A New Crazy Taxi Game Is In Development

SEGA has teased a new Crazy Taxi game that will take place on a large scale and will be developed through Unreal Engine. Along with that, it was also confirmed that the new game will be an open-world triple-A game that will have multiplayer elements.

Crazy Taxi is a favorite classic game series and now it is getting a reboot. Crazy Taxi is known for its open-world driving with chaos and craziness that the series is known for. The introduction of new mechanics and multiplayer elements will let players experience the series in a new light.

The original Crazy Taxi game was released by Saga in the year 1999. Its idea was simple but it could keep players glued for hours. It is a game where you are a taxi driver who is going through the city full throttle and dropping passengers. There was also the option of performing stunts which can earn you more points. Think of it as GTA taxi driving but on lots of steroids.

Originally it was released as an Arcade game but a year later it was released on Dreamcast. Its release on the console helped it gain more success. Two sequels were also released thanks to the success of the first one. Now the developers are rebooting the game and its announcement was made during The Game Award Show 2023

Along with Crazy Taxi, other franchises were also announced which include Streets of Rage, Golden Axe, Jet Set Radio, and, Shinobi. A joint teaser trailer for the five games was also showcased. That trailer gives us the first look at each of the games.

A Crazy Taxi open-world game is a good idea and has the potential to attract a lot of players.




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