Bluepoint Games Provides Update On Their New Game

Bluepoint Games is the PlayStation’s first-party studio and they have reiterated they are working on an original game. Their last release was 2020’s Demon’s Souls. Since then. we did not hear much from the Bluepoint Games about their next game. The only hint was the statement that it would be an original title. It will be different from the remasters the studio is traditionally known for.

After the acquisition of the studio by the PlayStation in 2021, Bluepoint Games confirmed that they are working on an original title. No additional details were provided. There were speculations that the wording was pointing toward a continuation or reboot of an existing PlayStation franchise. There were even rumors of Bloodborne 2 being in development by Bluepoint Studio but these rumors were snubbed.

The developers were silent on issues which kept the speculation alive regarding the original project.

A recent tweet from the Head of Technology for Bluepoint, Peter Dalton, reaffirmed that they are still working on an original game and the team needs some time to sharpen their skills. The statement made it clear that the studio was working on an original game.

New Project Is Still In Development

This new title could be Bluehost’s biggest project since their first game Blast Factor. The developer is focused on taking time to provide a quality first-party title that is as good as the rest of the PlayStation first-party titles.

Regardless of everything, it should be noted that Bluepoint Games has a good track record of making amazing Remakes. Shadow of the Colossus and Demon’s Souls remakes offered a good experience, this could be a continuation of whatever they had planned. It is been 4 years since Bluepoint’s last game so a new announcement could be right around the corner.

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