The Outer Worlds RPG

The Outer Worlds RPG is A Game that Makes Good Use of Concepts

The Outer Worlds RPG is a role-playing game in all aspects.  From the beginning of the game, role-playing elements will jump into action to provide an immersive RPG experience. The game shares its core DNA with Fallout New Vegas. In a sense, it is a superior version of the Fallout series.  Combat of the game share similarities with Fallout. The game does not have great graphics or innovative ideas but the presentation of RPG elements just makes The Outer Worlds an amazing game.

The game offers lots of choices in dialogue which creates an immersive effect and lets you take the rein of your destiny.  The lack of honor and other such stuff makes every decision a personal choice rather than a moral obligation. There are some negative aspects of the game. However, compared to all the great stuff of The Outer Worlds RPG game then it is nothing short of a masterpiece.

Setting and Plot of the Game are in Integration with Each other to Provide Perfect Venue for an RPG

The setting of the game is unique. It is a combination of different settings to make a setting with distinctive features. It does not make the perfect version of all these concepts but it does justice to the end result. The Outer Worlds is not a traditional open-world game but rather a game with multiple small maps. You have to travel to all these maps to complete different missions. Small maps leave little room for exploration but it provides a decent amount of gameplay experience.  I did notice some repeatable texture in the setting. These repeatable textures are acceptable compared to some recent games. The gameplay is short but it is still twenty-four hours which is good in my opinion.

The plot of the game provides lots of opportunities for you to mold it according to your choices.  In the beginning, you are among the many people in cryogenic sleep.  A mad scientist will wake you up from the slumber so that you can help him wake your sleeping companions. The mad scientist wants you to free the world from the board of corporations. Like Fallout the world of The Outer Worlds RPG is also insane. The Board of Corporation controls all colonies along with all humans living in these colonies. People are properties of these corporations. You get the picture right?

You can decide what you want to do in a specific scenario without worrying about honor or reputation. Just make decisions according to your heart content and live with the consequences of your actions.  Do what’s best for you or what you think is right. Nothing is forcing you to take a specific decision. In my opinion, it is the unique aspect of the game making it a pure RPG because you really are playing a role.

The Outer Worlds RPG Game Customization and Skill Progression is Amazing

From the start of the game, you get to control your character even the time before the game. You get to decide what attributes you want to pick for your characters. The previous experience and job of your character will also decide the combat paralysis as well as the attributes of your character. As soon as you start the game you can design character according to your play style. You don’t have to grid for your play style.

The level-up speed in the game is fairly decent giving you enough points to keep your character up to date. Though, the amount of visual customization for your character is not that extensive. You don’t need to worry about that because it is an FPS and your character won’t be visible most of the time. There would also be moments in the game where you would have the option to select both perk points and weaknesses or stay the same. If you select weakness then you will be vulnerable to some type of damage.

There are two types of points: perk points and attribute points. Perk points give you new abilities while attribute points raise your general attributes.  Your attributes points also have passive effects on your characters. Basically, all your skills can have effects on some aspects of the combat. This type of attribute boost is an amazing addition to The Outer Worlds RPG.

The Combat of The Outer Worlds RPG Game is not Excellent but It is Good

The main focus of The Outer Worlds is role-playing but the combat of the game is fairly decent. It is not a game with excellent combat but it does justice to the overall mechanics of the game.  It is a first-person shooter game so a little decency of combat is to be expected. However, the game has better combat than my expectations. The most obvious flaw in the game is the lack of sliding. There is no sliding effect for your character which can take away the fun of combat. It is an FPS game and we all want sliding effect in an FPS game.

The stealth mechanics of the game are bad. I mean even if you have them, they are still useless. There is not great bonus damage for stealth attacks so using it is not an option. Most of the time stealth creates more problems than solutions. You can use disguise function to sneak into an enemy compound without being noticed. A meter will appear giving you time to do your work and get out before it runs out. Even when the meter runs out, you can still bluff your way out of a problem but these choices are limited.

Most of the weapon effects are similar to the Fallout especially the energy weapons. There is also a mode to slow down time and target a specific body part. This time dilation is similar to the VATS effect of Fallout. There is one thing that I don’t like about the combat of The Outer Worlds RPG. The combat is normal in the beginning but it gets easier as you progress. The only way to keep the combat fun is to increase the difficulty.

There is Sense of Humor in the Game Along with Some Old Style Dialogue Choices

The game has a great sense of humor and it is evident from the first glance of the game. Every character has a funny way of interaction even your Ship’s AI is full of Humor. The back story of characters has lots of details making each of them realistic. There are lots of dialogues choices and these dialogues choices give you control over the story, making you the central character in all sense. Your character has no audio dialogues making it an outdated concept. The movement of your character is clunky but the movement does not get in the way of fun.

You can only select one quest at a time which can get really annoying. The lack of multiple quest selection can be problematic and waste your time. On top of that, there are loading every step of the way. This loading aspect is similar to Fallout 4. For PC players with SSD, this is not a problem but for console players, it can get really annoying. You will come out of the building and then go inside once more to complete another quest because it was not on HUD. If you have played role-playing games then you know what I mean.

Your choices in the game will also dictate your reputation with a specific faction. The weapon verity in the game is good but most of them are similar to each other. Borderlands 3 have greater gun verity and The Outer Worlds RPG can’t even come close to it.  When it comes to clothing, there is not a good verity in the game. You can only change hamlet and torso giving your character which gives you less control over character customization. Then again, it is an FPS so we don’t have to worry about it. Do we?

Companions are Great Addition and Asset to The Outer Worlds RPG Game

Space ship will serve as your safe house giving you a perfect base. The space ship base concept is similar to Mass Effect.  Your companions will take a specific room on the ship. The ship’s AI will make some strange comments regarding your companions. You will be able to see the effects of these comments on the companions and their dialogues.

Your companions will also have abilities and skill points. You can use skill points to improve the abilities and attributes of your companions. The attributes of your companions will directly affect your attributes. For instance, if you increase the hacking attribute of your companion then your hacking points will be high as long as they are in your company. Every companion has one single attribute and they are not a jack of all trades like you. If you don’t increase a specific attribute of your character then you can make up for that through your companions. Your companions will have a special combat move that can do great damage to enemies. These abilities will not only damage enemies but also makes them immobile for some time.

The game has lots of talking. You will spend lots of time in conversations with NPCs. The talking also affects your companions because they will talk with each other. Your companions will also jump in the middle for a conversation to clarify on your behalf.  Companions in The Outer Worlds RPG are lively, to say the least. While I was playing the game there were not lots of bugs. I only encountered bugs three to four times. Obsidian has done a great job with the optimization of the game. The developers of The Outer Worlds are now owned by Xbox. So the next Outer Worlds might not be on Playstation.

Is it your type of Game?

The Outer World is an impressive role-playing game. It does not invent any new ideas but it perfectly executes traditional role-playing concepts. There are problems with combat difficulty and loading issues but they can be ignored. There are no microtransactions in the game which reminds me a lot about the good old days.  In my opinion, it is the best RPG in recent memory.

If you are a fan of Fallout New Vegas or the original Fallout then this is a must-play for you. In case you are looking for a good RPG then it might still be the game for you. If you are looking for an RPG with some action then it is still the game for you. In case you are looking for an action-oriented game then it might not be the game for you. It is an FPS game so it might not be to the liking of 3rd person shooter gamers. In short, it is the game for every RPG fan.

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