A Watch Dogs Movie Is In the Making

A Watch Dogs Movie Is In the Making

Back in 2013, there was an announcement that a Watch Dogs movie was in the works. Chances are that you might not remember it me included. Realistically, it seemed like UBI Soft had forgotten about the movie. Since then there have been no signs regarding the release of the movie until earlier this year. We suddenly got information regarding the lead actor and director.

Now UBI Soft is returning to the idea of making a Watch Dogs movie that they seem to have forgotten. It reminds me of their live-action adaption of The Division there seems to be no news about that as well.

In a recent tweet of UBI soft, we see the clapperboard with the name Watch Dogs written on it. The director’s name Mathieu Turi is written below it. Accompanied by it is writing “Lights_Camera_Action.exe”. There are also hashtags and UBI Soft has even tagged New Regency which is an entertainment company.

The work on the movie has already started as pictures from the set of Watch Dogs movie were also shared.

What We Don’t Know and What We Know

There are no other details as of yet but it seems like things are going in the right direction and we might get to see the movie in the near future. We also have no idea about the plot as well. We can get a group of hackers from Watch Dogs 2 or it can get in the direction of Watch Dogs Legion where everyone is the protagonist. Aiden Pearce from the original Watch Dogs as the main character is also a possibility.

For now, all we can do is wait till we get more details reading the movie. However, we do know that Sophia Wilde and Tom Blyth are in the roles that have yet to be announced. Additionally, we also know that there will also be a computer guy/girl/they supporting them.

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