Is The Last of Us Part 2 Worth Playing Brutally Honest Review

Is The Last of Us Part 2 Worth Playing? Brutally Honest Review

Is The Last of Us Part 2 worth playing? for being one of the most controversial games of 8th gen consoles if not all time. The game offers a lot of amazing content and gameplay that is unrivaled. Every aspect of the game is extremely detailed making it the graphical marvel of the 8th gen console. Combat is realistic and brutal, giving players the rush like none other. Everything in the game seems so realistic. Landing a hit on the enemy have a satisfying impact that is unique to the game. The environmental storytelling of The Last of Us Part 2 conveys the details of the world without any dialogues. Characters are lively and have a realistic pre-determined personality. There is a lingering question, Is The Last of Us Part 2 worth playing? With so much negativity regarding the game.

At this point, many of you might be thinking “How can it be a good game if there is so much negativity surrounding it?” The story is the part where most people lose interest in the game. Certain events in the story can make you want to give up on the game. On top of that, you are forced to experience the brutality first hand. A lot of players might not have a problem with the story of the game. A lot might not like twists of the game. Dialogues are also not exceptional even though the game has amazing acting. All that being said Is The Last of Us Part 2 worth playing? Let’s find out with complete details.

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Story and The World of The Last of Us Part 2

The Last of Us Part 2 takes place four years after the event of the first game. Ellie has settled down in a town in Jackon with Joe and other characters from the first game. There are some new characters in the game that are an important part of the story. Dina and Jesse are the two most important supporting characters. Ellie is in a relationship with Dena and is living a peaceful life. Certain events make Ellie vows for revenge and she starts a journey. The story of the game revolves around Ellie’s journey as she tries to find those that wronged her. Some events in the story are the reason that certain players are not liking the game. I will get to that later.

The storytelling style of the game is good no matter how bad the decisions are in the story. Every character is detailed with a set personality. Unlike, role-playing games you can’t influence how they behave. The Last of Us Part 2 is a story-driven game after all. Everything that you see on the screen supports the narrative of what’s happening on the screen. Most of the time, The Last of Us Part 2 seems more like a movie than a video game. Characters have a personality that seems realistic.

One of the things that put a little dent on experience is the occasional bad dialogues. Even though the delivery of dialogues is good, some dialogues are poorly written. Such dialogues do not sit well with the amazing storytelling and acting of the game. It makes you ask the question Is The Last of Us Part 2 worth playing? Well, storytelling is good but there is still more to come.

World of The Game Seems so Realistic

The Last of Us Part 2 has the most realistic graphics in the 8th gen consoles. Attention to detail at different aspects of the game is exceptional. The environmental storytelling of the game is amazing, to say the least. You can guess the lore of a location just by exploring the surroundings. Every part of an area can tell you the story of that area. You will find the remains of other people that will tell you about the events that led to present circumstances. While exploring the world, the post-apocalyptic world will narrate the story without words.

The audio design of the game is so good that the environment seems like a character rather than a setting. At times, you would experience the brutality of humans through your surroundings. Corpses hanging from trees and other such disturbing sights will tell you what the world has become. Most of the story takes place in Seattle but there are other locations in the game as well.

The Last of Us Part 2 Offers Lots of exploration

It is not an open-world game but it still offers exploration and freedom making it different than a linear game. All of the levels are open-ended, so you are not bound by the limitation of the linear story. There will be an occasional open environment that will not only offer exploration but rewards as well. Exploration will help you get more resources that will help you with upgrades. The amount of exploration that the game offers makes it the largest Naughty Dog’s environment to this date.

Large explorable environments are optional but exploring them is tempting due to the resources that it offers. Sometime puzzles would set you on exploration because you would need to find different things to solve it. There are always multiple ways to reach a location. The game takes full advantage of its explorable environment. Even in a linear story, the amount of exploration it offers is an achievement on its own. Exploration of the game sits well with everything that the game offers. You will never feel that you are being forced to explore due to the realistic exploration of the game. Is The Last of Us Part 2 worth playing? Based on what you know so far.

General Gameplay of The Last of Us Part 2

The Last of Us 2 has some of the most realistic gameplay physics to date. Realistic physics was one of the reasons for the success of The Last of Us. The sequel is making it better but the changes are not transformative. You can see the identical moves of characters but it’s much better now. There are new gameplay mechanics and physics but the game still has a lot of improved old physics. Graphics of the game are an absolute blast which takes everything that the game is offering to the next level. Every prob in the game is carefully crafted making it seem more realistic. The art design of the game is pretty amazing because the designers did not cut any corners while making the designs. Kudos to all the art designers of the game for their amazing job.

The Last of Us Part II has a jump button but it’s useless. The design and other mechanics of the game do not sit well with the jump button. All of the time Ellie would climb or jump as she goes with the flow of the game. Jump button in combat or even exploration does not bring much to the table. All other exploration mechanics are tied to the same button which makes the jump button useless. One major addition is the rope which is very important for exploration. You won’t be able to reach certain locations without the use of rope or it might offer a short cut to a location. I don’t think that jump button have any need in the game. Is The Last of Us Part 2 worth playing? For you based on the physics of the game.

Upgradability has Improved A lot

You can upgrade Ellie as per your play style by choosing skills from the skill tree. There are two ways to approach enemies in The Last of Us Part 2, stealth and frontal assault. If you are the type of person that prefers stealth than you can choose the skill that focuses on stealth. On the other hand, if you are the type of player that wants to go head-on then you can select skills that make you the best at doing so. You can also become a versatile player by focusing on both play styles. You can upgrade all weapons through the use of weapon parts. Training manuals will let you unlock the skills while supplements will let you purchase them. The point is that the upgrade system has improved a lot which gives you amazing combat experience.

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AI of Companions Makes Them Assets.

The Last of Us Part II is one of the most realistic games thanks to its amazing gameplay mechanics and physics. You can make the game even more realistic by removing HUD which will make it seems like a movie. The difficulty is also controllable and cranking it up could give you a more realistic experience. You can control the difficulty of Ellie, enemies, and companions  Ellie’s companions have a good AI and you can rely on them to help you in a tough situation.

Companions are not useless probs of the story due to their good AI. Companions can even save your life or help you take down a tough enemy. They are reliable and react to scenarios accordingly.

Horror and dread drive the mechanics of the game. You can feel the panic while playing the game. This is true for both Ellie and her companions. You don’t have to babysit them or make way for them because they can hold their own. With such a good AI of companions, it seems like they are supporting characters of a movie rather than a game. Is The Last of Us Part 2 worth playing? With such realistic mechanics. You can decide once you know more.

Combat of The Last of Us Part 2 is Realistic and Gives You Adrenaline Rush

The combat of the game is extremely satisfying you will feel the panic even while dominating enemies. Cranking difficulty would increase that panic thus resulting in even more realistic experience. Combat of the game is driven by dread and survival which can be felt in every step of the way. The survival horror elements sit well with the combat of the game. Every shot count and you would not want to run out of ammo in time of need. Panic and dread will push you to take quick and decisive action.

Stealth or Frontal

Focus on stealth is a major addition to the game and it brings a lot to the table. You can complete a level without killing enemies but it is extremely difficult to avoid combat. Like the first game in the series, you can throw different items at enemies in The Last of Us Part 2. Throwing these small items at enemies would stumble them long enough for you to take them down. Throwable items can also be used to distract enemies if you are playing in stealth. The game won’t force you to choose stealth or take enemies head-on. The decision would always be yours and you can choose how you want to approach enemies in a certain scenario. Listen mode is back and it can help you a lot in stealth combat.

There are two different factions in the game with different playstyles. To learn more about factions and enemies read The Last of Us 2 details. Seraphites are stealthy and they use bows to hunt Ellie down. They don’t make sounds but rather communicate with whistles. Washington Liberation Front are straight forward and they use modern weapons without utilizing stealth. There are also some new infected so you have to consider your enemies while playing the game. You can pit different groups of enemies against each other if there is more than one faction in a location. Using infected against humans is one such opportunity that is all too frequent. Pitting enemies against each other will thin down their numbers. So what do you think Is the Last of Us Part 2 worth playing for its stealth?

Combat Seems Natural and Goes With the Flow of the Game

The scope of combat is big and you can confront enemies at your own leisure. Different locations will have different opportunities and limitations. Combat experience is different in outdoor and indoor locations. Each location would provide opportunities that are not available in others. There is no tall grass in a dark location so you have to rely on cover to hide. Enemies would act accordingly but you can still use darkness to your advantage.

In outdoor locations, grass offers the perfect hiding place and you can use it to take down enemies. Hiding in the grass would help a lot in concealing your location. While fighting enemies outdoor, you can use high points to have leverage over enemies. Water would offer opportunities that can’t be found in a dry location. The ability to prone is a great addition to the stealth and combat of the game. Basically, every location offers different combat opportunities.

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Dogs and Permanent Knife are New Additions

Dogs will find you no matter how much you conceal yourself. To keep Ellie hidden you have to take down the dogs first if you want to stay in stealth. When enemies spot Ellie, they will start shooting her but you can turn the table by changing their location and getting away from their field of vision. They will start searching for Ellie and you can hunt them down while they are doing so.

My greatest relief is the inclusion of a permanent knife. Now you don’t have to worry about constantly crafting Shiv. The AI of enemies is now much better but you can still fool them. There are many execution sequences in the game. The transition of these sequences is amazing and it would go with the flow as you execute enemies. Execution sequences and brutal combat animation would go parallel with Ellie’s actions. Is The Last of Us Part 2 worth playing for you based on the combat of the game.

If The Last of Us Part 2 is So Good Then What is All the Fuss About?

You might be thinking the same thing and it’s the logical question to ask about the game. The two things that can sour your experience of the game are story choice and forced brutality. The Last of Us made us fall in love with its characters due to its realistic gameplay. With The Last of Us Part II, we were expecting to experience that closeness even more. Everything was going well and then The Last of Us 2 Story Leaks started appearing. Had it not for these controversies, everything would have been much better for the game. Most people are focusing on these leaks without analyzing the game itself while reaching to a conclusion.

The story decisions and forced brutality disturbed me as well but everything else in the game was amazing. Many are pointing out that the game is forcing its political views on us. This wouldn’t even be a point of debate if the controversy about the game hasn’t happened. Many could have not even noticed it had it not for all the controversy. This attitude is similar to the problems of online gaming but this time it’s happening with a story-driven game. If players think about the question “Is The Last of Us Part 2 worth playing?” while ignoring leaks and controversy I think they wouldn’t be so disappointed.

Story Decision and Forced Brutal Action Can be Degusting

The Last of Us Part 2 has pre-established characters with personalities that make them realistic. Voice acting and expression of characters are so realistic that you can’t help but get attached to them. That is true for every character in the game. Supporting characters bring life to the story and motivation of Ellie. Joe is now living a normal life while trying to get away from the horrors of his past. He is now the protector of Ellie and wants to do good in his life. In such a peaceful movement we witness some strange story decisions that leave us in a gloomy mode. As the story continues more such story decisions make you feel even worse.

What makes the matter even worse is the forced brutality. As a player, you will occasionally take control of Abby which is the main antagonist of the story. While you are controlling Abby, you will do some disturbing things. It’s like the game is forcing you to feel the pain of everyone she is hurting. In a sense, the game is showing you the perspective of good and bad from both sides. However, it doesn’t change the fact that the decisions that Abby makes are disgusting. She does some terrible things to the characters we love which might break some. It is still on the best PlayStation exclusive if you can ignore story decisions.

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Attachment to Characters

The impact of these decisions also depends on the depth of attachment that a player has with characters. There are multiple time periods in the game that will let you delve deeper into the world of the game. What do you think about the question The Last of Us Part 2 worth playing? Knowing the things you will face.

Is The Last of Us Part II Your Type of Game?

The Last of Us 2 has the most amazing graphics in the 8th gen consoles. The attention to detail is amazing, to say the least. Every part of the game is carefully crafted, giving players a realistic experience. Characters are realistic with personalities that make them seem like the characters of a movie. Certain dialogue choices can be awkward but they don’t impact the way story of the game moves forward. The general gameplay of the game has seen lots of improvement. Game physics is so smooth that it almost seems real. There is an emphasis on stealth but the combat of the game is still exceptional. The flow of combat and movement of characters is in complete integration with the game.

Story decisions can set your mode off due to their peculiar nature. What makes it even worse is the fact that sometimes you are one doing all the bad things to your favorite characters. The forceful brutality is the reason that many are upset about the game. It seems like that game wants to disturb you. It blurs the line between good and bad. Despite all its flaws, I was extremely satisfied after playing that game.

Should I Buy The Last of Us Part 2?

Now let’s answer the question The Last of Us Part 2 worth playing? If you are the type of payer that like story-driven games then it might be the game for you. If you are the type of player that wants to experience realistic gameplay and combat then it is still the game for you. It is also the game for players who are looking for a dark and disturbing story. It’s not the game for players who are not into story-driven games. It is also not for players who are not interested in single-player games. In short, it is the game for fans of The Last of Us and everyone that wants to play a different kind of single-player game.

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