Backward Compatibility for PS3 Is Coming To The PS5

Backward Compatibility for PS3 Is Coming To The PS5

Sony is apparently working on backward compatibility for the “selected” PS3 games.

As per the insider, Sony is currently working on backward compatibility for selected PS3 games on the PlayStation 5. The wording of the statement signifies that not all of the PS3 games will be included. It is similar to what Microsoft did with the backward compatibility of Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

The Insider has no knowledge of the other features that the backward compatibility is going to bring. According to his statement, he has no knowledge of whether or not we are going to get an FPS boost. The only thing he heard was about the backward compatibility of the PlayStation 3 on the PlayStation 5.

PlayStation fans have been wanting backward compatibility of PS3 games on the newer generation of consoles since its launch. Currently, PS5 only has backward compatibility with PS4 games. The inclusion of more backward compatibility support is a dream come true.

A sort of backward compatibility is available for PlayStation 3 through streaming using PS Plus. Though it does not provide the same experience as playing on the console locally.

Sony is constantly expanding the library of games on the PS Plus. The emulation of PS3 is the only solid backward compatibility solution to play older games.

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