Call of Duty Warzone VS PUBG Warzone

“Call of Duty Warzone VS PUBG” Warzone, a direct competitor of PUBG

Call of Duty Warzone VS PUBG is one of the major comparisons that warzone is getting. Though many battle royales are being compared with Warzone, PUBG tops the list. Other battle royales are not similar to PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) but rather create their own concept of a battle royale game. Even Battlefield Firestorm was not a direct competitor of PUBG.

I will admit that battle royales are popping up at a higher rate than ever before and taking away the audience from PUBG. However, none of these battle royales were a direct competitor of PUBG due to their different playstyle and gameplay mechanics. Warzone is the only direct competitor of PUBG due to the large number of similarities that they share. Call of Duty Warzone VS PUBG could result in the death of PUBG if they don’t turn the table with something new.

Why is Call of Duty Warzone VS PUBG Comparison More Impactful?

There are many battle royales and each of them is trying to take a portion of the market. Until Warzone, every battle royale was unique. Their only similarity was being a battle royale. All of these games were competing for the same gamers but every one of these games were making its own player base. The players of Apex Legends are willing to play other battle royales and vice versa. Now imagine a Titanfall free-to-play hero shooter battle royale and a pay-to-play hero shooter Apex Legends. Which one will most of the players pick? The answer is obvious. Both these games have similar mechanics but Titanfall is a free-to-play battle royale with extra gameplay mechanics.

This is the exact situation for Call of Duty Warzone VS PUBG because Warzone is a free-to-play game. It shares gameplay with PUBG and it is offering something extra. Being a pay-to-play is a major disadvantage for PUBG. Warzone is a free-to-play version of one of the most famous FPS franchise of all time. On the other hand, PUBG is the pioneer of battle royale that started the trend and revolutionized the industry. PUBG is not the first battle royale but it is the game that raised the concept to new heights. Both games are based on realism and slow pace combat which makes them direct competitors. The competition of Call of Duty Warzone VS PUBG is one of the biggest clashes between any Battle Royale.

Similarities between Call of Duty Warzone and PUBG

PUBG shares more similarities with Warzone than any other battle royale. I am going to point out these similarities to give everyone a better picture of the Call of Duty Warzone and PUBG comparison. At its core, both games share some type of similarity in every aspect of the game. Warzone is improving on every PUBG idea.

PUBG has slow-paced realistic gameplay and you are bound to the current technology of the world during a match. Warzone is also a slow-paced battle royale where gameplay is more focused on realism with no sci-fi or supernatural element. I am not saying that these games are based on real combat simulation but PUBG and Cod Warzone are the only battle royale games closer to realism. In PUBG tactics and stealth is more important than any other battle royale. The situation is the same for Warzone too. There is no building mechanics like Fortnite or Hero Shooting like Apex Legends. I am not saying that PUBG and Warzone totally similar. I am just stating that their core concept is in total integration.

Vehicles and combat of both games are also similar. In PUBG you can drive vehicles, that’s the same for Cod Warzone. The vehicle combat of two games is somewhat identical. PUBG and Warzone have different vehicles and weapons, making their combat scenarios different. Combat of the two games also shares a large number of similarities. For starters, weapons in these games mimic the attributes of their real version. Attachments for weapons also use different mechanics in Warzone and PUBG. I am not going to go into details of that but you get it right?

Advantages of Call of Duty Warzone Over PUBG

Warzone has many advantages over PUBG but two of these advantages are highly influencing. The first one is the fact that Cod Warzone is a free-to-play title. The second one is the fact that Warzone is a cross-platform game. PUBG is also cross-play but it only offers cross-play between PS4 and Xbox One. The biggest advantage of Warzone over PUBG could be the fact that Warzone is free-to-play. Both games offer a battle pass or survivor pass as an in-game purchase. Buying battle pass in a free-to-play title is more tempting. The free-to-play and cross-play of Cod Warzone changes everything for PUBG.

General mechanics, combat mechanics, and physics of Warzone are better than PUBG because it is based on Call of Duty Modern Warfare. The addition of cash has enabled Warzone to introduce a new type of gameplay features. Game physics of Warzone are also better than PUBG because it is a new game. I am not a fan of Warzone or any battle royale, other than Apex. I might sound like one in this article but I am just stating the obvious. Call of Duty Warzone VS PUBG matters because they share core gameplay. Both these game does not share core gameplay with Apex or Fornite. Other free-to-play battle royales were already reducing PUBG’s players count. Warzone might be the final nail on the coffin.


Free-to-play battle royales are dominating multiplayer competitive gaming. For a time being PUBG was dominating the genre but Free-to-play battle royales have changed that fact. Even with all the free-to-play games, PUBG was surviving because its gameplay was still unique. There was an indirect competition but not direct competition. With the release of Cod Warzone, PUBG found a direct competitor. The free-to-play nature of Warzone and its similar gameplay is not only attracting new players but PUBG players as well. If PUBG wants to survive then it needs to become a free-to-play title before it’s too late.

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