Halo Might Be Coming To The PlayStation

Halo Might Be Coming To The PlayStation

Halo series is a major weapon in Xbox’s arsenal and has been associated with the Xbox and Microsoft exclusivity since the release of the first Halo. Now that Xbox is expanding beyond Xbox, things look different. It is especially evident once you consider Project Latitude which is reportedly a new business perspective. It will focus on bringing games like Hi-Fi Rush and Pentiment to Nintendo and PlayStation.

Now that Xbox is making a remake of Halo: Combat Evolved, it is possible that we might see it getting released on the PlayStation.

As per the reports, Halo on PS5 is a major consideration for Xbox. Microsoft is working on bringing Halo: Combat Evolved in the form of a remaster to the PlayStation.

Halo: Combat Evolved saw its release in 2001 as the main title from Xbox. Ever since then it has been a mascot of Xbox and is associated with the console as a synonym. Even if a remake is made, it won’t be the first time because Halo: Combat Evolved already received a remake in 2011. The remake needs to have improved graphics and features that make it look more modern.

The reception regarding the idea of Halo: Combat Evolved’s seeing another remaster has been both positive and negative. Many are saying that other Halo games such as Halo 4 deserve a full remake, not the first one since it has already received a remaster. There is even demand for Gears of War Remaster.

Microsoft has to play its card right and give more remasters instead of focusing on one. Anyway, the release of Xbox games on PlayStation is a big deal.

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