Fortnite Server Shutdown

Fortnite Server Shutdown Reason Hinting the Coming of Chapter 2

Fortnite Server Shutdown Reason

Fortnite server shutdown reason is the only thing fans of the game are thinking right now. There are some explanations for this shutdown. Epic games are either launching Fornite Chapter 2 with a new map or the game is gone due to the lawsuit and severs competition. I bet that Fortnite Chapter 2 is going to happen so Epic games will focus on the next chapter of the game. Chapter 2 could be a new season but we don’t know anything at this point. Fortnite Twitter account is empty with only a black hole that we all saw in The End event.

There are many speculations regarding the Fortnite server shutdown reason but none of them are official. Epic Games is silent on this topic but there should be an exponential effect of this event on the game. Fortnite server shutdown reason can never be just for show. Epic games would never do that to the most successful battle royale in the market. The lawsuit is not an issue for Fortnite at this point.

Fortnite Server Shutdown Reason can Force Players into Sequel or Chapter2

You might be thinking “What advantage could Epic Games have to force players into a sequel?” Well, the effect of such a strategy could be immense. Many players have invested hugely in Fortnite through battle passes and cosmetics. The player count of Fortnite is steady for a time being. Most of the potential battle pass purchasers have already purchased battle passes. The sales of battle passes are getting low. If they manage to shift all these players to Fortnite Chapter 2 or Fortnite sequel then all items would reset. Now the players in new Fornite would have to purchase battle passes again. Cosmetics would reset too, so all the players would start from scratch. The new beginning will also bring fresh winds of profits.

Fornite Server Shutdown Reason Could be Different

The developers of Fortnite might just keep on with the existing Fortnite without resetting player items. Epic Games will most likely go ahead with Chapter 2 of the same game. This could be just a reason for Epic games to create hype for this amazing battle royale. It is free to play game so Epic Games can mold it in any way that profits them. A somewhat similar event also occurred in one of the previous seasons but the map was not destroyed. This time everything for Fortnite is over but only time will tell.

Fortnite Server Shutdown Length

My theory for the Fortnite shutdown reason could be wrong. There could be a time limit for this shut down because they are trying to fix something. They might be doing it to create hype for Chapter 2 of Fortnite. All the items of players could be shifted to the new chapter but that is unlikely to happen. Fortnite server shutdown length could have a specific time but at this point, we don’t know. Their Twitter account is empty with only a black hole. Data miners are suggesting that their servers could be back by 15 October.

Stay Tuned as the Story Develops

There is still good news because Fortnite Chapter 2 is likely to happen with a new map and items. I will keep on updating this article as this is an ongoing story.  So stay tuned.


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