Behemoth is The New PS VR 2 Game

Behemoth is The New PS VR 2 Game

A new PS VR2 game called Behemoth was announced at the State of Play event. The game is being developed by Skydance. It is an FPS adventure RPG that can leave a serious impression.

The game was on the sideline since most of the focus was on Where Winds Meet and Silent Hill 2. On the VR side, Behemoth was the talk of the show. It was the biggest VR game during the presentation.

The developers of Behemoth Skydance were also the developers of The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners was considered to be the best VR game out there. Skydance went silent and now we know what they are up to with the release of this amazing-looking game.

The FPS action roleplaying game is set in the world called Forsaken Lands. It seems like players can fight a wide variety of enemies ranging from small to big gigantic enemies. There are some story and presentation elements thrown in the mix. Defeating these big monsters will restore life to the plagued nation.

Behemoth was planned to be released in late 2023 but then it was delayed. The new trailer shows that the delay was worth it. The trailer showcases a polished world in a VR setting. After the release of the trailer, the game has received positive feedback. It could turn out to be the next top dog in virtual reality games.


There is melee combat with the ability to use bows, swords, and other melee weapons. The game features colossus enemies and when that is combined with the open-world design, it could be the first of its kind. There seems to be a monster hunter vibe thrown in the mix. There is even an option to use a grappling hook. Details about the combat mechanics against these giant enemies are still shrouded in mystery.

If you are up for a VR then this could be worth checking. There seems to budget to back it up.

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