Is Streets of Rage 4 Worth Buying Gameplay Review

Is Streets of Rage 4 Worth Buying? Gameplay Review

Is Streets of Rage 4 worth buying? That’s the question in the minds of many who are thinking about buying the game. Streets of Rage 4 is the fourth installment in one of the most famous beat ’em up games. It is a sequel to the Streets of Rage 3 that was released more than 23 years ago. The game is bringing back the retro gaming with the essence of modern touch.

You can turn on the option to go full retro with both sound and graphics. The combat is good and retains the feeling of classic beat ’em up games while also enhancing it. Every character offers different moves and passive ability giving them a distinct fighting style. The level design of the game is also amazing giving it a distinct feeling. You can feel the sense of retro gaming with a modern touch. Is Streets of Rage 4 worth buying? Let’s find out.

The Gameplay of Streets of Rage 4

Streets of Rage 4 retain the essence of its predecessors while giving it the modern look of retro gaming. The animations of the game are good that retain the essence of the series. Animations are one of the most intriguing factors for all veteran players. There is a sense of originality even with modern cartoonish graphics and animation. In fact, some of the moves are still the same. The way attacks lands on enemies has been changed to modern mechanics. You can change animation and sound to old school retro. In the retro mode, the game completely resembles Streets of Rage 3 and feels like you are playing in the 90s. Animation and music of the combat are doing justice to the franchise. There are no dialogues and you have to rely on text to understand the premise.

Story of Streets of Rage 3

The story of Streets of Rage 4 takes a new twist and the heroes will band together against a new crime syndicate. It takes place 10 years after the events of the last game. This time the main antagonists are Y twins. They are children of Mr. X who are trying to brainwash the city and take control of everyone. Blaze Fielding, Axel Stone, Floyd Iraia, Adam Hunter, and Cherry Hunter are the first playable characters. You have to unlock Adam Hunter in the game after the first couple of missions.

Floyd Iraia is a character with cybernetic arms who is the apprentice of Dr. Zan. Cherry Hunter is the daughter of Adam Hunter. The band combines to fight against the children of Mr. X known as Y Twins. There are some similarities and backgrounds of characters making it nostalgic. The story is for both OG gamers and new gamers making it a good game to jump in series. Is Streets of Rage 4 worth buying? Based on what you know?

The Setting of Game is Doing Justice to The Game

The game takes place in Wood Oak City which is part of the series for a long time. You can see the difference that the city is showing for the new game. The difference is 10 years as you can notice it while playing the game. There is not much technological advancement other than what could be in 10 years. Streets of Rage 4 is doing a fine job when it comes to environmental storytelling. Even though it is a side-scrolling beat ’em up video game, it still presents lots of content. The levels are linear like other retro games. You can see different devices in the game that were not in the series previously. Even with the limitation of side-scrolling, the game is sparing no expense to provide an amazing experience.

Every level presents a different type of environment which changes how you perform in combat. It is not a story-driven game so its main focus is combat. Different levels will throw different obstacles at you that you would need to overcome. In some levels, you have to avoid explosive barrels during combat. Sometimes you have to avoid falling or other types of environmental damage. Environmental damage will affect both you and enemies. It’s a double edge sword that will give you both advantages and disadvantages. There is limited environmental destruction which is a great addition to the game. Is Streets of Rage 4 worth buying? Based on the setting of the game.

Combat of Streets of Rage 4

Combat of the game is amazing and it will keep you coming for more. Streets of Rage 4 is a short game but the chances of its replayability are extremely high. The whole concept of the game focuses on constant playthrough because it’s not about the story but rather combat. There are different characters in the game with different fighting styles. Some characters can run, some cannot while some can only dash. Characters that can’t run or dash has some other passive abilities that make up for the lack of mobility. Blaze cannot run or dash but she can jump higher than any other character. For each character, there is an ability for every lack of ability.

Despite passive abilities, characters with dashing and running are more powerful. The major advantage that they have is speed. Cherry Hunter can attack enemies before they can launch in the air due to her running ability. Mobility makes a huge difference which can be problematic for many players who are new to the series. You can unlock more characters with the score that you earn for completing levels. Some of the unlockable characters can only be used in retro animation. Others have modern animation because they are part of the game.

All characters have different fighting styles with different attacks. A combination of these attacks will result in a combo. Using combo is an effective way of taking down enemies quickly before they have a chance to attack. You can use the ultimate ability for large damage or powerful attacks at the cost of health. Don’t worry you can regain health as long as no one lands an attack on you during regaining. What is your answer to the question “Is Streets of Rage 4 worth buying?” Now that you know about combat.

Co-Op Makes the Game All the More Interesting

The game offers different playable characters. Up to four players can play in co-op for an ultimate team-up. Co-op is not only limited to multiplayer because it offers couch co-op as well. Even in couch co-op, up to four players can play together for an ultimate showdown. Couch co-op of up to four players is the most amazing aspect of the game. All your friends can sit in one room and play like the good old days. If you don’t have any friends then there is always the option of online co-op. Trust me the game is way more fun when played in co-op rather than alone.

While playing in co-op health and other usable items would remain the same. This gives players a sense of balance who wants to play alone. The amount of food available for four players would be the same as it is for one player. The number of health regeneration items would remain the same. A single-player would get more chances of health regeneration than four players but four players would have the advantage of numbers. There is decent enemy verity so you would need different fighting styles to counter them. With the combination of couch co-op and co-op Is Streets of Rage 4 worth buying?

Is Streets of Rage 4 Your Type Of Game?

Streets of Rage 4 is the game that combines the nostalgia of retro gaming with modern animation. The feelings of classic retro gaming are there along with a pinch of new animation and mechanics. The way characters move and react is better than classic games. Even with all the changes, the core identity of the game is still the same. You can always turn on retro mode to transform the game back to its original form. There are issues of balance but it is the perfect representation of retro games in the modern era. SEGA has done a good job with the game.

Now let’s answer the question “Is Streets of Rage 4 worth buying?” If you are the type of gamer that enjoys retro games then it is the game for you. In case you are an OG gamer then it might still be the game for you. It might also be the game for players who like to beat ’em up side-scrolling games. It might not be the game for players who are not into side-scrolling games or retro games. Streets of Rage 4 might also not be the game for players who are not into beat ’em up games. In short, it is the game for all retro gamers and gamers who like beat ’em up games.


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