Will we lose skins and items in Fortnite Chapter 2?

“Will we lose skins and items in Fortnite Chapter 2?” Here is the Answer

“Will we lose skins and items in Fortnite Chapter 2?” that’s the question that many Fortnite players and gaming enthusiasts are asking. There is not a direct answer to this question on the internet but I will give you a technical answer that depends on the development of the game. Yes, anyone that purchased Battle Pass even one day before The End event has lost their Battle pass. Some of their skins are now useless. Epic Games have a new system for the progression of Battle Pass which makes the old Battle Pass useless. Every season needs a different Battle Pass but this time the progression system is making everything more complicated.

The Loss of Cosmetics and Skins In Fortnite Chapter 2

Fortnite Chapter 2 is finally here with brand new concepts and mechanics. Epic Games have included a new map, swimming, boats, fishing, bandage guns, etc. Everything in the game is now different even guns and modes of transportation. So basically some skins that you previously owned are now useless for players.

That is the short answer to the question “Will we lose skins and items in Fortnite Chapter 2?” Now let’s get into the details of this question. The answer to this question is complicated than simple yes or no. In my previous article I said that the sales of Battle Pass are declining so Fortnite Chapter 2 will most likely introduce new Battle Pass. Most of the predictions that I made regarding Chapter 2 are now facts. At that time no one knew what will happen to their items but now some of our cosmetics are missing. Epic Games, took most of our skins but not all.

Why is There Fortnite Chapter 2

As I explained earlier that the answer to the question“Will we lose skins and items in Fortnite Chapter 2?” is more complicated than some might realize. The developers of the game have made an overhaul of the game with the same progression which can lead to problems for players. This is an online game where each player makes different decisions regarding their skins. Developers can not predict everyone’s choices so there are chances of issues for players. Land vehicles are missing from the game so most of the skins related to them are missing as well. Some of the weapon skins are also missing from the game even though they are universal. The biggest problem is the loss of player cosmetics which is immense. The case for every skin set and item is different.

You might be thinking “so what?” this might not be an issue for you but some players can face the problem because it is an overhaul of an online game. Now, let us focus on the question“Will we lose skins and items in Fortnite Chapter 2?” think about it. If you are a Fortnite player you already know the answer. All the players need to purchase battle pass again with earned coins. If they want to keep enjoying Battle Pass perks. Its always like that and it has always been a problem. This time the progression system of Battle Pass is different. It’s not like this is a brand new game so all this new stuff does not justify anything in my opinion. The changes in Chapter 2 are still not great for a game that has one map for two years.

The Detailed Answer to the Question “Will we lose skins and items in Fortnite Chapter 2?”

Let’s get to the straight-up facts. Technically you still own all the items but some of these items are not useful or are missing. As explained earlier Fortnite has new guns, some players who have wrapped the guns so, they might have a problem. The lack of weapon cosmetics is not immense but some of them are missing. Your character skins are still fine but they might not be useful anymore with the introduction of new skins.

There are boats in Chapter 2 of Fortnite so some of your vehicle skins might be missing. Gliders are the same but they are not in complete integration with the environment forcing many players to purchase new ones. You are not losing any skins but some players might be losing the reason for skins to use. At this point, you might already know what I am trying to say. Good.

What is The Difference between Chapter 1 and Chapter 2

I have given you the answer to the question “Will we lose skins and items in Fortnite Chapter 2?” Now let me tell you why I am so skeptical of this Fortnite Chapter 2. It all depends on one simple answer “it is still Fortnite” that’s the short version now let’s get to the long one. The changes in Fortnite are minimum and the changes that they have included are beneficial for Epic Games.

Now let me explain differences. A little graphics overhaul, ability to hide in dumpster and haystacks, fishing, bandage gun, swimming, and the new map that’s it! On the surface, these are big changes but in reality, they are small changes compared to other BRs. However, this is an online game and each player makes a different decision about their cosmetics. The lost skins in the game are minimum so it is not a problem for the majority of players. Changes can affect certain types of cosmetics directly or indirectly.

The Final Verdict

EA Games is straight forward about it even when they don’t want to while Epic Games is just scratching the surface. I am saying that practice is 100% shady but Epic Games is trying to make room for new microtransactions. They were just in a hurry to make a different Fortnite so they made an overhaul which is leading to problems for players. I agree that Epic Games is still a good developer but these small missteps can lead to something big.

Some skins are there but some are missing because there is nothing in Chapter 2 to support these skins. It could be a problem for people who wants to keep all the skins. I would say that chapter 2 is worth it for the majority of the players. Overhaul of a game might not yield good results for players which is the reason that developers make sequels. The loss of skin is a peculiar case that will grow with time.

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8 thoughts on ““Will we lose skins and items in Fortnite Chapter 2?” Here is the Answer”

  1. This opinion piece is so poorly written. Vague, repetitive, it feels like a 5 paragraph essay done for 7th grade English class. What skins won’t work on the boat, and why? What wraps won’t work with which guns, and why? Why would gliders react poorly with this map vs the other one? Gliders aren’t used ON map, they’re used in the air. How did you write so many paragraphs with zero actual information or examples

    1. Thank you for the comment, sir. Sorry for any inconvenience. This article was written after 2 days of chapter 2 release. If you like me to elaborate future i can write another one with full details according to all the updates. This article has never been updated from day one. Have a nice day.

    2. ON split screen recently my skins,pickaxes and emotes been removed from my Fortnite account and I still don’t know why? So what’s the problem it only happens on split screen and I payed for those V-bucks.

      1. Some of the items disappeared when Chapter 2 was released. Some items from Chapter 1 disappeared and the situation varied for different players. I also lost some of the weapon skins.

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