The New Astro Bot Game Seem Good

PlayStation has different mascots and they have been making games for these mascots, Astro Bot is part of these games. Previously we saw the release of a stand-alone Sackboy.

PlayStation is not just leaving their mascots as mere mascots. These games are proof of Sony’s commitment to that idea. Astro Bot game was revealed during the State of Play continues that ideology.

The new Astro Bot serves as a direct sequel to the well-known PlayStation game, Astro’s Playroom. Astro’s Playroom came pre-installed on the PS5 consoles. That game made excellent use of the PlayStation 5’s controller and all the controller’s functions. Adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, geometric sensors, and the touchpad were all features that Astro’s Playroom utilized.

The new Astro Bot  will feature 50 worlds to be explored. Just like the first game, the levels will explore the PlayStation’s history from the beginning to the present period. The game will be released on September 6, 2024. It will be a PS5 exclusive but could be released on PC later on like their other games.

Astro series reminds us a lot about Wii sport-style gameplay as both of the games were developed to show the caliber of the console. Astro’s Playroom was designed to show off the DualSense controller similar to Wii Sports.

The New Astro Bot is being developed by Team Asobi which is a division of Japan Studios. Team Asobi is fully focused on making the Astro Bot game.

Trailer for Astro Bot:


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