Ballad of Antara Was Announced at State of Play

Ballad of Antara Was Announced at State of Play

Developers Infold has officially revealed the game Ballad of Antara at the PlayStation State of Play event. It is a high fantasy free-to-play action game.

The trailer starts with a narrative that explains things in a weird way how stuff has changed over time and it’s no longer how it was. Later on, it briefly introduces the world of the game and we see players fighting the enemy.

Ballad of Antara will let players travel between the two worlds while in the world of the game. One of the worlds is normal where normal humans live while the other world is Para which is filled with danger and weird-looking enemies. It’s not just the enemies that look peculiar but the player’s characters as well. One of the characters has a baby on his back which kind of reminds me of Death Stranding.

Players have multiple characters to choose from and these characters have different classes. Players can either play solo or with other players online. No release date has been announced yet but the developers are aiming to release it by 2025. It will be a live service game that will receive post-launch content.

Ballad of Antara Trailer


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