation of Apex Legends and Titanfall can be guessed to some extent. Apex Legends take place 30 years after Titanfall 2 but there are still some unknown facts that require attention.

What is Missing in the Relation of Apex Legends and Titanfall?

A lot is missing when you focus on the lore of Apex Legends. All we know is that Apex Legends takes place 30 years after the events of Titanfall 2. There is also a theory or maybe a fact that Apex Legends and Titanfall have different timelines. Both of the Titanfall games take place in Frontier that is a solar system with a relatively closer planet. IMC was the main antagonist of the series and Kuben Blisk was a prominent character in both games. Apex games also take place in Frontier which indicates that Frontier is now Anarchy base area. The backgrounds of characters show that Frontier is in complete shambles. Most of the companies are still active in their acts of aggression as seen in Krypto’s trailer.

If IMC was defeated then why are we seeing their presence in the Apex games? I mean they are still active in other places but why Frontier? They were supposed to be out of it. There are only two explanations its either two different timelines or there is an unknown story. Regardless of the reason, Apex Legends is helping EA to pave the way for a new Titanfall game or a game in the same universe.

What is the Titanfall Franchise Gaining from All the Secrets?

Think about it, how much do you know about this 30 years time frame? What is the complete story of Apex games? Why is Hammond Robotics still prominent? What is the situation back on Earth? Etc. There are just too many unanswered questions. Expansion of the Titanfall universe can offer more opportunities to the creators of Titanfall games. If EA explains everything with a simple answer then how will they earn more money? Both EA and Respawn knows how famous their Titanfall franchise is. It can become a great franchise that will expand beyond video games. We will get the answers to all the questions slowly just like Star Wars.

Even small revelations of the plot are creating a big impact. At this point, they are milking the franchise as much as possible. For good reason because Titanfall franchise has the ability to tell so many stories due to its vast lore. There might also be a point when we will see alien warfare. In Titanfall 2 it was made clear that humans are not alone in the universe. Alien warfare saga can create its own game or even spin-off series. The point is that the franchise has a lot to offer and EA wants to make sure that they milk every aspect of the Titanfall franchise.

Impact of Apex Legends on Titanfall 3 Could be Immense

People were expecting Titanfall 3 but instead, we got Apex Legends without any prior announcement. The relation of Apex Legends and Titanfall is clear but the in-between story is missing. This relation was made clear on day one by showcasing the characters from the series. There were also twitter announcements and some other stuff. IMC was evident in the trailer of Apex Legends. If you search on the internet. Many are trying to figure out the lore of Titanfall and Apex. The new trailer showed us some glimpse of the lore but there are still lots of questions that need answers.

The secrets of Apex Legends is creating more hype for a new Titanfall or other game in the same universe. It’s the marketing of a product through the use of another. Initially, that might not have been the intention but right now this is how it is. The need and want for another Titanfall or another game in the same universe is higher than ever before. People just want to know the story of the Titanfall universe and how it connects to everything. I am also the one searching for answers and would like to know more about the world of Titanfall. There are many fanfictions on the internet but I want the official version.


EA and Respawn are deliberately withholding too many questions. They are trying to withhold as much information about the lore as possible. We are receiving a little bit of information through trailers but they are only creating more hype. Relation of Apex Legends and Titanfall is helping in the growth of Franchise. EA might have bigger plans for the franchise because the setting of Apex Legends could have been different. However, these are my thoughts I might be wrong. The fame of Apex legends is not only beneficial to it but the whole franchise as well. So don’t expect any proper explanation without another major title.

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