Is Apex Legends Worth it Now More Than A Year After Release

Is Apex Legends Worth it Now? More Than A Year After Release

Is Apex Legends worth it? after more than a year of its release date? To many, this question might seem unnecessary. However, it is also the question that some want to be answered. The game has a lot of changes since the time of its release. There are buffs for weaker characters and nerfs for stronger characters. Weapons in the game have different stats than their initial ones. Apex Legends is all about balance and it’s trying to keep that balance. New ammo types and weapons categories are making it different than its initial version. New Legends are making the game all the more interesting. Each season brings one new Legend and weapon while the game focuses on expanding the lore of legends.

Even with all the balance, there are still some weapons and characters more powerful than others. The compatibility of a weapon is also dependent on the legend. There is still a balance when it comes to weapons. A weapon will the high rate of fire will have a low magazine and damage. Characters take damage differently depending on their size. Even with all the balance and characters are still more powerful than others. Is Apex Legends worth it after more than a year of its release? Let’s find out.

Dive into the Lore of Apex Legends and Titanfall

Apex Legends and Titanfall have the same universe. The impact of the Titanfall universe is evident through a large amount of evidence in Apex Legends. The background of each character in the game is diverse and share some relation with the events or factions from Titanfall games. A year ago when the game was released, the lore of its world was almost none existent. It was clear that the two games share some type of connection. The deepness of this connection was a mystery, the only similarities were one character, Apex name, weapons, and general setting. These similarities were enough to show us the relation but not the deepness of relation.

Fast forward to the present and we can guess the relation of these games to some extent. Most of the characters share some kind of history with factions or events of Titanfall. We don’t know the back story of all legends but we do know the backstory of some legends. So far, the only legends that have detailed backstories are Wraith, Watson, Bloodhound, Revenant, and Crypto. There is little detail available about other legends. Respawn is revealing details about each legend slowly, to make the game more intriguing.

Most of the legends share abilities with the pilots from Titanfall games. Wraith’s portal, Bloodhound’s tracking, Octane’s stim, Mirage holographic and Pathfinder’s grappling hook are direct examples. Other characters share some type of similarity but not all. Even legends that share direct similarity with Pilot’s abilities present them differently. The exact representation would have made them overpowered. The game is all about balance which makes you ask the question “Is apex legends worth it?”

How is Apex Legends Different than Other Battle Royales?

With so many battle royales in the market is apex legends worth it? Even though it’s not as new as other battle royales. Well, the question to this answer depends on your teste as a general player, not a competitive player. The game that skyrocketed the idea of battle royale was PUBG even though it was not the first battle royale. The primary focus of PUBG is battle royale which made it a big deal. PUBG does not offer something new other than the battle royale.

Fortnite was the first battle royale with unique mechanics. After the success of these games, there was a swarm of BRs but none of them was offering something unique until Apex Legends. It was the first game that was a hero shooter as well as a BR. Apex Legends seems like a combination of PUBG and Overwatch. The introduction of heroes as legends give a different identity to the game. Finally, players could play as per their playstyle and different perspective. Legends in Apex Legends offer four classes which include Support, Defense, Attack and Reconnaissance. Apex Legends is a game that offers different playstyles and characters for different players.

Apex Legends Technically Does not Offer Any Unfair Advantage to Large Extent but Not All

A battle royale is all about the lack of unfair advantage and the lack of pay-to-win functionality. Apex Legends is technically following that logic but its not practical to some extent. Not all legends are available form start. The legends available from the start include Wraith, Bloodhound, Bangalore, Lifeline, Gibraltar, and Pathfinder. Locked legends include Caustic, Watson, Crypto, Mirage, Octane and Revenant. Technically you will have all classes from start but the lack of Caustic or Watson can put you at a disadvantage. These two are the characters that can block entrances and are good for camping. You can still win the game without using these legends or any other particular legends. In the end, it’s all about skills.

Apex Legends is free-to-play so developers have to find ways for profit. There are also battle pass and cosmetics purchases that offer developers such opportunities. It’s not like you can’t unlock these legends without money because the game will reward points as you level up. You can use these points to unlock new legends. The cost of a legend unlock is 12000 points and you can’t use these points for anything else which makes it a fair trade. It would take some time for you to get that many points but you will get there. I think that legends should only be unlocked with grinding not money which is not the case for this game. There is an increase in pay-to-win functionality of battle royales with Warzone being one such example. However, the topic for another day. Is Apex Legends worth it based on what you know now?

Combat Makes it A Unique Battle Royale

The combat of Apex Legends is fast and thinking fast will always give you an advantage. It shares essence with Doom Eternal. I am not saying that it’s the same but rather share some type of similarity with it. Apex Legends is primarily a PVP game giving it a different feel than a PVE game. Each legend in the game offers a different type of gameplay. Even though the basic speed of all characters is the same, it might still fell different. The abilities of legends can impact the movements and speed of a legend. With the use of stim, octane runs faster than any other character. Bangalore moves fast when enemies are shooting at her while Revenant can climb on higher walls. Passive and Active abilities of a legend make them faster not their general characteristics.

Hitbox is also one of the major gameplay elements in Apex Legends. The size of legend can make it a prime target for the enemies. To balance this issue, characters are divided into three different types based on damage received. The names of these perks are Fortified and Low Profile. Normal legends do not have these perks. Fortified legends receive 15% less damage which includes Caustic and Gibraltar. They are easy to hit due to their large size. Low Profile legends receive 5% more damage which includes, Wraith, Lifeline, Revenant, Watson, and Pathfinder. All the other characters have no such disadvantage or advantage. The perks might seem unfair for some characters but it does make a difference. It’s not the perfect balance especially for low profile character but this is what the game has right now.

Weapons are Balanced but Some Weapons are Still Better than Others

A battle royale is all about balanced with all normal weapons being equal in power. Apex Legends is no different. A high damage weapon will have lower RPM which balances it against other weapons. On the other hand, a high RPM weapon will have lower damage which balances its DPM. Magazine size and recoil also balance weapons. Golden weapons in Apex Legends are more powerful but it’s always a high risk and high reward situation to get these weapons. You can find most of the golden weapons in supply drops (Care Package). Different weapons have different ammo types and attachments. The use of attachment will improve certain attributes of a weapon.

There are also different levels of shields and hamlets in the game. Silver shield and hamlet is basic, blue is level 2, and purple is level 3 while gold is level 4. Hamlet will reduce headshot damage and the amount of damage it reduces depends on the level of hamlet. You can recharge your shield with shield battery, shield cells, and Phoenix Shield. Hamlet does not take damage so you don’t have to recharge it. There is also an EVO shield that starts from level 1 and goes up to level 5. It offers more protection than gold armor but its recharge time is the same as other shields. You can increase its level by shooting enemies. Attachments also have different levels with different attributes boost. You can use syringes for and medkits for healing. Is Apex Legends worth it for you? Based on the combat.

Is Apex Legends Your Type of Game?

Apex Legends is a hero shooter and battle royale making it different than other battle royales. The inclusion of legends makes it different than other BRs. Even with legends, the game is trying it’s best to balance each legend by putting limitations on their strength. Despite the balance, some legends are still better than others. With constant updates, the game is trying to make it better but like any hero shooter, there is bound be balancing issues. It is still a good battle royale with unique ideas and different combat. Apex Legends is not only a battle royale but also an expansion of the Titanfall universe from Respawn Entertainment.

Now let’s answer the question “Is Apex Legends worth it?” If you like battle royale then Apex is the game that you should play. In case you are a fan of competitive hero shooters then it is still the game for you. If you are looking for a competitive game with unique combat then it might still be the game for you. It might not be the game for players who are not into a distinct competitive shooter. It’s also not the game for players who are not into competitive or battle royales. In short, it is the game for all PVP game lovers. Besides, it’s a free-to-play game so what’s the harm in trying it? If you haven’t already.

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