Is Nioh 2 Worth It? Improved Version of A Souls-like Game

Is Nioh 2 Worth It? Improved Version of A Souls-like Game

Is Nioh 2 worth it? That is the question in the mind of people who wants to buy the game. Nioh 2 is a souls-like game like its predecessor. The game is not a pinnacle of art but it is a good souls-like game. General combat mechanics of the game are the same though there are some additions. Nioh 2 serves as a prequel to the original game and sets fifty years before the events of Nioh. You can call it a better version of the original game. I am not saying that the original was bad but Nioh 2 is one of the best souls-like games in the current-gen consoles.

In Nioh 2 normal attacks are not the only way to take down enemies due to the additions of new powerful attacks and parries. It is still a souls-like game but it seems an improved version of the original Nioh. Verity of everything from enemies to loot and the optimization of the game makes it amazing. I am not saying that this game is a masterpiece because there it still needs some improvements but this is as good as gets. Nioh 2 is a PlayStation Exclusive Title.

The Variation in Nioh 2 Word is Worth Praising

Let’s see Is Nioh 2 worth It? Or not. The game takes place 50 years before the original one. The game has a custom character creation so you have to decide what type of character you want to make. Of course, you can’t change the race of your character but the verity of option in character creation is extremely diverse. You can customize every part of your character which is strange because the game focuses on combat more than it does on RPG elements. You can even customize the Yokai form which shows how deep character creation of the game goes.

Your character in the game is half-Yokai and half-human. This time there is way more power at your character’s disposal but that does not mean that game is easy. Nioh 2 is a souls-like game so being fairly and difficult makes it a good game. Nioh 2 is difficult so it can take 50 hours to complete the game. The story of the game is just a generic one with forgettable characters. It’s historical fiction so there is a mix of reality with fiction. Side characters in the game might feel meaningless at times.

The world building of Nioh 2 is amazing, to say the least. Different color pallets make the distinction of different elements easier on the map. In the previous game, intractable objects were not as clear as Nioh 2. There are mostly bright and dark colors that make everything more clear. Each map is different and offers different types of landscapes. Even similar landscapes have different features creating a wide variety of maps. There are burnt down villages, battlegrounds, fortifications, forts under siege, burnt down forts, forests, etc. Not even a single level is similar to another.

General Gameplay of The Nioh 2 has Seen Some Changes

The changes in the general gameplay of the game are not that much but they are enough to make a meaningful impact. There are 9 different weapon types which are more than the previous game. There are eight different stats and each stat has a separate branching. Different weapons work best when used with the associated stat. Health, Body, Courage, Stamina, Strength, Dexterity, Magic and Skill are the stats included in the game. You can focus on Stats that align with your play style. There are shrines in the game which lets you rest but it will also respawn enemies. If you like previous Nioh then you might be on track to know the answer to the question “Is Nioh 2 worth it?”

There are two types of meters, KI and Anima. Both are used for two different kinds of attacks. KI is stamina that will reduce when you attack, block or dash. It is essential for basic weapon-based combat. Anima is an additional meter and it is used for new abilities of Nioh 2. These abilities are called Yokai abilities and they can do substantial damage to the enemies. I will get to these abilities later.

Apart from the normal realm, there is a Yokai realm in the game. In the Yokai realm, your recovery rate for KI is lower but your recovery rate for Anima is higher. You will be able to use more yokai abilities in the realm. Once you destroy the source of the realm, the realm will diminish.

There is Lots of Customization with Optimization

As I said before that customization in Nioh 2 is amazing. Right from the beginning, you will see that in the character creation. The amount of armor and outfits in the game is quite diverse. Drop rate is quite high so you will have lots of stuff to go through just to decide what to keep and what to throw. The point is that there is a choice for you to customize your character to your heart content. There is an option to customize everything in your base. Nioh 2 is a souls-like game with satisfactory RPG elements.

There is also an option of co-op which can help you take down difficult enemies. However, the option is only available for levels that you have already completed. Other players can leave weapon and you can use these weapons to help defeat enemies. Such weapons are found in benevolent graves and seem like Bridge Link form Death Stranding. Once you complete the game you can play it in a new game plus mode with even more brutal enemies. New game plus mode gives you better loot too.

Side missions in the game are brutal. They are even harder than the main mission so you have to consider that before going ahead. There is always a chance for co-op. Side missions will let you fight bosses along with other enemies that will use ranged and melee weapons. You can also summon AI companion and they are quite helpful. Even though you will die all the time, you still won’t have to wait for respawns. There is little to no loading time, the moment you die you respawn. What do you think now? Is Nioh 2 worth it?

Combat of Nioh 2 is the Shining Star

The progression system of Nioh 2 is the RPG style. There is no linear way of playing a quest so you have to select it on map. There are different stances for attacks, different stances will give you more versatility. However, its effectiveness will also depend on your strategy and fighting style. Every move is a lesson and adjustments to it will help you survive the brutal combat. During combat, you have to keep an eye on KI which serves as stamina. Each attack will deplete your KI but you can get some of it back by pressing a button at the right movement. All of your normal attacks will depend on KI.

There is a new powerful counter called Burst Counter. It cannot be used on every attack but it can be used on extremely powerful attacks. These burst counter will give you the opening you need but if you miss then death is certain. If you master burst counters then every strong attack will become an opportunity. Some attacks can only be avoided, even counters won’t work on them.

New Yokai Ability Provides a Good Combat Experience

Anima meter in Nioh 2 will power your yokai ability. These abilities can give you a substantial amount of attack power but they will also leave you vulnerable.  There is a balance for both your and enemy attacks. The balance of combat makes it a good souls-like game. While fighting enemies will drop cores. You have to purify these core and it will let you use their abilities. Timing is the key and a wrong push of a button could result in your demise.

Yokai transformation is another addition to Nioh 2. There are three different Yokai forms and during your Yokai form, you will be invincible. You can inflict a high amount of damage in the Yokai form but keep in mind that the damage you inflict or take will reduce your Yokai time. Be careful even in Yokai form because you are vulnerable when not in Yoaki form so keep in eye on your Yokai form. Is Nioh 2 worth it with all these new abilities?

There is Great verity in the Game but Enemies Can Be Sponges Sometimes

The loot rate in Nioh 2 is quite high. You can always trade loot for other things at shrines. There is a great variety of weapons and gear that gives a sense of distinction. Inventory management in the game is very important and it is a time-consuming process. There is too much stuff to look through just to decide what to keep and what to dismantle. The game won’t give you much explanation so you need to figure out most by yourself.

Major bosses in Nioh 2 are different and none of them are the same in any way other than the fact that they are extremely tough. Every boss requires a different strategy to be taken down. They will throw a barrage of different attacks and you have to practice for each attack. Nioh 2 forces you to adopt different strategies for each boss. At times, all the bosses seem like sponges and it almost seems unfair and unnecessary. The difficulty of Nioh 2 is the same but the tactics have changed.

Is it Your Type of Game?

Nioh 2 is a souls-like game that pits you against though enemies. The combat is brutal so don’t expect any mercy. Nioh 2 has improved many things over its predecessor but there is still some unfairness in the form of sponges. It is a souls-like game so it was supposed to be hard but sometime Nioh 2 seems unfairly hard. Some boss battles can take hours for you to finish. There are some new mechanics in the game and it is defiantly a great improvement over its predecessor. Team Ninja did a great Job with Nioh 2.

Is Nioh 2 Worth it? If you want to play a good souls-like game then new Nioh 2 is a must-play. If you want to face some real challenge and want to test your skills against the brutal AI then it might still be the game for you. Nioh 2 also offers a co-op option, so you can go on expeditions with your friend. In case you are looking for casual combat then Nioh 2 is not the game for you. If you just want to experience good combat mechanics with the digestible challenge then it might still not be the game for you. It is the game for all players who like Nioh, Dark Souls and other souls-like games.

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