Should I buy Final Fantasy 7 Remake? A Reinvention of The Original

Should I buy Final Fantasy 7 Remake? A Reinvention of The Original

Should I buy Final Fantasy 7 Remake? It’s the question many players are asking after the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake. The game is the remake of the original Final Fantasy VII from PlayStation 1. It is not just a remake of the game but rather a reinvention of the game from the ground up. The story is extended which carter not only fans of the series but newcomers as well. There is a detailed story of every character and the world is livelier. It focuses on part of the original game story and extends it to more than 30 hours of gameplay.

The combat of the game is real-time not turned base like the original game. Even with real-time combat, the game is retaining its iconic combat identity. It feels like the type of combat that resides somewhere between real-time combat and turn-based combat. Even the mechanics of the game are back with the renovation of everything. The feeling of characters is evident through their actions. Final Fantasy VII Remake is trying to show the perception of the world from both sides. The line between good and bad is blurred. The plot and story of the game are integrating which provides an amazing experience. Should I buy Final Fantasy 7 Remake? Let’s find out.

World and Plot of Final Fantasy VII Remake is More Immersive

Final Fantasy VII Remake takes place in Midgar with more freedom. The levels in the game don’t offer total freedom but it’s enough to give the player a chance of immersion. You will be able to experience Midgar in a new perception. The city is full of life and you will see the impact of the story on the NPCs in the city. Midgar has different parts each part has a different story and the people in these parts will react differently to the members of Avalanche. Environment and story are supporting each other to provide an immersive experience.

The city of Midgar is livelier and NPCs will react to the changes in their surroundings. You will see the direct impact of your actions on the world around you. The impact of your actions is not always positive but negative as well. Final Fantasy 7 Remake will show you the blurriness of the concept of right and wrong from different perspectives. There is a clear class divide in the city which is evident through the setting. There are slums, skyscrapers, well-made parts, etc. All these parts reflect the type of life people are living in. Depending on where you are the reaction of NPCs would be different towards you and other Avalanche members. What do you think about the question now should I buy Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

The Story is expanded beyond the Source Material

Final Fantasy VII Remake only covers the Midgar escape of the original game. That doesn’t mean that the game is short. It offers more content and expansion which makes it a longer game. You will be busy exploring different parts of the story and backgrounds of different characters. This time, the game is also focusing on giving weight to the existence of characters. The details, motives, and importance of each character will be evident through their story. The plot is not just about Midgar but everything related to the Midgar arc of the FF universe. Newcomers will have no problem immersing in the story because the story is just beginning.

The plot follows Midgar arc as Cloud Strife joins Avalanche, an eco-terrorist group to stop Shinra Corporation from sucking spiritual energy called Mako from the planet. Shinra Corporation is using it to make electricity which is slowly destroying the planet. Cloud joins Avalanche as a mercenary to help them in their quest to destroy the power plant. You will see the impact of your actions during the game along with what it means for different characters. Cloud will evolve as you progress from a harsh person to a soft one. You will also know the reason for his harshness along with his past. The game is exploring the world from different mediums of the franchise.

Cut scenes are impactful and it shows the deep cinematic views of the characters. Cutscenes won’t feel like unnecessary fillers in the story. Soundtracks make the game all the more dramatic. The total playtime of the main story is 25 to 27 hours but with side missions, it can reach up to 40 hours. Should I buy Final Fantasy 7 Remake? What is the answer for you now?

General Gameplay of Final Fantasy VII Remake is Good But Side Quests can Get Boring

Some mechanics from the original game are back in the form of Materia orbs. You can use Materia orbs to upgrade Cloud and all the characters in your party. With each level up, you will get SP that you can use to upgrade characters. You can use Materia to unlock new spells for more damage or defense. Depending on the use of character, you can buff the stats of different characters. Unlike other RPGs, Final Fantasy VII Remake does not let your select companions. As the story progress, you will get different companion depending on where you are in the story. You can equip or unequip Materia orbs but stats are a one-time investment. Keep balance in characters or the game can get difficult.

There is not much weapon verity in the game. Besides, weapon changes don’t make much difference as long as you keep upgrading your base weapons. You can equip different gear sets to give you an advantage. There is not much difference when it comes to the power of different weapons but Materia orbs can turn the tide for you.

The most annoying aspect of the game is side quests. These side quests offer extra gameplay that expands the game beyond the main storyline. Some side quests are too generic without much to offer about the world or story. Finding a cat or some lost item can get boring because it’s too generic. There are good side quests in the game which expand the lore of the world. Mini-games are especially annoying. Side quests are optional and you can skip them if you want. However, these side quests offer good rewards. Missing them would also result in missing good upgrades. Should I buy Final Fantasy 7 Remake? What are you thinking about the question now?

Combat is Amazing and Retains the Identity of the Original Game

The combat of Final Fantasy VII Remake is the most interesting aspect of the game. You will fight in real-time combat with the chances of strategical attacks. You can shift to different characters and take control of them. Taking control of other characters will give breathing space to characters that are under attack. Shifting characters is also a good way to break free from the constant barrage of enemy attacks. You can change characters by pressing directional keys giving you time to rethink. You can also order other party members to unleash their powerful attack. It feels like real-time combat with the strategic elements of turn-based combat.

While playing with characters, time will slow down as you select different abilities. You can take your time to look for the best attack against your enemies. There are options for spell attacks and different types of powerful attacks depending on the character. Cloud will always be part of your party even if all other characters change with the story. As you attack enemies your ATB meter will fill up. Once it’s full, you will be able to unleash powerful attacks and spells for more damage. ATB attack will also fill up stagger meter which will help you stagger enemies. Staggering enemies will give you openings to inflict more damage on the enemies. Staggering is different for different enemies which makes each boss counter unique. Combat of the game is very immersive with a chance of strategical attack and breathing space.

The Strategy is Important Even in Real-time Combat

Final Fantasy VII Remake is a hack and slash game but it still allows you to make a strategy. It’s not an easy game, it’s not as difficult as a souls-like game but it is difficult. If you don’t use teammates then it can result in your demise. Using teammates is essential because it will help you escape death. An AI-controlled character, won’t die which makes character shifting part of good strategy. Sometimes specific attacks are important for more damage. If teammates are controlled by AI then they won’t use special abilities which are important for more damage. Different enemies are weak against different elemental attack so shifting characters can help with it too.

The customization is not limited to Cloud. All characters can be customized as per the requirement. Selecting a good loadout is always important for better damage. Using Materia will help a lot during combat. You can use Materia as per your play style and character. The combat of the game is a combination of turned base, real-time and strategy giving it a unique identity. Should I buy Final Fantasy 7 remake? What is your answer to the question based on combat?

Is it Final Fantasy VII Remake Your Type of Game?

Final Fantasy VII Remake is a new take on a Final Fantasy game that is trying to provide not only good combat but story as well. Even though, the game only focuses on the Midgar arc of the original Final Fantasy VII it expands it beyond wild imagination. It is less than half a story but for a newcomer or even old players, it’s more than enough to keep you going. It is one of the best Final Fantasy game that is improving on everything that its predecessor was offering. There is little freedom in the game but it gets the job done. The game has its flaws especially when it comes to filler but it is still a good game. Developers have done a good job of reinvention the game by not just remaking it.

Now let’s answer the question “Should I buy Final Fantasy 7 Remake?” If you are a fan of the series, then Final Fantasy VII Remake is a must-play because it expands the story beyond the source material. In case you have never played a Final Fantasy game then it is still a good entry point. You don’t need to know the story from the previous games because it has no connection with them. It is a fresh start of the story. If you are only interested in good combat then it is still the game for you.

In case you are looking for an open world with normal gameplay then it might not be the game for you. It’s also not the game for players who are looking for a traditional shooter. In short, it is the game for all the players looking for a good close quarter or strategic combat.

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