A New Uncharted Movie Is In The Works

A New Uncharted Movie Is In The Works

Sony has confirmed that a new Uncharted movie is in the works. There are still not many details available about the sequel.

According to reports, the executive of Sony Pictures Steven O’Dell confirmed it during a Sony presentation. Steven O’Dell said that one of the studio’s upcoming projects is the sequel to the Uncharted. His statement confirmed that the movie is officially in the works.

There have been talks about the release of the second Uncharted movie ever since the release of the first one. For good reason, since the first was a success, making a second one is logical.  However, this is the first time that Sony has confirmed the news.

Video Game adaptation has a bad reputation but movies like Uncharted and series like The Last of Us are changing that perception. Uncharted is the biggest success of a video game movie adaptation. A second Uncharted movie was only a matter of time and now we have the confirmation.

The first movie was not a direct adaptation but rather a prequel to the action and adventure of duos. In the credit scene, we see Mark Wahlberg having a mustache. Eventually, this transition can reach the timeline of the games. It will enable us to see these events on the big screen.

It’s taking Off

There seems to be no confirmation regarding the cast of the movie. Mark Wahlberg confirmed through a candid post that he was told to grow a mustache. So we can be sure that he will resume his role as Sully. Tom Holland will be taking the role of Nathan Drake.

The first Uncharted movie had a troubled road to release and the second movie is finally taking off, I hope there is no trouble along the way.

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