Doom: The Dark Ages Is the Next Doom

Doom: The Dark Ages was announced at the Xbox Game Showcase. The new Doom starts from where the last game left off. Doom guy is once again slaying the monsters that are plaguing the earth.

Reports regarding the reveal of a new Doom game were already out. However, it was not clear what type of Doom game we would get. Now, we know exactly what type of game the new Doom is going to be. It is a mainline entry that has some wild gameplay, making it a new experience.

The world is ruined and demons have begun the complete invasion of the earth. From what we see in the trailer it could be a post-apocalyptic world where demons have taken over the earth. Or maybe Doom Guy has gone into hell to take the fight to the monsters.

Doom Guy armor looks a little different as well in Doom: The Dark Ages. Along with weapons and a grappling hook, you now have a throwable shield as well. That throwable shield can block incoming attacks as well and ricochet between targets. There is also the option to slam targets with the shield.

There seem to be some new weapons as well. The most wild addition is the inclusion of a full-size mech that can be used to take down big enemies. To top it all off, players can even ride a dragon-like creature and fly.

All the additions to the game make it a unique experience despite retaining some core gameplay features. These features would not only be good for old players but new ones as well.


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