A Cancelled Iron Man Game Revealed

A Cancelled Iron Man Game Revealed

The developer, Kevin Edwards who worked on the game X-Men 2: Wolverine’s Revenge has revealed that the developer’s GenePool Software at one point was working on an Iron Man game that was cancelled. The game known as “The Invincible Iron Man” which was canceled with the shutdown of the studio.

The game was intended to be launched in 2003 as a move tie-in but Activision who was the publisher of the game pulled off the switch on it. No reason for the cancellation was provided. It could be due to the fact that another Ironman game was in the works or maybe the publisher was working on multiple projects and couldn’t keep up.

Marvel acquired the right in 2005 which resulted in the creation of the Iron Man movie in 2008 which led to the establishment of the MCU.

There was also an animated Iron Man movie with the same name in 2007. It is also possible that this game was supposed to complement an Iron Man film that was canceled in the 2000s. That movie was delayed which could have been the primary reason for the cancellation of the game.

Kevin Edwards even shared the cover art of the game on his Twitter along with some gameplay. We can see Iron Man in a desert fighting against enemies. The suite of Iron Man in the clip is that of the original Iron Man.

How The Video Came To Be

Kevin Edwards has the demo of The Invincible Iron Man game on the Xbox Emulator. We have seen the concept art of the canceled Iron Man game. However, this is the first time that we have seen the game in action.

The video clip also provides an explanation regarding the Iron Man’s presence in the desert.

“Intelligence reports that a major droid manufacturing plant is located in the immediate vicinity… Locate the entrance to the facility and eliminate enemy threat. The canyon represents the only access route below enemy radar. Though some resistance is expected, any attempt to fly above the canyon walls will further compromise the mission.” This is how the reason is explained.

One thing is sure, the canceled Iron Man game could have been deeply embedded in our memory had it been released.

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