Black Myth: Wukong Will Have A Single Difficulty Setting

Black Myth: Wukong Will Have A Single Difficulty Setting

We have new information regarding the difficulty of the game. The developer’s Black Myth: Wukong, Game Science is not associating it with soul-like games. Even though the developers have stated multiple times that their game is not entirely soul-like. However, it should be noted that it does share some stuff with the souls-like subgenre. Now, it has been confirmed that there will be only one difficulty setting so don’t take it as a piece of cake.

The developer has confirmed that there won’t be any option for players to change their difficulty setting. Players should expect some challenges throughout the game and there would be multiple boss battles that would require trial and error. It means that just like souls-like games, you can expect multiple deaths.

This is what game Game Science has to say about the game “You can’t change the difficulty,  but the difficulty doesn’t remain the same for the whole game,” it further continues “The philosophy is that players fight like a hero. When we were developing the game we had to make a lot of hard choices. The route we chose was to make the player have lots of tries so that after each battle they could think about what is the best combat method for this fight specifically.”

Release Date and More

The game will come out on August 20 2024 for PS5 and PC. There is also an Xbox Series X/S in development but there is no release date for that yet.

A few days ago, we got another glimpse of Black Myth: Wukon with a straight-up gameplay trailer. It is a boss battle, you can watch this whole thing uncut on YouTube. It looks pretty great in that gameplay.

Let’s just hope that Black Myth: Wukong is as amazing as all of us are hoping to be. That’s all we have for now, stay tuned for more.

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